Tuesday, 10 June 2014

4 messages which completely made my day.

I've wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude to the lecturers who have made a significant impact in my 1.5 years life in Taylor's College. I posted on their FB walls because I wanted the world to know how wonderful and amazing these lecturers are, and how their students truly value these lecturers' good work. Smile

Like her name, Miss Grace is a lovely, nurturing and gentle lecturer. She speaks in a mellifluous tone and her fluent English is music to my ears. She makes sure to teach every concept with her heart to make sure it sinks in our head. She's a responsible lecturer and has made Economics even more appealing than it already has been for me. For that I am thankful. 

I also couldn't forget to post a thank you note on my dearest Math lecturer, Miss Annie's FB wall. 

Miss Annie is a young, vibrant and bubbly lecturer. She is friends with so many students I know in this college for her easy going personality. Our classmates adore her because while she teaches well she's also a fun person to talk to!

This year has been difficult for me because I had to sit for 4 different mathematics papers, both AS and A2, which was painfully tough and agonising for me at the beginning. I remember shutting myself in an empty classroom the moment I arrive in college and would start solving mathematics questions all day, to the point that I tear up on certain days due to the overwhelming tension that wasn't subsided in time. When I reach home I'd continue practising until my brain just couldn't take it any longer. I told my brother that I was breathing math, eating math, drinking math, and living math. It may seem like an exaggeration or even a lame joke but that really was the case. 

I had to seek help and guidance from so many people, mainly my brother, my friends, my boyfriend and of course my lecturer Miss Annie. They have been so generous and kind that made me even more determined to work harder so that I would do them proud. As mentioned earlier I am not certain of the marks I'd obtain but I'm grateful for all the help I've received throughout my preparation for the examinations. 

Remember my last blog post about how I happened to meet my high school's mathematics teacher Pn Heng in Maybank? 

Well, last night, I sent a message to Pn Heng to tell her how much of a great teacher she is to me and how grateful I am for that conversation we had yesterday. 

Her reply warmed my heart. It feels amazing to get to connect with my teachers again.  Open-mouthed smile

A friend of mine in high school, Yan Han, whom I haven't had the chance to talk to in a long time approached me yesterday, and made my heart sing. 

Such a nice comment from her! And coming from her it is a great compliment in my book because this smart and hardworking girl I have known for 3+ years has brilliant writing skills as well! Winking smile

It's interesting and fascinating and marvellous to think that such simple messages from someone could make one so happy and genial, and for that I am reminded that compliments or thankfulness if not expressed to the person intended but only kept in heart, is like wrapping a present but not giving it out. 

On a side note, I've just completed and handed in my article! My target was to finish it yesterday but I put it off till this morning- I guess it's still acceptable right? Winking smile  And also this is the longest article I've written so far so I can only hope the editor and readers could make it through half without dozing off. Hahaha. 

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