Sunday, 15 June 2014

Quality time spent with the loved ones.

The weekends passed by so quickly! But I loved every bit, every minute of it. 

Saturday morning started off with a jog/ walk in the park. The weather was cooling and the wind was breezy hence the extra motivation to jog. Plus I was following Dad's lead and he kindly paced along me, so together we finished it off (I've managed to convince myself that 3 rounds is something Smile with tongue out ) with a little stretching and headed home.

Mum and Dad went out soon after as they had events to attend and manage, while I waited for Sean to wake up and get his day to begin. Winking smile 

I spent the rest of the morning teaching and guiding Sean on Economics subject. He showed fairly good concentration and I gave him short breaks in between. We also went out to our garden to play Frisbee together- per his suggestion. Just a little while, but fun!  Open-mouthed smile We proceeded for lunch because my stomach was grumbling. Delicious! Smile  

Then I watched a few episodes of New Girl as Sean took his daily nap. I went upstairs to rest for a while and then to my delight, Sean came knocking and entering my room, informing me that Yan Jie has arrived. I went downstairs. We spent some time together, chatting and catching up on his lately happenings. Listened to him share his interesting stories during his camp, and to be honest just looking at him speak makes me cheery.

We had tea before leaving the house to attend Yan Jie's favourite singer (and maybe even person- I'd never know Smile with tongue out), Jess Lee's autograph signing and show case at Paradigm Mall. I always feel incredibly safe whenever I'm out with Yan Jie because he takes care of me and is great in directions.  Winking smile  We had some time before the event started, so we went to Bratpack shop to select a Jansports bag for Sean as he has requested it beforehand. Yan Jie was a splendid help, and the process of the snapping the pictures and sending them to Sean made faster and more efficient. Truly appreciate the things he do for me. Smile

(Nope we didn't get this bag.) Surprised smile

I whatsapped Sean the pictures taken and while waiting for him to make his decision, we went to the outdoor area where the event was held. Turned out that due to some issues with the speaker, the singer would only appear on stage later than planned hence I made use of the time to buy him the bag he agreed on.

I returned and saw Jess Lee already on stage, singing her hit song in her latest album, and her powerful vocal skills blew me (and the audience I believe, especially the boy standing behind me Winking smile).

Her voice was ringing, yet not strident. The range of keys that she reached made the terminal hair on my hand stood up (seriously!).

Jess Lee on the right, DJ Catherine on the left (who was also the Emcee of the event).

Listening to her sing on spot was a superb and awe-inspiring moment, notably when listened together with my favourite guy. Red heart

Well one thing can be sure, Yan Jie was completely absorbed and captivated by Jess Lee's performance last night, and . Smile He later brought Jess Lee's second album he had bought earlier on to let her sign on it.

There you have, fan boy waiting imperturbably for his idol to sign on the album. Wouldn't be surprised if his heart was impending to beat out of his chest. Winking smile  Hahaha.

He also took a picture with her, which I believe he cherishes immensely, and I was contented to witness him glowing and radiating mirth the whole night. It's now his FB profile picture, and is absolutely meaningful to him, so I decided not to post it openly here. Smile

Dinner took place in Italiannies, which wasn't exactly a pleasant experience to me but at least Yan Jie got to fill his stomach up and we went home. I did give my mum a call when I realised we were going to reach home later than expected so that she wouldn't worry.

I was rather worn out hence I crashed onto my bed right after taking a shower. It was a lovely night, and I truly appreciate the day spent with Yan Jie, and having the chance to experience something I've never tried in my life so far. 

The next morning (today/ Father's Day! Open-mouthed smile), we went swimming. We also raced, and Yan Jie was mighty fast in the first lap. I figured he deliberately slowed down for me in the second lap, and regardless I was elated I got to swim next to him.  Winking smile 

We had breakfast together with Sean who woke up a while before we reached home, and it was an amazing spread of wholesome and delicious food.

We also grabbed the opportunity to capture this beautiful moment together at the garden.

One of my favourite pictures taken with Sean. Smile

My beautiful and amazing parents.

Family portrait! Missing Ken!

I have posted my Father's Day wish to my Dad on FB but I'm just going to share it with you here.

Thank you for standing by me to help me grow, providing support, strength and love.
You're more than just a father, you're my dad. You're more than just a figure, you're my role model.

May you be well, happy and healthy always. You've once said, that your happiness is very much tied to us children's, and with this I promise to do you proud, and be happy always. Thank you for everything you've done for us. We love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day!

I love my family. Every day I'm thankful and grateful for their presence in my life. My family is my greatest blessing.

The rest of the day was awesome. Spent more time with Yan Jie (precious time together because he's leaving for two camps which means two weeks without a message for him which also means I will be keeping myself occupied which in other words means I will do all things possible to keep myself sane- but I just have this feeling that I'll be alright) and after he left, I waited for the sun to tone down and went out to play basketball. Was in the zone so I played more actively until Sean came looking for me with a Frisbee in his hand. The boys were still playing soccer on the field so we continued to play on the court.

We played Frisbee together, this time a little shorter than usual because the skies were getting dark and Dad had summoned us home for dinner. Smile

The night ended with a massage for my dad, more chats with my friends and I'm probably headed to bed in an hour or so after I bid Yan Jie good night- and possibly good bye for 2 weeks! Sad smile Again, absence makes the heart grows fonder, right? I'll be sure to keep myself happy and merry. Open-mouthed smile

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