Saturday, 7 June 2014

Fun awaits.

(This post was finished written by 1+ Friday midnight but somehow the publishing didnt suceed hence this is a day late) 

I'm definitely feeling the post-exam rhapsody kicking in these days. Technically it's my very first/ second (?) day completing my A- levels course so yes of course I'm happy as a clam. :D

As mentioned in my blog title, there are quite a number ofstupendous and terrific events and trips lying ahead of me- which makes me as jubilant as a child who just received presents from Santa. 

On next Monday itself, we will welcome Sean back into our arms! Wee! Jie sure is joyous! 

And from what I heard, he has been facing a bit of difficulties (not too big of a deal) in handling his economics subject, and I shall gladly do the honour to teach and guide the brother in any way possible. And this time, the roles switch! I get to go all "No more games/ movies/ HIMYM- study instead!" Haha that was how he used to tell me all the time when he comes home for holiday break. 

I know he only wants the best for me though, so no complaints, in fact, I'm unquestionably grateful to have such a marvellous brother. 

(Yes Barney Stinson is my brother.)

Sean's forthright and unvarnished messages worked btw. 'Cause pronto after reading his message, I realised that once again- it's now or never. So I shut down the laptop, and kick started on my MCQ the day itself I finish my Economics (Data Response and Essay) Paper 4, and went on practising for the remaining 7 days. 
On another note, Sean and I could use more pictures together during his stay in Malaysia this time. The last time we met was during CNY which not many pictures were taken, and the next most up-to-date ones were from Melbourne! 

Had to post this because... everyone pay attention to my mum... Ahaha brings back the sweet memories. 

Squinty eyes because of the sun and tiptoeing... Well, I dunno what difference it made but I felt compelled to do it hahahaha. 

And tomorrow itself I will get to meet up with the badminton buddies for badminton session! All the 'pros' are showing up tomorrow so I am already mentally preparing myself of the physical throb or discomfort I may have to tolerate after tomorrow. Why do I agree to play with the bunch of guys when I'm the only girl present, you ask... Because I cherish our friendship and the times we get to spend together have a way of making me burst into giggles and laughter. 

My parents have plans to attend a talk tomorrow evening, and have signed me and Yan Jie up for it. I was notified earlier on (but not in time to let Mum know!) that he most likely have other plans laid out and I was perfectly fine with it, but just minutes ago he informed that he can make it after all, making me indubitably delighted. Would be awesome to see him again! 

These would be the recent events... There are more gleeful happenings which I will talk about from time to time in my blog. This is because I gather I will be updating this blog pretty frequently, given the spare time I have on hand.

It's Sean's birthday today, btw! Sent him a simple message via whatsapp some time after midnight, doubt he's going to look at it in hours time, but as long as he receives my well wishes then I am contented.

Have yourselves a splendid weekend, everyone!

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