Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday thoughts and musings.

1. Back when I was in college, I dreaded Monday. It reminded me that I had 5 days ahead of me, having to wake up at the crack of dawn, sit through the awful traffic- my house is only a 15 minute drive away from college but no thanks to the congestion we would require an hour to reach (a way to test my patience if we were to look at it in a different perspective but to be honest, it often drove me nuts! After a few months I couldn't take it any longer so I decided to take charge and wake up half an hour earlier ((5.30 a.m.)) to beat traffic), try to keep myself awake throughout long hours of lecture (post-lunch lessons were extra tough because the blood would move away from the brain and towards the stomach for digestion), bear the cold (brrr) condition of the classroom, cope with the mountain-piled high workload and assignments, and reach home feeling totally beat.

2. That wasn't the whole picture of college life, of course. There were the times when I would feel happy and elated learning because the lecturers were fun and chatty, and the activities that we get to partake in, the events that I got to plan and be involved in, the friends that I got to mingle with and whom made my college life a whole lot more exciting, the sense of accomplishment I feel when my lecturers acknowledge my performance in class, it's not all sorrowful and gloomy moments, there were the bright sides that made my one and a half year life in Taylor's College a journey to remember.

3. This morning I woke up at the time I desired, 7 a.m., and went out on a walk with my parents. I absolutely enjoy going on walks with my parents. They have been through incredibly much at the age of (sensored hahaha) and the knowledge and advice they would offer me are unmeasurable. Together we would discuss about the many, possibly uncountable things that I have to look out for when studying abroad.

Now that I'm entering a new stage in life (university) and slowly and steadily stepping out of my parents' protection, I have an abundant of things to learn and pick up. While my parents care for me immensely, they don't exactly paint beautiful images in my head- they make sure I understand that leaving home to study in a different country (for the very first time I'm staying in a hostel OH-EM-GEE) isn't easy- it will be challenging, gruesome, at times (in my case probably more frequently than the average people) the loneliness would hit me and I would feel terribly homesick and depression would creep up on me without myself realising, and those are the times when I would have to remember the purpose of all these, and that with determination and perseverance and the adjusted mindset and perspective I can get through whatever hardships and obstacles lying ahead of me.

I have faith, actually. Sometimes I feel afraid and I would snap out of that thinking. I think rather than being intimated than what a completely new environment would bring me, I'd prepare and equip myself in order to live better there.

Here inserting pictures of my family and I because I am currently feeling extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing family.

(As you can see I was the clueless one who didn't know where to look at. I haven't gotten myself around how the Samsung phone works!)

4. After I had bid my parents goodbye as they went off to work, my legs felt like they were up for more walking so I went to the park and walked a couple of rounds before making my way home. I even got to catch a glimpse of pigeons in the park! There were two grey-feathered ones and another which captured my attention was definitely the snowy white one! I had the urge to touch it. Actually who are we kidding I may admire nature's creation tremendously but I downright fear it at the same time. Such a rare sight, Mother Nature surely has a way of making me feel more uplifted. 

5. I woke up this morning thinking of Yan Jie. I prayed that he would recover soon, and that he would feel better in no time. Sending metta to him each time I think of him. I also got to know a piece of news from him in the afternoon, not sure if it's appropriate to mention it here since it's his family's matter, either way I am wishing the best for Yan Jie's grandma.

6. When I have meals alone I usually have a book with me. I am aware that reading and eating at the same time interrupts the digestion but I am painfully bothered by the silence. When I dine alone, I prefer reading over watching something played on the laptop which is the opposite to how my brother, Sean likes it. I'm not fond of the idea of chewing while watching the TV or a movie, hence you don't see me lining up for popcorn before movies.

7. I napped for 3 to 4 hours just now. I have no idea how that happened. I gathered my mind and body were too tuckered out and needed that rest. Usually after long naps I would feel grouchy but not this time- this time I felt good! My mum arrived home by the time I went downstairs and together we went out for a walk to soak up the fresh air and get moving.

8. I just finished dinner with the family and we were planning to have a karaoke session however it got postponed (again- sobs) and I ended up helping mum with a pile of forms to fill and papers to fold to be put into envelopes because it's all too time-consuming for my busy mum to handle and I, on the other hand was in the position to lend a hand.

9. I am incredibly thrilled and excited for the outing to Lagoon with my friends. AHHHHHHH. I can't wait! I am thinking of squealing and leaping in joy to shake off some of that adrenaline rush. Haha.

10. I am also looking forward to seeing Yan Jie soon (I say soon because it's still uncertain depending on his recovery and he may have other plans laid out). The waiting is worth-while. I just know that. :)

11. This picture is just a random throw in. This photo was taken at the rooftop of Sky Park. A picture of the feet of my brothers, Ken and Sean, and I plus two fingers to make a peace sign because I was cool spontaneous like that.

12. I wish everyone a fruitful and wonderful week ahead!

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