Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A surprisingly good day, after all.

So remember in my latest post where I mentioned I was going to try to fit in something productive into my day? Well I'm not sure how to judge if a day is fruitful, eventful and fecund enough, but let's just hear how my Tuesday went so far.

In the morning I shook myself out of bed. I am well aware that a perfect day for me begins with my daily dose of morning exercise (whatever form they may come in) and although I had only 4 hours of sleep, I persuaded myself in 2 minutes to jump out of bed (literally). But the lack of sleep was definitely hitting on me. As I dragged my feet against the pavement, I realised I haven't felt this way in a long, long time since examinations have ended. Gosh, those days surely were tough! That is why during my challenging preparation period for my A2 finals, my brother had reminded me often, "Pain is temporary, success is forever." Yup, sometimes we just have to give ourselves the push (the first step is always the hardest) to achieve our dreams and goals. While the holiday mood is on full steam ahead, I still strive to make the best out of it.

I was moody and didn't want to talk to anyone (I usually take a stroll with my mum or/ and dad if I meet them). This morning, I simply greeted my parents good morning and went ahead myself. I kept telling myself that I want to go back to sleep (haha yes muttering to myself) but at the same time, the pleasing (I was deciding which type of word to use- neutral, positive, negative and I settled on a positive adjective because it's all about perspective, right?) thing about myself is that I have difficulties falling back to sleep once I'm awake (I'm talking 6/7 in the morning not 3/4 midnight awake), so I figured I should just enjoy the lovely weather and try to start my day off on the right foot.

My mum tried to walk along with me (not sure why she seems to want to take every opportunity she has to have a chat with me nowadays- maybe the feeling of her little daughter studying abroad is finally unbolting? Aww haha narcissism strikes) but instead I told her to get ready for a work already since I was feeling rather dreadful- even opening up my mouth to have a conversation was a struggle (I may sound like I'm exaggerating but I don't think I function well when I'm sleep deprived).

After a while, I gave up on walking and went to play basketball. My muscles surely weren't enjoying it. Yesterday I completely blanked out the sunlight but today I seemed to be affected by it. I came home feeling somewhat dissatisfied with the exercise in the morning, but I didn't want to dwell over it. I instantly helped Dad by sorting out the files and calculating the figures on the receipts, and while I debated to finish it all at once I was feeling edgy and feisty.

Then I realised what the culprit was- I didn't have any dinner last night so naturally my body would grumble for food the next morning). Once I had breakfast in my stomach, things were much better. I was starting to really see and appreciate food as a nourishment to our body and an energy source for respiration, metabolic reactions as well as fuel for us to carry out our daily activities.

The rest of the day was spent making something for someone special (a resume from yesterday's work), watching an episode of Survivor, and the movie 12 years of slave (based on a true story, which I highly doubt I'd be watching it again despite it being awarded an Oscar for The Best Film this year, because it was too violent and harsh and painful for me to watch) and also earlier on the reading of a Danielle Steel book which I've read a minimum of 10 times in the past, entitled 'Second Chance'- I really do enjoy re-reading books which I like. This is another quirk about myself that I'm revealing- I like knowing the ending of something- shows, movies, books, just getting the idea of what's at the very end (especially happy endings! I prefer when things end on a sweet note and smiley faces) makes me happy to continue reading the book or watching the movie. But if I don't get on the top of it, I don't go bonkers- I simply savour the book or movie with a bit more nervousness and speed.

Anyway, I was feeling so tired, so sleepy in the late afternoon around 5.15 or so that I totally collapsed on the couch in the living room and fell asleep primitively. I was beat- without question. I woke up from the short 30-minute nap and felt refreshed and energised. The splendid weather definitely helped. I walked to the park together with my mum, chatting casually, and then once we reached the park, I parted with her and jogged. I was (still am) having my period, so I was easy with myself. I decided to jog 3 rounds, and see if I can manage anymore. I ran fast though, so I stopped after 3 rounds and walked. This evening's walk in the park was invigorating and exhilarating. Back in the days my mind would constantly wander, and think about anything possible, but today was revivifying. I relished in the opportunity to observe and soak up Mother Nature's beauty. The trees, the grass, the leaves... I never looked so closely at their structure and shape and sizes before, and today I just stopped and smell the roses. I'm glad I did. I also did a lot of people watching! Haha, not the direct eye contact kind, but because I kept going rounds and rounds and meeting the same people and certain points, I couldn't help but take a few glances.

There were teenagers who were kicking futsal, playing basketball, children at the playground, but my favourite boiled down to the mother who was with her 3 kiddos. I truly love seeing parents who take the initiative to bring their children out to the park, albeit a busy schedule. Advocating an active lifestyle certainly starts from home, and what better role models to look up to than your own parents? I've seen them many times when I'm at the park, during weekends the mother (unmistakably because she wears the same bright pink top that is easily recognised) and the father (who usually wears either a green or white jersey) would jog side by side, and I remember pointing out to my mum how I adore the effort of the man deliberately pacing himself with his wife, because from the footsteps you could tell that the man was running effortlessly at his wife's pace but he just sticks next to her and accompany her throughout the jog. It's so wonderful to watch couples who exercise together, moreover, couples who take care of each other throughout the workout. They're my favourite couple to watch, right after my parents, of course. Haha.

I walked plenty of rounds today, not knowing where my energy came from- my feet wasn't hurting or any sort like that unlike the other times, which was nice and pleasant but I had to go home because my lips and throat were dry and the skies were getting dark.

Came home to see mum at home, surprised how dad wasn't at home and found out that he went out to the barber. Saw a bowl of Koko Krunch and Cheerios cereal soaked in milk on the dining table, and I knew right on- that's indubitably, precisely Dad's. My Dad is the only person in the family- actually, the only person I know who enjoys soggy cereal. In the beginning when he did that I thought he just put it out there and forgot about it, and I did tell him that if he lets it out too long he'd be getting an oatmeal texture, but eventually over the years I came to realise that it's the way he likes his cereal, and if it makes him merry, so I say go with it!

I hadn't showered, just plopped on the chair and started typing this blog post that you're reading now. Haha. Shall wash up later and the counting down to greeting Ken at the airport shouts 2 more hours remaining!

I also had a chat with my friends on Whatsapp just now, one of my friend Suen seemed to be troubled with some decision-making and I genuinely care for her hence I offered to listen to her pour it out. She's a wise, rational, and responsible girl whom I know will make the right decision. I am hoping to catch up with her soon! My other friend, Yong Qi also made me laugh- I enjoy conversations with her even more now because taking out the stress and tension from exams temporarily means that our conversations no longer revolve around books and studies and guilt from slacking instead when to hang out and have fun together. Our plan is to go to Sunway Lagoon one of these days, and I'm looking forward to it already!

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