Thursday, 26 June 2014

One last day.

What I'm about to tell you is embarrassing: Today I stayed in bed all day, watched Glee and all genre of movies available, ate tons of processed, sugary food, and pizza delivery (My brothers left me plenty because we ordered too much ((surprise, surprise)) but as soon as I took a bite I thought the pizza had a queer taste so I told my brothers to have the rest) as well as I napped for 4 hours straight (I usually don't nap)... 

Um, we all have those days, right? Or is it just me? (Voice inside my head confirms it's just me) Haven't felt so unproductive since... Forever (seriously).

I guess I don't deal with good-bye's very positively. 

But... I'm slowly and steadily climbing out of this melancholy. So I'm here to blog about last night's dinner outing with my family at a Japanese restaurant on 10th floor in Skypark, One City.

Since we're on this topic, let me just share with you why our family rarely dines out. 

Reason #1: My parents have been trying to get my siblings and I eat more wholesome, natural, healthier food on a daily basis. In other words, home-cooked meals. This is because in our household we mostly use only salt + pepper, soy sauce in our dishes so the dishes would taste blander as compared to outside food but that's how we like it- so that we live an illness-free, healthy life in the long run. 

My mum was raised up eating real food. Her mother, my grandmother, made sure her children have breakfasts every morning and ate fairly nutritious. So naturally, my mother's philosophy on food has been to savour food slowly (I definitely have lots to work on this), maintain a balanced diet consisting mainly of real, nourishing food. 

My dad, on the other hand, would be lucky if his family had a spoonful or two of rice to eat in a day. 

One would have thought that with a much improved living standard of my dad's life, his everyday meals would consist of highly flavoured, creamy, heavy, rich and large portions of food. But no- not my dad. When it comes to any aspects in life, his discipline amazes me. 

Mum had told me the reason behind why my Dad was so particular about our diet. His father, my grandfather, had to rely on medications in the last 20-30 years of his life due to high blood pressure. His will to change his eating habits wasn't strong enough. The money spent on the pills each month was alarming and when summed up could buy a house. He also couldn't work as hard as he used to as he met an accident. It was terribly tormenting on my dad's mother, my grandmother, to take charge of a family of 7 altogether (5 children) because of the burden of my grandfather's medical bills on my grandmother. My dad has been determined to take responsibility of his health and his life ever since. I truly look up to both my parents.

Reason #2: Often only when my brother(s) come back do we treat ourselves because we prefer tasting good food without leaving any of our family members out. To us food is not just one of the most important factors that we dine out, the gathering, the atmosphere play a huge part. 

Reason #3: My parents are undoubtedly and unquestionably busy. Enough said. 

Wow I have strayed pretty far. Back to the dinner that night. Note that the pictures are blurry because my family was hungry and I had to snap them as fast as I could using Dad's Samsung phone. 

Before placing our orders we took selfies using Sean's iPhone but I didn't get him to send the pictures to me yet. 

The dishes arrived swiftly. 

Edamame as our appetiser. Crunchy and the salt was just the right amount. 

Ken's order. Raw salmon, egg roll and cucumber slices on top of a bed of rice. Wasn't in the mood for cold, raw fish that night so I can't describe the dish.

Dad's order. Egg and chicken on top of a bed of rice. The chicken was odd, but the egg and rice together was decent. 

Sean's order. I had 1/4 of it. It was... bland.

Pan-fried dumplings. I took one bite and had to give the rest to my mum. My taste buds thought the filling tasted awful. But my family members thought it was good. So yes, I guess it's personal because I remember visiting Din Tai Fung once with my Dad and Ken and while they raved about the dumplings I didn't share the common liking for it.

This was definitely the highlight of the meal. The deep-fried shrimp, accompanied by the sweet and savoury sauces made me smile. 

My order. I gave half to dad and mum because they both enjoyed it- especially Dad and also because the portion of the rice drenched in sweet sauce was too much to take in. We all agreed the eel was delicious. 

Sean's second order. He loves ramen noodles and was craving for it last night. I asked for a little taste of it, it was flavourful. 

We also had more but that was all the pictures I took for the night. 

We ended the dinner and decided to take a walk on the open rooftop since we were there. That was the best part of the night. I believe a lot of people have been there- the rooftop with the transparent glass surface where you could look down into the mall and either feel terrified or/ and absolutely thrilled. 

I was frightful in the first place. I have always known that I have an abnormal fear of heights. I couldn't even bring myself to step on it with both feet. But I was driven and persistent to experience it. So I gently persuaded Ken (who was the bravest among us all in terms of height) to guide me through slowly. I held his hand and giggled my way through to the opposite side nervously and excitedly. Grateful for my brother's patience with his sister.

Sean, on the other hand, was SO scared- it made all of us laugh SO hard. He has this tough, cool look that would have you mistaken that heights is not a challenge to him. But the truth is, he's even more scared of heights than I am- which is saying a lot because I'm known to go weak on my knees even when I cross the overhead bridge. Well, what can I say, we're all humans. We must have some innate abilities and weaknesses that we have discovered or yet to discover.

He gripped tightly onto the hands of Ken and I, we had to constantly remind him to let loose a little. I have to admit, it was totally funny and hilarious to watch Sean in that situation. He shouted at some point and I could tell from his face and expression that he was eager to get off that transparent glass surface. It was an accomplishment making it to the other side to him and he gave all of us a big hug afterwards. Haha my brother is so adorable. I could understand his feeling because we share the common irrational fear of heights. Those who don't view heights as a problem wouldn't be able to comprehend how people with acrophobia can go out of breath or the hearts can beat so rapidly just by standing at a flat transparent surface. 

At last he overcame his fear and completed the 'task', we had a splendid time together that night. 

Later we did a little shopping, and called it a day.

Now onto some current updates:

1) Mum just came into my bedroom and wish me good night. She's set to wake up at 5 in the morning to send Sean off to the bus stop. Sean complained to my mum how I didn't spend a lot of time with him today. I feel real bad. But I think my only explanation is that I'm going through this withdrawal period. I'm sad. I know it may seem like no big deal to a lot of people but it does tear my heart. 

I am certain that Ken and my parents are feeling even more heavy hearted than I am feeling presently. Thankfully, I am confident that I will get over it with time and with many many deep breaths, and it's best to transfer my energy into doing my best in life to make him proud! 

Wishing Sean all the best and good luck for his upcoming exams and in life as well. May he excel in everything he do.

2) Lagoon trip cannot seemed to be confirmed, but I sure hope to meet my friends up for an outing/ badminton session in the next few weeks.

3) My mood is elevated slightly thanks to my dear friend, Han Qin, whose authenticity and kindness when I speak with made me feel a little better. Appreciate his presence in my life.

4) Next post shall be on 3rd day of Langkawi trip.

5) I've mentioned this once but I feel like bringing it up again: Ken's voice can be heard- anywhere, anytime. His sound when he speaks is when I master all my energy to shout. In a way, it's impressive.

6) A few days ago I watched How To Train Your Dragon with my brothers. Such a lovely and refreshing movie! Would love to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 in the cinema with them but Sean had to prepare for his exam so sadly we had to forgo it. It's probably for my own good, too, I've been watching too many movies these days! 

7) I don't think I'd be sleeping at all tonight (read first paragraph at the beginning of my post).

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