Monday, 16 June 2014

Simmered down.

Despite nothing exciting or hippy going on in my life, blogging is something I enjoy doing so here I am. I foresee it's going to be a lengthy, wordy, picture-less post though, so brace yourselves.

Yesterday was just like any other days, a relaxing and reposing day. I started Monday off by playing basketball, because I woke up feeling like I had lots of energy in my muscles, and that the glycogen in my body was screaming to be converted into glucose to be used to shoot baskets and jump and run. The sun was aiming its beams at me by the time I got to the court, nevertheless it was bearable and in fact became unnoticeable when I have gotten engrossed in the playing.

I cooled down with a walk in the neighbourhood, with the freshly delivered newspaper in my hand (Yes I have sort of developed a habit of walking while reading the newspaper). I feel silly doing that, because I know the most people do is reading the newspaper accompanied by breakfast but then there's me, with my eccentric habit (guess I'm not normal). Though I remember mentioning in one of my previous posts in this blog that whenever I walk or take a stroll alone, I am bound to do something other than just walking- otherwise I can hardly last for 5 minutes. Be it singing, humming, mumbling to myself... I just have to be engaged in a movement or action to prevent my mind from wandering all kinds of funny things or from negative thoughts clouding my mind. So yes, and when I don't feel like doing either of the three things I listed, then I resort to reading the newspaper while walking. I haven't walked into a tree or a street light so far, so I think that's going to go on for some time.

I went home and found Sean awake, and he came out to greet me, and promptly took up the Frisbee lying on the ground and we started playing in the garden. Both of us just didn't feel like going out to the field, although it is much colossal than the little space in our garden and only a couple of steps away from our house.

Then Sean started getting ready to board the bus to Singapore, as he has a Frisbee match to participate with his teammates. Mum wasn't exactly keen on it because the travelling eats time and he could have been using the time to study (his exams start the week his mid-year holiday ends) but Sean had made a promise to his teammates, so there's that.

His match is on Wednesday, and he will be returning on Thursday. I gather we will be expecting to hear heaps of stories from him then. Ken on the other hand, is reaching Malaysia around 10.30 tonight! I had assumed he was coming back on Wednesday all along, until Mum just let me in on the news yesterday- hooray! Will be welcoming him at the airport later. That's definitely on the agenda.

I was on point hungry after all that exercise in the morning, and dug into a good, hearty, wholesome breakfast which consisted of lots of stir-fry vegetables, fried eggs (my favourite!), pan-fried breaded chicken breasts and brown rice. Yummy.

The rest of the day was spent watching Master Chef. I just discovered the show and kept wanting to watch on. The weather turned scorching in the afternoon and I waited for the sun to set a little before heading out for some exercise (as much as I had fun watching the show I can't sit for long hours otherwise I will snap) but I remember a quote I once read: If you keep waiting for the perfect condition, you'll never get anywhere. So I showered (haha yes showering before exercising), laced up my shoelaces and off I went to the park. I initially only had plans to walk because... well, I guess it takes more motivation to lift your legs off against gravity, but I realised my muscles were urging me to push them so I jogged 5 rounds- wanted to go on but then I felt like I needed to use the washroom (if you get what I mean) so I stopped. Stretched a little, and walked home feeling great! I needed that adrenaline rush- I needed that sweat, I needed the exercise- I'm tremendously glad I did it.

I came home and went out for a walk with my mum, as she requested suggested, so together I shared with her some of my emotions and feelings lately to her, and she listened to me with much thought and concern. I'm pleased and delighted we had the conversation.

I tossed around in bed around 12, hoping to fall asleep but simply couldn't, and at last I threw in the towel and continued watching Master Chef, longing for that sleepiness to kick in. I did end up going to bed at 3 midnight, and I happened to watch 15 episodes of Master Chef yesterday- not an accomplishment at all in my book- kids, please do not take after this whole drama/tv series/ movies-marathon- it's not healthy but I suppose the damage wasn't that bad, seeing that I woke up at 7 this morning, and kicked started it with my daily routine.

Going to try to squeeze in something productive later.

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