Thursday, 12 June 2014

Simple, yet perfect.

Today's one of those days which I simply cherish completely and thoroughly. Smile

No need for glamorous lifestyle, no need for lavish gifts, no need for fancy events, just me and my beloved family in our home sweet home. Red heart

The pure contentment and serenity I felt came gushing from the deepest core of my heart, and I'm just so happy for such repletion to be experienced, which reminds me that family is where life begins and love never ends. The love Red heart of a family is indeed life's greatest blessing.

This morning, I was feeling down due to some reasons Sad smile - overthinking is the main culprit Devil , but I shan't dwell on it. My dad walked along with me in the neighbourhood, listening to me pour my emotions as well we chatted about the funniest things ever. It was an amusing and tranquilising conversation I'm so glad had happened. Open-mouthed smile

My dad is one of the best listeners I know in the entire world- actually come to think of it, both my parents are amazing listeners. My dad is more of the quiet listener, meaning he listens, until he senses that I start getting quiet is when he should start speaking, then only he springs up with some solutions or offers his viewpoints, which are profusely sensible and well-reasoned word to the wise, and I appreciate that a lot because a male's perspective is different, and in this case, a rational and splendid kind of different.
My mum, oh, my mum is just like me. We both LOVE to speak, and LOVE to listen at the same time. I love to analyse, in fact I have the tendency to overanalyse situations, but usually I'm just on point. Winking smile My mum just knows me. As I grow older, she keeps telling me how I'm just so similar and alike to her in so many ways, and that she wishes I would accept her advices because she doesn't want me to suffer the way she did because of certain principles or characteristics or habits she had adopted since young. Hence she gives me extremely valuable and precise opinions and guidance whenever I share a slice (or many slices or the whole cake) of my trouble to her. She's always there for me. I believe that the best gift a mother could shower her children is trust and most of the time is just by showing up. Red heart My mum rocks. All the way. Smile

Gazing upon the lovely blue skies, and feeling the wind whistling and playing with my hair, I decided the weather this morning was too awesome to be staying indoors. Hence I went home, said goodbye to Dad, and hit the basketball court! I was just feeling the urge to shoot some baskets, and it was so much fun! I love playing alone, it's weird because most of the people prefer to have partners to play with in order to spice up the game- but it's kind of like my 'me' time. I just talk, or sing (sometimes) to myself, as well as grunt (softly) to myself whenever the ball goes around the rim but bounces back out, or just pretend I'm the center of attention and am playing the game of my life. Smile with tongue out It's silly and frivolous, but I like it. Rolling on the floor laughing

After sweating, I definitely felt considerably better and happier. It's no wonder why exercise is the best therapy there is. Mum decided to stay at home and work today, not sure why but I'm all 'yes please do'. Open-mouthed smile I started watching a few episodes of New Girl (funny! Open-mouthed smile ) with Sean and then had breakfast together. But my appetite was rather suppressed somehow. Flirt male

Walked out to my garden, sat alone, hugging my pillow, and started thinking. Disappointed smile SO MUCH. TOO MUCH. Eye rolling smile I wanted to snap out of all the negative and unfavourable thinking, but I ended up just tearing up. Crying face Makes so little sense now, I know. I don't know smile It was just like the oceans. One minute the waves were flat, but when it starts rolling, it just wouldn't stop. Surprised smile Who me?

I figured to read a novel to restore myself, and it kind of worked, for just a while. Mum came in to my bedroom to check on me, and I cried again because I am 99% me in front of my mum and if there's anyone I can feel comfortable enough with to let flow my emotions it's undoubtedly my mum.

Yan Jie called, and I wanted to conceal my emotions Eye rolling smile , but even on the phone it was hard because his genuine concern made me feel like I could share anything with him, although I was obviously holding back, and he coaxed me in that soothing voice that touched my heart. It was such a raw, honest emotion and I started spilling my troubles to him. He is so convincing, so authentic, so caring, so reliable, and I felt unquestionably peaceful. The conversation lightened up after my mood was brightened, and I enjoyed listening to him. I am immensely grateful for him. Red heart

The evening, my mum and I waited for the sun to set before heading out for a walk in the neighbourhood, and just as we were minutes into it, I heard Sean called me from behind. I turned, and saw my little brother, holding a Frisbee in his hand, and waving at me. I smiled. Smile I wanted to freeze that moment. Red heart Yes- the moment when he calls out "Jie!" to me. I was in mirth and felt like I was walking on air. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm going abroad to study, and that the 3 of us are soon going to find our own paths and directions in life and move towards it, the times that I get to spend with my dearest siblings are sure-enough treasured, I crave family bonding time beyond measure. Red heart

We had heaps of fun playing, mum joined us for a little while, and Sean has improved tremendously. He's certainly proving his abilities and that his position as one of the key players on his Frisbee team has been well-earned. I'm delightfully proud of my brother. Smile

The mosquitoes feasted on mum and me, so we went home for dinner! The 4 of us seated joyously, and all that Frisbee playing seemed to have triggered Sean's wonderful memories made in Singapore, and he gleefully shared them with us. He was hilarious and we totally reveled in the moment.

Post dinner, we went out to Giant for grocery shopping! My, my, grocery shopping is crazy entertaining with Sean. We let mum use the trolley, so we walked around shopping by carrying every item in our hands, and I kindly held everything for him while he went on picking up stuff to his heart content. Sean also had to get a bottle of softener for his clothes while in Singapore and we spent quite some time sniffing the bottles of softeners, amidst the 'yuck' and 'blergh' responses Smile with tongue out we managed to narrow down to two that made us go 'mmm' and 'nice'. I told him to choose the one with the cover 'Happiness' because I wanted him to be wearing his clothes with the smell lingering on it, and it's a smell of 'Happiness'. Smile  I love Sean so much. Smile Red heart Smile Red heart Smile Red heart

On the way home, he started singing some songs and I got thrilled so I sang along with him. Whenever my siblings and I are feeling this sheer blithe we sing! Rolling on the floor laughing Open-mouthed smile He took the lead and I followed. There were 'All of Me' by John Legand, then 'She will be Loved' by Maroon 5, and then 'Enchanted' by Taylor Swift. Sean complimented me on my singing (aww ), which to be honest I was smooth because I was happy- so so happy to be singing along with Sean. I think Sean sings well too! And he remembers the lyrics marvelously. Winking smile

Such a meaningful, rewarding and awesome day it has been. May everyone find happiness in even the simplest things in life. Smile

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