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Best family trip in years (Part 2).

While I may be on a holiday I still have a long list of things-to-do every single day. I'm feeling mentally and physically enervated presently. 

Helping Dad with his seemingly endless workload (I feel for my Dad), handling heaps of serious and crucial matter on my studies in university, and a few of my friends have been contacting me for meet up's before I leave Malaysia, which makes the feeling of studying abroad even more surreal. Oh dear. Gotta take it one day at a time.

All of the responsibilities and tasks leave me feeling tuckered out at the end of the day, however to think of it in a different perspective, everything that I'm going through at this moment forces me to learn how to be more organised and focused. 

As a matter of fact, I had plans to come up with my Day 2 and 3 Langkawi Trip post, especially after being reminded by my brother (aww would you believe it? He was telling me the other day, "Hey sis, go update your blog! I am waiting to read the complete recap of our trip." Melts my heart, you know?).

Also, I fear my memory of the wonderful trip slowly fading with time.

You know how at some point in life you feel like you're experiencing the best moment of your life and you just feel like you could store that memory in your head for eternity? The trip definitely gave me the sense but somehow I believe typing it down gives me the chance to reminiscence the splendid times; and to think that I'd be able to revisit the post when I'm older- it's definitely going to be a unique feeling.

So here it goes!

The second day of our Langkawi trip, I woke up feeling great. We didn't sleep with the air-cond switched on because the temperature of the room would have been unbearably cold. I was supposed to sleep in the same room as the boys but they played cards till late night and the bed was calling out to me so I simply slept with my parents. I remember falling asleep on the bed in 3 minutes because I was that worn out.

The boys woke up much later than expected, and meanwhile my mum and I went out for a walk. The air on my cheeks felt crispy, fresh, and light, and although it was challenging talking while walking uphill/ downhill at the same time (my quads were sore after I came back from the trip- in a good way though!) I truly love mornings spent in nature. It's my absolute favourite way to start off the day- exercise + dating Mother Nature. 

However, the talk wasn't casual nor playful, it revolved around a lot of important matters to be dealt with, but my mum and I both agreed to free our minds from all these thinking for a while and just enjoy the trip. 

We went out to town for breakfast. We were so late by the time we left the chalet that buffet breakfast wasn't an option anymore. 

On the way to the parking lot I noticed a bush trimmed into a heart shape. Aww... super creative! 

I immediately egged my parents to capture a picture with this artsy bush. 

My brothers decided to join the fun. I served as photographer of the day so I'm excluded in most of the pictures.

We settled in a Chinese hawker centre. We decided on it after a more or less 30-minute drive because we saw many customers dining there and figured the food should taste decent.

The first round of our order was actually the Nasi Lemak. 

Both my brothers' stomachs were grumbling dreadfully so they had Nasi Lemak (one packet with chicken the other with anchovies and egg because they ran out of the one packed with chicken) as appetisers. I kid you not. Nasi Lemak as a main course in a meal to most people was appetiser to my brothers, particularly when it came in such small portions to them.

The hard boiled eggs on the right in thepicture  (later doused in way too much salt and pepper) were my breakfast.

Clockwise from centre: Clear Soup Broth Kuey Teow 清汤粿条汤 (Dad's), Hokkien Prawn Noodles 虾面 (Mum's), Curry Noodles 咖喱面 (Sean's), Chicken and Herbs Noodles 药材鸡汤面 (Ken's).

And I ... Yes I couldn't get bring myself to eat hawker food, I just... that's definitely something to overcome. The jeaopardisation of the cleanliness of the place and kitchen, as well as the heavy/ oily/ salty/MSG-loaded dishes... I cannot tolerate. 

The portion of the noodles wasn't adequate to satisfy my brothers, so they went for third round: Wonton Noodles and another bowl of Hokkien Prawn Noodles. 

After that we went to the nearby Shopping Mall to do some shopping. We bought bottles of water and potato chips at the grocery store, then visited the shoes department. I desperately needed to buy a pair (or more!) of shoes but the store didn't have my sizes of the shoes (either too large or too small! Sob!) that I had my eyes on which sank me into dismay for a while, but I got over it when I saw that my Dad and Sean had found themselves something they liked. 

Our next stop was the chocolates section. I was extremely thirsty by then. My family was discussing what chocolates to buy and I just ... stood there and not select anything. Indeed the chocolates sold were cheaper since it was a duty-free shop but 'I need water' just kept playing in my head at that time and I didn't think I'd say this but looking at the massive display of chocolate was making me feel sick. 

We bought Ham & Cheese loaf, Chocolate buns and Grains & Seeds crusted loaf at Bread Story the bakery as well as newspaper as dad has a habit of reading the newspaper every day. Along our way back to the chalet we picked up bananas, kiwis and ice-cream. 

Guess we're the kind of people who take pictures with baby bananas. 

We returned to our chalet around 2 in the afternoon. We walked into the room to find a towel made into a cute piece of art lying on our beds.

I wish I could tell you I know what it was, but the truth is I really don't. 

Our 'lunch' consisted of a tall can of potato chips, bread with ice-cream, and the fruits that we bought earlier. Healthy, I know. 

The boys chowed down on the food over a huge debate on abortion. Beats me how the topic was brought up- I just remember the loud and bold and at some point fierce arguments from both parties- Sean and Ken and I just listened while helping them top their bread with ice-cream (we didn't have spoons or any form of a scoop with us so I played around with the chopsticks I took from the shop- at least it did the trick). 

I stayed clear from the ice-cream, I wasn't going to take any risks because I have strong reasons to believe that eating the delicious, chocolately goodness was going to make me regret my decision later (At age 9 or so I was confirmed by the doctor that I am allergic to artificial colouring and flavouring and even the littlest dose of it will give me bad, bad rashes all over my body). 

We took a rest before heading out to the beach. Sean and Ken preferred playing cards over taking a nap. I had no idea where all their energy come from. I thought 90% of it was from the ice-cream- and I had read that simple sugar would send your blood glucose level crashing after the disaccharides are being absorbed into your blood stream but apparently it's different for my brothers. 

We changed into our swimsuits before we left the chalet for convenience. 

Making our way down the beach. 

We also learnt to make use of our camera with a much better quality and Sean put his iPhone away hence there are insanely few pictures to put up here. 

The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful unfortunately the iPhone camera does no justice to it. 

Oh my gosh look at the way the sky and the sea matches. Absolutely sublime.

I would upload the pictures from the camera but I have no idea where the camera is right now. Just know that the beach was possibly almost everyone's definition of paradise. 

We played frisbee by the beach. 

Best decision ever during our preparation was to bring the frisbee along. 

Then we went for the sea. The water was warm- literally. No need to worry for shivering or catching a cold because it felt like we were in a spa throughout our time in the water. It wasn't spectacular, nor a let down, just... Neutral. 

We swam towards the deepest area where the management bounded it with a string to ensure we swim only within the safe distance, the pack of 4 was led by Dad because he's the bravest. Haha. Sean scared me by asking if there were going to be any sharks out there. I know it's irrational and ludicrous to be alarmed and frightened by the possibility of shark attacks but we both had watched Soul Surfer the movie and I was terrified by the scene where the girl, Bethany Hamilton's left arm was bitten off by a shark. 

Anyway, just to clarify, we made it back safely to the shores and my left arm is still intact and I have all four limbs attached to my body properly and healthily. 

We continued playing frisbee. Ken had the brilliant idea of playing frisbee using the volleyball court, and boy was it surprisingly fun! 

First match was between themselves. Then my parents and I discovered what they were up to so we participated as well. Sean and I formed a team, Ken and dad the other. Ken and Dad won the first match, Sean and I took it up a notch and bagged the second match, and we went on to playing the third match and under intense pressure (haha), Sean being the ultimate athlete led us to crowing winners. 

We laughed till our stomachs hurt and dived everywhere till our bodies were covered with sand. Every fibre of my body loved those hours of playing and spending time with my family. 

A few Arabic boys and men joined my brothers to play for a while, and I could tell my brothers enjoyed themselves tremendously. 

We headed out to town again for a dinner after washing up (so much sand!). 

Mum placed the orders this time. Other than the Cashew Stir-fry chicken which tasted horrible and a nightmare to our taste buds, the rest of the dishes were delicious. Overall, the meal was scrumptious. The star of the night was hands down the fresh crabs cooked with golden spices that wasn't featured in this post because I can't find the picture in my camera roll.

That concluded the second day of our trip, and we were a little sad knowing that it was all coming to an end soon because we felt like the fun has just only begun! Nevertheless, we went to bed, imagining the waves rocking us gently, and that night we slept like babies.

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