Friday, 13 June 2014

Laid-back day.

This morning was just like any other mornings, woke up, tied my hair up into a pony tail, drank a bottle (or a cup) of water, and caught my parents who are usually out there walking together.

We would walk until the sun beams shoot at us unrelentingly, and the ground starts to sizzle, that we head home. I love it when the newspaper has already been lying at our porch, and we gather at the table outdoors for some reading/ breakfast time. Smile

I wanted to wait for Sean to rise to start off the first meal of our days, but my stomach was grumbling and I was at the verge of gnawing off my right arm (just kidding, you can tell that right?) so I proceeded to the dining area. Mum prepared nasi lemak. Other than the usual fresh sliced cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs as the side dishes, there were no roasted peanuts served- nope, my parents are highly against it- and we didn't cook the rice with coconut milk- instead we used spices and lemongrass and ginger to give the fragrance, and we also don't deep fry the ikan bilis (anchovies) and we also cooked the sambal with pure dry and fresh chili without all the paste from the market because we are totally cool like that. Hahaha. Smile with tongue out My parents are both health-conscious and the best thing is that they're extremely awesome role-models on how to live a healthy lifestyle. More whole, natural food, less artificial colourings and flavourings, regular exercise, less TV, more outdoor activities, meditation in the morning and at night, treats occasionally... I love that they consistently and responsibly show their children (us Winking smile) how important it is to treat our bodies because our body is indeed our temple. Smile

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching New Girl, and talking to Sean, and annoying each other Smile with tongue out, and then he slept (let's just say he's really good at taking long naps multiple times a day Smile with tongue out ), while I napped too- for not longer than 20 minutes (when I had exams I slept slightly longer but more often than not only about an hour at most because that's how my internal body clock governs and regulates my sleepiness and wakefulness throughout the day). Open-mouthed smile

Then I woke up feeling like I could eat a horse. I didn't eat the entire house though, I just drank more water, ate some fruits, and rice and eggs and the leftovers from lunch, did the opening and shutting the door of the fridge quite a bit, debated ice-cream and cookies but was 100% sure I'd regret it later because when I crave these 'comfort' food it's only because I'm bored or anxious so I stuck to reading Harry Potter and helping my maid with the jellies to take my mind off food for a while. It didn't really work though so I resorted to watching Taken 2. That was pretty successful and I must say I'm considerably proud of myself. Flirt male

Oh and last night my friends at the Whatsapp chat group were discussing about when to watch a movie and the majority agreed on Saturday night and I was feeling rather bummed initially because I was longing to hang out with them for a long time and the movie they were planning to catch is "How to train your dragon 2" which I've heard so many good reviews about however I've already agreed to spend time with Yan Jie just the afternoon earlier, so I turned them down. Yan Jie's off to two camps starting next Monday and I'm thrilled he's willing to pay me a visit so that I get to spend some quality time with him before he bids me goodbye for weeks. In fact, there's always a next time to hang out with my friends (right? Eye rolling smile)! In any case I can always watch the movie with my family during our family outing! Smile

Going to lace up my sport shoes and go out for a walk/ basketball/ cycle- anything I feel like. Can't wait to see him tomorrow!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody! 

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