Monday, 9 June 2014

Melbourne- the most liveable city in the world.

(Yes this recap of my Melbourne trip during December last year is late but better late than never, right?) 

After going on a trip to Melbourne, I was not surprised to find out that Melbourne has been listed the most liveable city in the world three years in a row.

Day 1

Technically it's night 1. We arrived at Melbourne airport at midnight 2 a.m. The icy cold wind told me my sweater wasn't enough to keep me warm.

We checked into Tune Hotel. The design was in style, and made us feel at home.  

I remember hauling the bulky, heavy luggage to the front of our room, and we spent a few minutes out there trying to figure out how to open the door. Everyone tried, in the end, I succeeded. We were excited as soon as we got to discover the room, but fatigue took over quickly and we called it a night. 

Day 2

The sun was shiny. The weather was unmistakably sweltering. I felt like a gingerbread man, being baked by the merciless sun, until completely burnt. Disappointed smile The heat was penetrating my skin, I felt torrid. I remember thinking, "What happened to the cooling weather last night?!" Surprised smile

After purchasing a Sim card for my Mum's mobile phone in a convenience store, we were close to starving (the process took longer than expected). We went to a dainty cafe to have breakfast. Dad and Mum both ordered the specialty of the day, chicken burger and side of chips, I knew immediately I wanted the Veggie Panini, and Sean went for his favourite Spaghetti Carbonara. We all agreed the portion was larger than expected, but delicious nonetheless.

We proceeded to our apartment in Melbourne Star after filling up our stomachs. The apartment was unfurnished, which explains our main purpose to Melbourne. We had to collect the keys beforehand, and we united with Eik Ren and his family (who also bought an apartment a floor below ours as his sister is officially a PR in Australia and he is planning to further his studies there as well). 

We were informed, then, that the weather was around 40 degree Celsius, and that justified Mr. Sun that day. We collected the keys, had a quick look at the (dusty) apartment, returned to the hotel and carried the luggage from the hotel to our apartment, which was 5 or 6 streets apart. It was already close to 7 in the late evening but the sun was still shooting its sun beams playfully. We unloaded our belongings as soon as we reached our apartment. Mum cooked noodles- I remember passing up on dinner- the sultry weather stole my appetite. Eye rolling smile

Day 3

I woke up with my throat feeling funny, and I know immediately that I caught a cold. Sad smile Boo and bullfrogs. It must have been the drastic weather change that challenged my body's adaptation and immune system. Who me? Apparently, I also took an icy cold shower the night before so mum was figured it led to my sickness. Either way, I couldn't let it get in my way. I don't know smile

I was extremely keen to visit the Queen Victoria Market, everyone agreed to it, and boy was it an amazing experience. The market was by far the most colossal and the cleanest market I've set foot in. The bright-coloured, orderly displaced fresh fruits and vegetables made it a pleasing sight to view as we strolled through the market. The first thing we did when we arrived there was to take a picture, though, hehe. Smile with tongue out

I don't know about sweet, but those watermelons sure were massive!

The red, beautiful cherries caught our eyes.

My mum hardly poses but when we tell her to she's super sporting! Adorable. I love my mum. 

We bought some vegetables, fruits, eggs and unquestionably dove to buy some cherries to try! They were pricey, no doubt, but the sweetness quenched our thirsts perfectly and we decided they tasted delectable we would come back for more. Mum also bought a jar of Manuka honey, in hope to combat the bacterias and cure my throat.

Later in the afternoon, we boarded the tram to IKEA to shop for furniture. This was at a tram stop. 

I have never seen trams let alone hop on them before so it was refreshing. Our shopping partners were Eik Ren and  his family.

It made the shopping delightfully bearable, and we had fun catching up. Eik Su (Eik Ren's brother) kind of tantalised Sean because of his obviously tanned skin. Sean paid no mind to it and let it slip his mind because Eik Su's only 10, after all. I teased Eik Ren throughout our shopping and he found it amusing. We picked out sofa, chairs, bed, table, curtains, and some more items.

Then we got hungry after all that walking and my mum suggested to buy Eik Ren and his family dinner so we settled for IKEA food for dinner.

I got bored waiting for the tram to return to our apartments, so I took a candid picture of Eik Ren and his family. Smile with tongue out

Eik Ren came over during the night to our apartment to offer me some of his Chinese herbal medicine which he brought along with him to Melbourne. How caring of him. I was grateful for his thoughtfulness. 

Day 4

We headed down to QV Market. Two days in a row, who would've thought?! Well, we simply couldn't get enough of the place, you have no idea! The place never stopped to fascinate us, alluring us to stay longer and spend more with each visit. We simply enjoyed walking and watching, soaking up every moment we can in Melbourne. 

This time, Sean wanted to try out the ribs and chips that he had been eying for a while. I didn't have a taste of it because I'm not big on fried food, but the rest of my family who had it for brunch loved it. They devoured it, and gave it two thumbs up. 


The rest of the afternoon, my parents went to Ikea to buy more items while Sean and I stayed at the apartment because my running nose worsened and I felt horribly sick. I was in a cranky mood because I hated being ill, and leashed it out on my brother and later my parents, who were innocent and I still feel extremely sorry thinking about it.

Daddy's friend of 20 years+, Uncle Ow Yong and his wife also came over to our apartment that night to have a look at our apartment. They were kind, friendly and amiable. I thought they were lovely people, and we chatted our night away. He even agreed to bring us out for a mini one-day tour around Melbourne during our stay in Melbourne. We were looking forward to it!

Day 5

The furniture arrived. We spent the morning running everywhere, settling the furniture, and fixing them up. Dad, being a role model who loves hands-on, set a good example and started putting together the furniture. His first attempt at the chairs was a success. Smile

Later that afternoon, we visited the mall, Melbourne Star and picked up tools and grocery shopped the time away.

It was a running errands sort of low-key day. We ended the night with a dinner that included heaps of cherries. Rolling on the floor laughing

I will stop at day 5 of our trip and conclude the remaining when I decide to because right now, it's time to take a shower and have dinner and hop into the car and go fetch Sean. 

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