Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy, happy.

Been a while, hasn't it? Winking smile

I haven't gotten the time to properly sit down and talk about my life, primarily because for the past few months, I've been extremely busy with my preparation for the A2 finals, and I'm in such high spirits and absolutely tickled pink to announce that today mark the end of my A levels examination, as I sat for my last A levels paper, Economics Paper 3 in the afternoon.

The minute I walked out of the hall, I was bursting with jubilation! I squealed and leaped in joy. 

I simply couldn't hold in the exhilaration of post-finals. It was as though I've been flooded with euphoria- a wave of electricity jolting my body, leaving me in pure rapture. Open-mouthed smile

This deliriously happy feeling, sometimes can only be felt after such a terrifically significant and crucial event, and in this case, my A levels examination. Open-mouthed smile

I remember leaving the examination hall after my AS finals, and while I felt relieved but I wasn't altogether over the moon because I was aware that I had A2 awaiting me, and the tension was not completely eased. But right now, right this moment, knowing that I've swimmingly completed my A levels course, without passing out or falling sick throughout the one month period of examination makes me feel immensely thankful. 

While the results will not be released until 12th of August, I am just strikingly thrilled and high as a kite to have finally wrap up A levels thoroughly. I cannot tell what grades and marks will be printed out on my certificate, but I can firmly say that I've no regrets for this examination, as I truly feel that I've given the best I can- and sometimes that is enough. 

I will not forget, the accomplished feeling when my friends approached me for AS Mathematics and Economics questions. The entire 2013 year spent on solving those questions, looking at it again made me feel like it was AS all over again. Although really, I'm inexplicably happy that I am at this stage of being a senior. And then the nostalgic feeling aroused as my junior in high school who's currently engaged in A levels course messaged me for a while making memories of me going through AS came gushing into my mind. In her words, "I can't believe you've graduated already!". Me neither, dear one.

Time flies, really. These few years have been madness, in both good and bad ways which I can't pinpoint right now, because let's face it, I can write a book about a single event and picture 20 major events in a year that I'd like to talk about... where would my blog post end? I shall save that for the next post, perhaps. Smile with tongue out

During this exam period, I have also received tremendous support and encouragement from my family and friends, which has been most assuring during tough times. My brother who's in the UK, albeit preparing for his own examination, showers me with so much concern and care that warms my heart. Red heart His almost immediate response to my inquiries has been the fuel to my spirit and oomph to go on. 

I am forever overwhelmed and indebted for his help and guidance and love. I wish him all the best in the UK too. May he get through his examination sleekly and brilliantly.  Open-mouthed smile

My parents, whose unconditional love for me clearly keeps me going. My mum, who is the greatest listener to me, and despite being the busiest person I know in the entire world goes all way out to help me in any way possible. 

From shoulder massages to belly-rubbing (when my stomach is bloated because I'm either too nervous or that I eat too fast), from long walks to motivational stories, she is the best and my strongest backbone. Red heart

And, my dad, who has so much in his plate, hardly has time to sit back and relax, however knowing I crave weekends spent on badminton sessions (sweating it out curbs stress pretty efficiently I must say) will always make time for me, and during dinner would share funny stories to lighten up my mood. 

(I did realise that there's an error made: supposed to be written instead of wrote in the whatsapp message sent to my dad)

A gentle pat on my shoulder and a comforting smile from my dad do wonders to me. :) :) :)

I am blessed beyond words to be surrounded by such incredibly wonderful and loving individuals. 

Of course there's my beloved- Yan Jie, who sends me simple and sweet messages, giving me courage and strength to persevere and reminding me to stay calm (take deep breaths- his reminder for me when I first sat for my AS examination has been imprinted in my mind ever since).

These two pictures aren't exactly recent (but definitely few of my favourites!) because we didn't get to meet each other as frequent as we used to because of my spread-out examination schedule, however he patiently waits for the suitable time for me and make a trip to see me. His effort is just so precious to me. He even popped by at my house a day before my first Math paper (a surprise visit! From my endless smiles and grins and beams I believe he could tell that he made my day).  Winking smile

I'm radically gratified for everything he has done for me. Red heart

Then there's my classmates, Yong Qi, Yu En, Hui Ching, Jessie, Kai Xin, Elsie, Charmayne, Alicia who are such sweet, darling people- definitely added colour and sparkles to my one and a half year college life in Taylor's. 

(Yes it seems that in Polaroid pictures I have no eyebrows) TT

A levels may be hard to endure and the process can be so grueling most of the times but having a bunch of friends who encourage you makes studying a lot better. :) 

My badminton/ movies buddies, Eik Ren, Han Qin, Jeanne, Sue Zen, Leland, the former four who are sitting for their A2/ AS examinations as well and I often embolden each other throughout the examination period, and knowing that badminton and movies and meeting up are at the finishing line enliven us to power on. 

It's beginning to feel like a thank you speech, which I figure is my intention since ages ago, but I now only have the time to express my gratitude, as immediately after the last paper this afternoon my classmates and I went to Sunway and later to Meltz Cafe to celebrate (at which I happened to bump into an ex schoolmate of mine whom I chatted with for a while- it was pleasant seeing you again, Qi En!).

The food my girlfriends ordered which I... Didn't savour because I didn't want to spoil my appetite for dinner. And also bcos I was too excited to eat (bet it's the first time you're hearing this, hehe). 

When I came home I had to arrange and sort out and put away the books and papers into boxes to be given to my juniors/ neighbours/ whoever who needs it because it's going into the recycle bin anyway. I'm not that disciplined but my mum has instructed me to do so earlier this morning. ;) She reminded me that after today it would be difficult for me to summon the will to clear up the 'mess' in the study room- and I must say it makes so much sense. 

I'll let you in on a secret: I did 1/4th of the cleaning up because the study room was disturbingly dusty... And because throwing away my A levels stuff makes my heart heavy- not sure why. Mum was the great one. The study room now looks amazingly clean.  Open-mouthed smile

So yeah, I haven't even gotten the chance to shower! Going to pop into the shower now! All in all, it's a (tiring but) happy, happy day. :)

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