Friday, 13 June 2014

Good day.

As mentioned in my previous post, during our breakfast in our garden Dad suggested that we have lunch together. Dad deliberately drove over from Puchong to Taipan to dine with Mum, Sean and I as we had plans to head to the banks there. 

Immediately when dad uttered 'Taipan' the first thing that struck my mind was the Spanish restaurant that my lovely blogger friend, Jia Qi has featured in her blog a few months ago. She had many good things to say about it so I brought it  up to my family, and their reactions were positive (to be honest they're always fine with any of our choices- dad and mum have always allowed us make the call when it comes to dining primarily because they're easy-going and not fussy nor picky eaters; and also because we usually eat home-cooked food so they let us voice out our choices when it comes to a once in a while occasions; and thirdly because we're a family so we compromise on the type of cuisine anyone of us is in the mood of). Open-mouthed smile

Dad was curious as to what food will be served in the restaurant, and I didn't know how to explain (because I've never been there either) hence I passed them my phone to let them look at Jia Qi's blog. Hahahaha. 

And the morning passed swiftly. The torrid weather cooled down eventually and the skies were so grey I had took a guess that it was going to pour heavily. But the clouds held their tears back, and no thunders and lightning involved so yay. Rolling on the floor laughing

Mum worked quietly and diligently in the office/ study room, Sean upstairs revising for his test (what a good boy!) while I watched movies on YouTube (u torrent is down so I can't download anything! Annoyed Very sad.  Sad smile Such a dismay. Crying face ) I clicked onto The Vow, a romantic drama film I've wanted to watch months ago but refrained due to my A2 examination. Amy McAdams is stunningly beautiful and divine. The 30 something Canadian has that subtly sexy smile and is such a darling to watch! Her gorgeous smile and eyes make it impossible for one to not to fall in love in. Winking smile one of my favourite actresses for sure! And Channing Tatum- well, he's alright. Smile with tongue out

I tried holding back my tears at certain scenes but then I realised I wasn't at the cinema so I naturally and openly made the box of tissues my best friend throughout the movie. It was a sweet and engaging movie, not spectacular, but just the kind that would make me want to watch for the second time. Winking smile  Perhaps I could relate to the scenes and feel for the characters in the movie better now that I'm in love (Hahaha cheesy I know but I can't help it). 

I decided to put hold my 'work' to after lunch instead. Another word to use would be procrastinate.  Smile with tongue out

We changed our minds about lunch at La Cocina (the Spanish restaurant and pub) because the moment I stepped into it, I was thrown of guard by the queer and egregious-to-my-senses smell. Sick smile I think it's personal though, so don't take my word for it- because the thing about me is that I'm extremely sensitive to sounds and noises and odour and scents. 

We tried our luck at UNO restaurant instead, my parents' first choice before I suggested La Cocina. My dad gave the parking spot to my mum and continued searching for another one. Little things that melt my heart.  Open-mouthed smile We ordered too many dishes- but the food was splendid.

Dad's order was the Light Cream Salmon Pasta, which I had a bite or two out of it because creamy-based spaghetti is less appetising to me. 

Sean ordered his usual, the Carbonara Spaghetti, and he liked it so much I decided not to take a twirl out of it. Smile with tongue out

Mum's was the seasonal specials, Spaghettini with Crab meat and mushrooms, and I had a helping of it. 

I ordered out of the seasonal specials menu as well, the Pan-seared Salmon with boiled potatoes and sauteed spinach drizzled with herb butter sauce (yes I memorised it aren't you proud of me? Smile with tongue out ). 

Other than that, Sean wanted to try out the Lasagna with beef so there's that;

and we both agreed on the half-half pizza- one half consist of the typical Hawaian Pizza (ham + pineapple) and the other a vegetarian based (capsicum, zucchini, mushrooms) because I thought Dad would enjoy it. He did. Smile

We also had desserts because life is too short to slip desserts. I let my family members devour it all because after one tiny bite I decided I simply didn't fancy the texture! A little too spongy for my liking. But dad and mum raved about it, and Sean... Well he's pretty easy to be appeased. Winking smile

We left with full and satisfied bellies and plenty of left-overs! Winking smile

Then we said goodbye to Dad and visited Maybank, and there's where I bumped into Pn. Heng, my Math teacher who taught me in Form 4 and 5! I was SO startled. I mean, it's been two years- I didn't expect to meet her at all! I honestly never expect to meet anyone from my school but somehow ALWAYS do wherever I go. Because I've been living in Putra Heights for almost 5 years, and fairly isolated from my ex high school mates and teachers who mostly live in USJ areas, therefore whenever I happened to see them I'm always more surprised than anything.

She was the one who spotted me (if there's anything else you have to know about me is that I hardly notice my surroundings- Yan Jie is 180+ and was in my Thinking Skills class for months and I didn't notice his existence at all.) and came over to tap my shoulder. And that's when I jumped out of my seat- literally.

She was warm and amiable, like how I remember her. She immediately teased, "Ah, you've put on a bit of weight, haven't you?" (Yes that's kind of obvious TT I'm working on it trust me.) But she had that affablity and compassion ringing in her tone that I could tell she meant well. Smile Then she proceeded to talk to my brother Sean, who was standing next to me. She told him, "Do you know how happy I am to see your sister again? My goodness it's so good to see her again." (I think it's because she seldom get to see her students who have graduated which made her noticeably sentimental and emotive). Well I was without question pleased to see her too. She turned to me, showering me with compliments and praises about how radiant and beautiful I look presently (although I'm no where near beautiful but I don't hear such comments often so I truly appreciate it very much especially coming from my high school teacher Smile ).

I was shocked to hear that she has retired from being a teacher in SMK USJ 12, as she's a wonderful teacher, profusely supportive of my brother Ken when he was a student there and when she became my Math teacher she has offered me many valuable advices and showed her genuine concern towards me and my brother from time to time. It's such a pity that she has left school, but I know that her students will remember her teachings and kindness (and sternness!). Winking smile

I asked if she misses her job, and she nodded without a doubt- I guess it takes a while to get use to it. She asked about my happenings in life, where I'm going to further my studies, what course I'm taking and asked about how my brother Ken is doing in the UK. I delivered all the answers, and asked how she's doing as well. We ended the conversation and she finally grabbed me by the shoulder, looked into my eyes seriously and said repeatedly,  "It's really good seeing you, Wei Jun. All the best." which instantly warmed my heart. I wish she stays healthy and happy too. Before she left, she gave me a hug. My day turned from okay to awesome. Open-mouthed smile

I saved her number in my phone's contact list, and will be sure to try to keep in touch with her in the future. Now I'm seated at home, and I resolutely need to start doing the things I listed down on my to-do list!

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