Thursday, 26 June 2014

Best family trip in years (part 3).

Hi there. So what just happened a few minutes ago was that Blogger and its temper strikes again. It's okay, Blogger, you have my understanding. And as I have mentioned, I've time to spare. Winking smile  But I need to get it done ASAP because I'm sweating profusely in my bedroom typing this post with no air-cond and my long, thick hair let down.

So remember in my last post where I said I don't think I'd be sleeping because I napped for way too long in the evening?

Well I did fall asleep at last at 3 in the morning. I didn't want to go to bed before Sean did. The boys were watching football together, then Sean came into my bedroom and join me watch The Dark Knight (He absolutely loves that movie, the Joker character especially blows his mind hence I chose it).

He bid me goodnight half-way through the movie, and then I reluctantly let him off to his bedroom and then went to sleep myself too. I didn't toss around for long before I fell asleep, as I was rather tuckered out by 3 in the morning. 

This morning I was shaken up by Ken, who asked if I wanted to send Sean off to the bus stop. I literally jumped up and raced downstairs. There's no question about this. I gave Sean a big hug and tapped him encouragingly several times on his back. Sean was so sweet, so kind, and waved us goodbye. It was hard, but less painful than I have expected, because I had Ken with me this time.

Now moving onto the recap of Day 3 of Langkawi trip!

It was our 3rd and final day in the beautiful island of Kedah. We had leftover bread from yesterday just to fill up our stomachs, packed our luggage, fooled around a bit, then went down to the beach.

It was a fine, sunshiny morning. We truly lucked out on the weather throughout our trip. The skies were blue, the weather was lovely, warm and sunny.

Sean makes the perfect heart-shapes with his hands, don't you think so?

After taking a couple more pictures Dad suggested we race to the tree at the end of the beach. We were amused by his idea, but doing so wasn't going to harm or hurt anything, so on the count of three, we ran. I was sandwiched between two 'teams'. Ken and Sean, the competitive runners, and Dad and Mum, the loving couple who ran hand in hand. My brothers were ahead of me, and I jogged at a comfortable pace as I was aware that my parents were behind me. Haha. Running on the beach was actually quite challenging as our feet kept sinking into the sand when we ran.

Sean also took the feet-on-the-beach picture with me.

The next second, whoosh... the waves covered our feet.

I happened to scroll through my Instagram page and was excited to find the same kind of picture we took by the beach in Melbourne. Ah memories.

In Langkawi island, Kedah, Malaysia.

In Melbourne, Australia.  So cool! Where would the next one be at? Hmm... Smile

We completely relished in the fact that we were the only ones at the beach that morning. Other than the workers, we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. Awesome! Once again, Mum's arrangement is commendable.

This time, the water was cooling and refreshing, unlike the first time we dived into it. I definitely enjoyed swimming in the sea water a lot more than I did the day before. It was such a pleasurable feeling. The boys also played Frisbee but I didn't join them this time because the clear, chilling sea water was absolutely tempting!

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the water ski sports. I don't have any pictures to show you here because it was all captured using the camera. Back then in Bali, we had our first experience of riding a jet ski. This time, however, the boys challenged themselves to riding it without a guide at the back.

They were so brave. And courageous. And adventerous. I helped my brothers take many pictures while they were out in the sea riding the jet ski, and while Sean is the younger one he positively showed that he's not afraid to take charge of the jet ski. Ken, on the other hand, took sightly longer to warm up to it, but once they both had ride for a while, I could tell they totally loved it. They came back to the shore and Ken hopped down. Sean invited me to take a ride with him. He was bold, composed and daring, making me feel safe and secured clinging onto his life jacket. I didn't get to go on the ride with Ken, but that's okay.

We had so much fun that we lost track of time. We initially had plans to have a hearty brunch in town but we didn't want to risk missing the flight, so we took a quick shower to rinse off the sand, said a spirited goodbye to Langkawi, and headed to the airport.

How to kill time while waiting for the shuttle bus to pick you up: Take selfies! We would walk to the parking lot/ lobby but we had many luggage to take with us so we decided that it's smarter to wait for the transport.

Fun fact #1: I wasn't shielding myself from the sunlight. I simply wasn't ready!

Fun fact #2: Sean's shirt was wet (look at the collar) because his sister adjusted the shower head without him knowing (in my defense, I didn't know it was going to be used anymore) and the water came splashing on his body. My apologies!

Frizzy hair in the picture as you can see. I didn't have time to blow dry my hair! Haha.

We arrived at the airport in a jiffy thanks to Dad's pro driving skills.

The boys decided on Marry Brown since we were short on time.

I skipped on all of those above because I always fall sick (sore throat, fever etc) whenever I have fast food Sick smile ; and also because fast food is not as appealing to me as it is to everyone else. Bread, pastries and chocolates are! Major sweet tooth.Eye rolling smile

These pictures were taken when we were about to board the plane.

That pretty much sums up our Langkawi trip, and I'm incredibly grateful for this chance to spend quality time with my beloved family. Also gratified for my parents' effort in making this work for all of us. This wonderful memory of our family trip will forever be imprinted in my mind.

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