Friday, 13 June 2014

Laid back day (part 2!).

The rest of the day was perfect. Love it. 

Once I put the laptop on sleep mode, slipped my feet into my sport shoes, stepped out of my house, I knew that my mood was beginning to lift. It reminds me to appreciate the simply things in life. The huge field of green grass, the various plants and trees dancing according to the rhythm of the wind, the leaves slapping against each other, making a melody that made me feel at ease. As I gazed upon the clear blue skies, and paid attention to the slight breeze brushing through my neck, I felt as light as a bird. My mind is freshened and my body is rejuvenated.

I lightly hummed a few songs, and I felt like I was on cloud nine. Every day I get to relax myself and take a stroll in this wonderful and pleasing neighbourhood, with my head held high without having to worry about any safety issues, I am grateful. In my mind is just how thankful and gratified I am to my parents, for working immensely hard to provide me with such a comfortable and ideal and enticing environment to live in, so that I get to view different scenes of Mother Nature that open my mind and heart to a new perspective and outlook on life.

Then to my greatest delight, I saw Sean walking towards me, in his hands a basketball! I nearly squealed in excitement. I had want to play the basketball today but was feeling a company (yes, I may enjoy 'me' time on the court in my previous post but Sean's company is always welcomed!) but I guess our minds synchronised so together we shot some baskets. I talked most of the time, asking him about his life in Singapore, and we absolutely enjoyed ourselves. Two things I do that would indubitably make me merry and jolly: 
  1. When I exercise (well not all types of exercises but quite a range Smile )
  2. When I spend time with my loved ones.

Sean's an incredibly entertaining person. He blends in his Singaporean friends easily and effortlessly because he's easily one of the most genuine, authentic and original person I've known. I mean, boys are known to be more natural around people but he's just... him. He may be silent and quiet, but when he's with his close pals and buddies he's such a joy to be around. He cracks super hilarious jokes, he has these awesome facial expressions, and he mimics impressively. He's remarkably talented, but he doesn't brag nor boast about it. He may look like that have-fun-all-day-long guy, but he's extremely hardworking. He may be actively involved in his curricular activities, and can be found hanging out with his friends a lot, but when it comes to studying, he sits down, really put in the effort to figure out the solutions, concentrate and focus to understand the theories and concepts. 

He undergoes intense pressure and tension having to cope with such tough A levels syllabus in Singapore at the age of 17. But he has what it takes, and will go all way out to achieve his dreams. Having my parents next to me while preparing to sit for A levels have been more challenging than I thought, and him being alone there, with awful canteen food that you would rather skip than eat (it's not that he's picky, even my mum who could stand the worst ill-tasting vegetables has commented that the food really wasn't passable) and no one to share his troubles and sorrows with whenever he faces them, and when the weather gets hot he has to bear with the heat because there's no air-conditioner to be switched on, no maid to clean his desk or wash his clothes for him... he truly has grown so much more independent ever since he went to Singapore, and we as his family are so proud of him for coming so far.

He's going to go marvelously far in life, and we as his family are going to always stand by him, giving him all the support and encouragement we can possibly provide him with. We love you, Sean. Red heart

Okay so I obviously strayed off topic for a while, so back to the remaining of the day.

Mum came to the court and we went home together. Dinner time! We were sitting at the dining table, cheerfully chatting and I heard the sliding door open and knew Dad was back! And he brought back treats too!

There were mangosteens and rambutans! Mum's favourite fruits! Let me tell you this, my mum right on loves tropical fruits. Her eyes lit up whenever she sees them and the satisfaction on her face when she gets to taste it- we get so elated just looking at her savours her favourite fruits. Open-mouthed smile

Seriously, my mum is so beautiful. No make up, unprepared (hahaha), I love my mum.

Oh and guess what else he brought home? Malay traditional kuihs! I literally let out a delighted squeal because- oh, just look at the colours! The below picture features my Dad's favourite kuih, the cassava cake! The main ingredients are cassava, coconut milk and sugar. My mum told me once that these are my Dad's favourite, and ever since that whenever I pass by the stalls selling these cassava cakes I'd ask mum if we should get it for Dad. Mum tells me that Dad is quite particular about the colourings/ texture/ taste in these cakes so she would make them at home instead. But this time Dad personally ordered these to make sure the quality of it is up to par. He took a bite and approved of it. Open-mouthed smile

These Seri Muka's bright green colour simply caught my eyes! An image immediately crossed my mind- Yan Jie. His favourite colour is no other than green and I smiled just looking at it. Smile  Will be sure to let him taste them tomorrow when he comes over to my house (please let me remember). Flirt male Ah am eager to see him! 

After dinner, I sat down with Sean and helped him stapled all his Chemistry and Physics past year questions that my mum kindly printed for him. There were so many sets and stacked high when arranged properly- it took me back to the days when I would practise the horrifyingly thick sets of A levels past year questions. I felt for him, gave him a few words of encouragement, and he nodded with a sad, helpless expression. A part of me died. But as I mentioned, he quickly got back on his feet (literally), and went upstairs to resume his revision- after having a glass of his favourite chocolate milk and Cheerios. Smile

Oh and, I changed my lock screen on my phone today! I think this serves as a great reminder to all of us, don't you think? It's something I want myself to remember and apply in life. 

I also wish to get my hands on this book, but am afraid of using up all the tissues in my house (I teared up reading Hunger Games so this gives you an idea of how emotionally clingy and attached I can get to the characters in books). Nevertheless, I realised I don't have this deranged urge to purchase it right now so yeah, will see how it goes. Smile with tongue out 

Even had plans for karaoke but it would be a distraction to Sean so we shall patiently wait. Smile

Ken's last paper for his semester before he flies back (oh my goodness SO EXCITED!!!!!!!) from the UK. I have wished him luck on FB a few days ago and I assume the 'likes' are also his friends' form of encouragement to him. You got this, Ken! Hang on a minute while I pop over to FB to wish me all the best again. (a few minutes later...) Okay done. Winking smile

I love my family. I love life. Life is good. There may be bad days, but it's those days that make you cherish and appreciate the great ones more. All about perspective, isn't it? Smile

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