Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday thoughts and musings.

1. Back when I was in college, I dreaded Monday. It reminded me that I had 5 days ahead of me, having to wake up at the crack of dawn, sit through the awful traffic- my house is only a 15 minute drive away from college but no thanks to the congestion we would require an hour to reach (a way to test my patience if we were to look at it in a different perspective but to be honest, it often drove me nuts! After a few months I couldn't take it any longer so I decided to take charge and wake up half an hour earlier ((5.30 a.m.)) to beat traffic), try to keep myself awake throughout long hours of lecture (post-lunch lessons were extra tough because the blood would move away from the brain and towards the stomach for digestion), bear the cold (brrr) condition of the classroom, cope with the mountain-piled high workload and assignments, and reach home feeling totally beat.

2. That wasn't the whole picture of college life, of course. There were the times when I would feel happy and elated learning because the lecturers were fun and chatty, and the activities that we get to partake in, the events that I got to plan and be involved in, the friends that I got to mingle with and whom made my college life a whole lot more exciting, the sense of accomplishment I feel when my lecturers acknowledge my performance in class, it's not all sorrowful and gloomy moments, there were the bright sides that made my one and a half year life in Taylor's College a journey to remember.

3. This morning I woke up at the time I desired, 7 a.m., and went out on a walk with my parents. I absolutely enjoy going on walks with my parents. They have been through incredibly much at the age of (sensored hahaha) and the knowledge and advice they would offer me are unmeasurable. Together we would discuss about the many, possibly uncountable things that I have to look out for when studying abroad.

Now that I'm entering a new stage in life (university) and slowly and steadily stepping out of my parents' protection, I have an abundant of things to learn and pick up. While my parents care for me immensely, they don't exactly paint beautiful images in my head- they make sure I understand that leaving home to study in a different country (for the very first time I'm staying in a hostel OH-EM-GEE) isn't easy- it will be challenging, gruesome, at times (in my case probably more frequently than the average people) the loneliness would hit me and I would feel terribly homesick and depression would creep up on me without myself realising, and those are the times when I would have to remember the purpose of all these, and that with determination and perseverance and the adjusted mindset and perspective I can get through whatever hardships and obstacles lying ahead of me.

I have faith, actually. Sometimes I feel afraid and I would snap out of that thinking. I think rather than being intimated than what a completely new environment would bring me, I'd prepare and equip myself in order to live better there.

Here inserting pictures of my family and I because I am currently feeling extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing family.

(As you can see I was the clueless one who didn't know where to look at. I haven't gotten myself around how the Samsung phone works!)

4. After I had bid my parents goodbye as they went off to work, my legs felt like they were up for more walking so I went to the park and walked a couple of rounds before making my way home. I even got to catch a glimpse of pigeons in the park! There were two grey-feathered ones and another which captured my attention was definitely the snowy white one! I had the urge to touch it. Actually who are we kidding I may admire nature's creation tremendously but I downright fear it at the same time. Such a rare sight, Mother Nature surely has a way of making me feel more uplifted. 

5. I woke up this morning thinking of Yan Jie. I prayed that he would recover soon, and that he would feel better in no time. Sending metta to him each time I think of him. I also got to know a piece of news from him in the afternoon, not sure if it's appropriate to mention it here since it's his family's matter, either way I am wishing the best for Yan Jie's grandma.

6. When I have meals alone I usually have a book with me. I am aware that reading and eating at the same time interrupts the digestion but I am painfully bothered by the silence. When I dine alone, I prefer reading over watching something played on the laptop which is the opposite to how my brother, Sean likes it. I'm not fond of the idea of chewing while watching the TV or a movie, hence you don't see me lining up for popcorn before movies.

7. I napped for 3 to 4 hours just now. I have no idea how that happened. I gathered my mind and body were too tuckered out and needed that rest. Usually after long naps I would feel grouchy but not this time- this time I felt good! My mum arrived home by the time I went downstairs and together we went out for a walk to soak up the fresh air and get moving.

8. I just finished dinner with the family and we were planning to have a karaoke session however it got postponed (again- sobs) and I ended up helping mum with a pile of forms to fill and papers to fold to be put into envelopes because it's all too time-consuming for my busy mum to handle and I, on the other hand was in the position to lend a hand.

9. I am incredibly thrilled and excited for the outing to Lagoon with my friends. AHHHHHHH. I can't wait! I am thinking of squealing and leaping in joy to shake off some of that adrenaline rush. Haha.

10. I am also looking forward to seeing Yan Jie soon (I say soon because it's still uncertain depending on his recovery and he may have other plans laid out). The waiting is worth-while. I just know that. :)

11. This picture is just a random throw in. This photo was taken at the rooftop of Sky Park. A picture of the feet of my brothers, Ken and Sean, and I plus two fingers to make a peace sign because I was cool spontaneous like that.

12. I wish everyone a fruitful and wonderful week ahead!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Weekends with the family.

I discovered some photos from the Langkawi trip in my camera roll that I hadn't post earlier, so here's a few to jump start the post.

Saturday, 28 June 2014 

The day started off beautifully. 

I had a great sleep, and woke up feeling psyched to get moving. My dad and I walked to the park, as my mum and Ken were out to the market. It was a funny twist, but it was the first time in forever since my mum wanted my brother to have the chance to drive. 

Dad gave me plenty of sound advice as we walk in the park, and I'm thankful that he would take the effort to educate and teach and guide me. He has been through so much and being able to learn by his side is definitely a blessing. 

We walked for many loops, I didn't even scrunch my hair up into a ponytail because the weather was pleasant. The light breeze gently brushed against my neck, leaving me feeling fairly comfortable. 

What a nice way to kick start the weekend. 

We reached home only to find mum and Ken at the dining table having breakfast, and I took a glance at the clock, and was shocked to realise that it pointed 9 a.m.!

I had agreed to play badminton with my friends at 9 this morning and my brother was delighted to tag along too. I had invited my brother because my friend, Eik Ren suggested it to me before. 

Eik Ren had messaged me to ask if I had waken up, which made me laugh a little because I was long awake. I had to ring him up and tell him we were running late.

After a few minutes to cool down, I hurried to wash up and change.

Then the fun part came. I've received my driving licence 2 years ago or so, but never actually drove regularly because my mum insisted to drive beside me and with exams on going throughout the years, she didn't want me to suffer from any traumatic experience which will affect my studies or what not (not kidding or being sarcastic, that was the reason behind it). My mum is precisely protective, I'm aware of that. But she means good. And now that I have completed my A levels and have fewer concerns bothering me, I took up the challenge to drive Ken and myself to the badminton court.

I surprised myself by being incredibly confident as well. I somehow felt safe and secured knowing that Ken was going to sit next by me. My brother didn't yell, didn't shriek, didn't chastise... Instead he kindly helped me look out for cars and pointed out the things I ought to be more careful of. In my case, it's the handling of the steering wheel. It takes tons of practice, so I'm just going to have to go out on the road more frequently and carefully from now on! 

My parents were not exactly okay with my decision to drive without the guidance of them. My dad stood firm about following behind my car, kind of like trailing me but guess what? They lost track of us and ended up taking a different path as we did. We met at the badminton court at the end and I smiled at them, assuring them that I will bring back both of their children and the car in a good condition. 

Badminton was great! I paired with my brother for the first round. Our opponents were Han Qin and Eik Ren! Cool combination! Ken and I definitely had this impeccable chemistry and of course because his skills and response were far better than mine. I have a lot to learn from my brother in so many different aspects. He patiently taught me how to perform smoother and more proficient as a team.

We played a couple more rounds (we switched partners and we also took turns). 

Our plan to Sunway Lagoon, has been confirmed. Super excited! But also undeniably having cold feet thinking about it because there would be a vast array of games and rides which involve my ultimate fear- heights. I can tell that I will be screaming quite a bit while I'm on the rides and coasters so I'm hoping already that I will still have my normal voice by the end of the day. And also to the people who will be riding with me, I apologise in advance. 

Back home (I almost scared the hell out of my brother and myself while doing a cornering but we are presently safe and sound), I was greeted by dad at the door. Glad to see him beaming at us. 

Curry was served for lunch which was delicious! I had extra helping as well- primarily the reason why I'm feeling sleepy right now I suppose, haha. 

When mum and Ken asked if I wanted to swing by USJ 19 mall, I immediately agreed. 

I even drove there! We had to send the charger of Ken's laptop for repair, and then Mum and I did a little shopping for clothing and headed home. We were supposed to reach home in a shorter time but somehow the lift was playing games with us so that ate plenty of our time. The lift urgently needed mending, for we were terribly close to getting stuck in it. Not fun at all. I had a mini heart attack.

When we arrived home, it was dinner time. I skipped dinner because my appetite was stolen. I watched a few episodes of Modern Family (which usually has a way of making me feel cheerier). Then I went on an hour long walk with my mum. I honestly didn't keep track of the time, Ken just pointed it out to us when we came home- he was curious and genuinely surprised what exactly was our conversation about that kept us walking for so long.

Later that night, I tried sleeping but couldn't. I decided to talk to Ken and my mum (my dad has already slept) while waiting for the fatigue to strike. 

Together, the three of us gathered at the living room, and had such a meaningful, pragmatic and purposeful conversation. It was undoubtedly one of the most eye-opening and fruitful talks I've partaken in a long time. I needed it. I'm especially grateful for my brother and my mum's wise words. 

That night I slept. Not very well, although. I woke up 5 times throughout my sleep- all because of the nightmares which I can't remember, and don't wish to.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

I woke up on this lovely Sunday, and my family had plans to go swimming! Yay! I absolutely love love loveeee exercise time spent with family. 

We competed swimming 4 laps. It feels wonderful to engage the muscles and push them beyond the usual speed when I swim leisurely. Gosh I loveeeee swimming. Seems like I didn't think I made my statement clear enough, haha.

Mr. Sun was nice to us this morning, and let us squeeze in a good number of laps, which made my day. Our stomachs were grumbling furiously by the time we got home, and we quickly made our way to breakfast in the garden.

After breakfast, we visited the Buddhist 'temple' (air bunnies used because it's not exactly a temple, more like a centre but then Buddhist centre sounds weird... or maybe it's just me) to attend a Dhamma talk- "Developing Positive Thoughts". The last time I went, it was with my parents and Yan Jie, this time it was with my parents and Ken. The speaker has always been sheer happy when he spots the presence of teenagers since the people who attend are usually elderly. Nothing wrong with that, just think of teenagers/ children/ youth as a splash of colour among the audience.

It was an uplifting and heartening talk. I am blessed to have the opportunity to listen to him share his knowledge.

Did I mention I also drove my family and I to the temple today? I've been notably elated and enthusiastic to drive nowadays.

After lunch, I gave Yan Jie a call because I found out he was sick through his messages. Broke my heart to hear him cough through the phone, initially I was dismayed and torn up when I sensed that he couldn't visit me in the near time (I've missed him!), but after realising the truth behind it I felt awful for him because I know how unpleasant and dolorous one would feel when being sick. Poor thing. :( He hasn't had the chance to properly rest. I am praying for a speedy recovery for him. May he regain his health soon. :)

Probably hitting the mall after Ken wakes up from his nap. Till then, stay healthy and happy everyone!

Shall wrap up this post with another few more pictures of my beloved family and I.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Best family trip in years (part 3).

Hi there. So what just happened a few minutes ago was that Blogger and its temper strikes again. It's okay, Blogger, you have my understanding. And as I have mentioned, I've time to spare. Winking smile  But I need to get it done ASAP because I'm sweating profusely in my bedroom typing this post with no air-cond and my long, thick hair let down.

So remember in my last post where I said I don't think I'd be sleeping because I napped for way too long in the evening?

Well I did fall asleep at last at 3 in the morning. I didn't want to go to bed before Sean did. The boys were watching football together, then Sean came into my bedroom and join me watch The Dark Knight (He absolutely loves that movie, the Joker character especially blows his mind hence I chose it).

He bid me goodnight half-way through the movie, and then I reluctantly let him off to his bedroom and then went to sleep myself too. I didn't toss around for long before I fell asleep, as I was rather tuckered out by 3 in the morning. 

This morning I was shaken up by Ken, who asked if I wanted to send Sean off to the bus stop. I literally jumped up and raced downstairs. There's no question about this. I gave Sean a big hug and tapped him encouragingly several times on his back. Sean was so sweet, so kind, and waved us goodbye. It was hard, but less painful than I have expected, because I had Ken with me this time.

Now moving onto the recap of Day 3 of Langkawi trip!

It was our 3rd and final day in the beautiful island of Kedah. We had leftover bread from yesterday just to fill up our stomachs, packed our luggage, fooled around a bit, then went down to the beach.

It was a fine, sunshiny morning. We truly lucked out on the weather throughout our trip. The skies were blue, the weather was lovely, warm and sunny.

Sean makes the perfect heart-shapes with his hands, don't you think so?

After taking a couple more pictures Dad suggested we race to the tree at the end of the beach. We were amused by his idea, but doing so wasn't going to harm or hurt anything, so on the count of three, we ran. I was sandwiched between two 'teams'. Ken and Sean, the competitive runners, and Dad and Mum, the loving couple who ran hand in hand. My brothers were ahead of me, and I jogged at a comfortable pace as I was aware that my parents were behind me. Haha. Running on the beach was actually quite challenging as our feet kept sinking into the sand when we ran.

Sean also took the feet-on-the-beach picture with me.

The next second, whoosh... the waves covered our feet.

I happened to scroll through my Instagram page and was excited to find the same kind of picture we took by the beach in Melbourne. Ah memories.

In Langkawi island, Kedah, Malaysia.

In Melbourne, Australia.  So cool! Where would the next one be at? Hmm... Smile

We completely relished in the fact that we were the only ones at the beach that morning. Other than the workers, we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. Awesome! Once again, Mum's arrangement is commendable.

This time, the water was cooling and refreshing, unlike the first time we dived into it. I definitely enjoyed swimming in the sea water a lot more than I did the day before. It was such a pleasurable feeling. The boys also played Frisbee but I didn't join them this time because the clear, chilling sea water was absolutely tempting!

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the water ski sports. I don't have any pictures to show you here because it was all captured using the camera. Back then in Bali, we had our first experience of riding a jet ski. This time, however, the boys challenged themselves to riding it without a guide at the back.

They were so brave. And courageous. And adventerous. I helped my brothers take many pictures while they were out in the sea riding the jet ski, and while Sean is the younger one he positively showed that he's not afraid to take charge of the jet ski. Ken, on the other hand, took sightly longer to warm up to it, but once they both had ride for a while, I could tell they totally loved it. They came back to the shore and Ken hopped down. Sean invited me to take a ride with him. He was bold, composed and daring, making me feel safe and secured clinging onto his life jacket. I didn't get to go on the ride with Ken, but that's okay.

We had so much fun that we lost track of time. We initially had plans to have a hearty brunch in town but we didn't want to risk missing the flight, so we took a quick shower to rinse off the sand, said a spirited goodbye to Langkawi, and headed to the airport.

How to kill time while waiting for the shuttle bus to pick you up: Take selfies! We would walk to the parking lot/ lobby but we had many luggage to take with us so we decided that it's smarter to wait for the transport.

Fun fact #1: I wasn't shielding myself from the sunlight. I simply wasn't ready!

Fun fact #2: Sean's shirt was wet (look at the collar) because his sister adjusted the shower head without him knowing (in my defense, I didn't know it was going to be used anymore) and the water came splashing on his body. My apologies!

Frizzy hair in the picture as you can see. I didn't have time to blow dry my hair! Haha.

We arrived at the airport in a jiffy thanks to Dad's pro driving skills.

The boys decided on Marry Brown since we were short on time.

I skipped on all of those above because I always fall sick (sore throat, fever etc) whenever I have fast food Sick smile ; and also because fast food is not as appealing to me as it is to everyone else. Bread, pastries and chocolates are! Major sweet tooth.Eye rolling smile

These pictures were taken when we were about to board the plane.

That pretty much sums up our Langkawi trip, and I'm incredibly grateful for this chance to spend quality time with my beloved family. Also gratified for my parents' effort in making this work for all of us. This wonderful memory of our family trip will forever be imprinted in my mind.

One last day.

What I'm about to tell you is embarrassing: Today I stayed in bed all day, watched Glee and all genre of movies available, ate tons of processed, sugary food, and pizza delivery (My brothers left me plenty because we ordered too much ((surprise, surprise)) but as soon as I took a bite I thought the pizza had a queer taste so I told my brothers to have the rest) as well as I napped for 4 hours straight (I usually don't nap)... 

Um, we all have those days, right? Or is it just me? (Voice inside my head confirms it's just me) Haven't felt so unproductive since... Forever (seriously).

I guess I don't deal with good-bye's very positively. 

But... I'm slowly and steadily climbing out of this melancholy. So I'm here to blog about last night's dinner outing with my family at a Japanese restaurant on 10th floor in Skypark, One City.

Since we're on this topic, let me just share with you why our family rarely dines out. 

Reason #1: My parents have been trying to get my siblings and I eat more wholesome, natural, healthier food on a daily basis. In other words, home-cooked meals. This is because in our household we mostly use only salt + pepper, soy sauce in our dishes so the dishes would taste blander as compared to outside food but that's how we like it- so that we live an illness-free, healthy life in the long run. 

My mum was raised up eating real food. Her mother, my grandmother, made sure her children have breakfasts every morning and ate fairly nutritious. So naturally, my mother's philosophy on food has been to savour food slowly (I definitely have lots to work on this), maintain a balanced diet consisting mainly of real, nourishing food. 

My dad, on the other hand, would be lucky if his family had a spoonful or two of rice to eat in a day. 

One would have thought that with a much improved living standard of my dad's life, his everyday meals would consist of highly flavoured, creamy, heavy, rich and large portions of food. But no- not my dad. When it comes to any aspects in life, his discipline amazes me. 

Mum had told me the reason behind why my Dad was so particular about our diet. His father, my grandfather, had to rely on medications in the last 20-30 years of his life due to high blood pressure. His will to change his eating habits wasn't strong enough. The money spent on the pills each month was alarming and when summed up could buy a house. He also couldn't work as hard as he used to as he met an accident. It was terribly tormenting on my dad's mother, my grandmother, to take charge of a family of 7 altogether (5 children) because of the burden of my grandfather's medical bills on my grandmother. My dad has been determined to take responsibility of his health and his life ever since. I truly look up to both my parents.

Reason #2: Often only when my brother(s) come back do we treat ourselves because we prefer tasting good food without leaving any of our family members out. To us food is not just one of the most important factors that we dine out, the gathering, the atmosphere play a huge part. 

Reason #3: My parents are undoubtedly and unquestionably busy. Enough said. 

Wow I have strayed pretty far. Back to the dinner that night. Note that the pictures are blurry because my family was hungry and I had to snap them as fast as I could using Dad's Samsung phone. 

Before placing our orders we took selfies using Sean's iPhone but I didn't get him to send the pictures to me yet. 

The dishes arrived swiftly. 

Edamame as our appetiser. Crunchy and the salt was just the right amount. 

Ken's order. Raw salmon, egg roll and cucumber slices on top of a bed of rice. Wasn't in the mood for cold, raw fish that night so I can't describe the dish.

Dad's order. Egg and chicken on top of a bed of rice. The chicken was odd, but the egg and rice together was decent. 

Sean's order. I had 1/4 of it. It was... bland.

Pan-fried dumplings. I took one bite and had to give the rest to my mum. My taste buds thought the filling tasted awful. But my family members thought it was good. So yes, I guess it's personal because I remember visiting Din Tai Fung once with my Dad and Ken and while they raved about the dumplings I didn't share the common liking for it.

This was definitely the highlight of the meal. The deep-fried shrimp, accompanied by the sweet and savoury sauces made me smile. 

My order. I gave half to dad and mum because they both enjoyed it- especially Dad and also because the portion of the rice drenched in sweet sauce was too much to take in. We all agreed the eel was delicious. 

Sean's second order. He loves ramen noodles and was craving for it last night. I asked for a little taste of it, it was flavourful. 

We also had more but that was all the pictures I took for the night. 

We ended the dinner and decided to take a walk on the open rooftop since we were there. That was the best part of the night. I believe a lot of people have been there- the rooftop with the transparent glass surface where you could look down into the mall and either feel terrified or/ and absolutely thrilled. 

I was frightful in the first place. I have always known that I have an abnormal fear of heights. I couldn't even bring myself to step on it with both feet. But I was driven and persistent to experience it. So I gently persuaded Ken (who was the bravest among us all in terms of height) to guide me through slowly. I held his hand and giggled my way through to the opposite side nervously and excitedly. Grateful for my brother's patience with his sister.

Sean, on the other hand, was SO scared- it made all of us laugh SO hard. He has this tough, cool look that would have you mistaken that heights is not a challenge to him. But the truth is, he's even more scared of heights than I am- which is saying a lot because I'm known to go weak on my knees even when I cross the overhead bridge. Well, what can I say, we're all humans. We must have some innate abilities and weaknesses that we have discovered or yet to discover.

He gripped tightly onto the hands of Ken and I, we had to constantly remind him to let loose a little. I have to admit, it was totally funny and hilarious to watch Sean in that situation. He shouted at some point and I could tell from his face and expression that he was eager to get off that transparent glass surface. It was an accomplishment making it to the other side to him and he gave all of us a big hug afterwards. Haha my brother is so adorable. I could understand his feeling because we share the common irrational fear of heights. Those who don't view heights as a problem wouldn't be able to comprehend how people with acrophobia can go out of breath or the hearts can beat so rapidly just by standing at a flat transparent surface. 

At last he overcame his fear and completed the 'task', we had a splendid time together that night. 

Later we did a little shopping, and called it a day.

Now onto some current updates:

1) Mum just came into my bedroom and wish me good night. She's set to wake up at 5 in the morning to send Sean off to the bus stop. Sean complained to my mum how I didn't spend a lot of time with him today. I feel real bad. But I think my only explanation is that I'm going through this withdrawal period. I'm sad. I know it may seem like no big deal to a lot of people but it does tear my heart. 

I am certain that Ken and my parents are feeling even more heavy hearted than I am feeling presently. Thankfully, I am confident that I will get over it with time and with many many deep breaths, and it's best to transfer my energy into doing my best in life to make him proud! 

Wishing Sean all the best and good luck for his upcoming exams and in life as well. May he excel in everything he do.

2) Lagoon trip cannot seemed to be confirmed, but I sure hope to meet my friends up for an outing/ badminton session in the next few weeks.

3) My mood is elevated slightly thanks to my dear friend, Han Qin, whose authenticity and kindness when I speak with made me feel a little better. Appreciate his presence in my life.

4) Next post shall be on 3rd day of Langkawi trip.

5) I've mentioned this once but I feel like bringing it up again: Ken's voice can be heard- anywhere, anytime. His sound when he speaks is when I master all my energy to shout. In a way, it's impressive.

6) A few days ago I watched How To Train Your Dragon with my brothers. Such a lovely and refreshing movie! Would love to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 in the cinema with them but Sean had to prepare for his exam so sadly we had to forgo it. It's probably for my own good, too, I've been watching too many movies these days! 

7) I don't think I'd be sleeping at all tonight (read first paragraph at the beginning of my post).

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Have been unusually moody and dejected these few days. For a valid reason because Sean is going back to Singapore tomorrow.

Just two weeks ago I felt like I was having the time of my life. Sean and Ken and my parents and I- all 5 of us. Now it's coming to an end. Time flies. Especially good times. We grow up too fast.

I know it's part and parcel of life. And I know that separation is inevitable.

But I also know that it's hard on me. I also know that I miss him already. Gosh I just hate this. 

Best family trip in years (Part 2).

While I may be on a holiday I still have a long list of things-to-do every single day. I'm feeling mentally and physically enervated presently. 

Helping Dad with his seemingly endless workload (I feel for my Dad), handling heaps of serious and crucial matter on my studies in university, and a few of my friends have been contacting me for meet up's before I leave Malaysia, which makes the feeling of studying abroad even more surreal. Oh dear. Gotta take it one day at a time.

All of the responsibilities and tasks leave me feeling tuckered out at the end of the day, however to think of it in a different perspective, everything that I'm going through at this moment forces me to learn how to be more organised and focused. 

As a matter of fact, I had plans to come up with my Day 2 and 3 Langkawi Trip post, especially after being reminded by my brother (aww would you believe it? He was telling me the other day, "Hey sis, go update your blog! I am waiting to read the complete recap of our trip." Melts my heart, you know?).

Also, I fear my memory of the wonderful trip slowly fading with time.

You know how at some point in life you feel like you're experiencing the best moment of your life and you just feel like you could store that memory in your head for eternity? The trip definitely gave me the sense but somehow I believe typing it down gives me the chance to reminiscence the splendid times; and to think that I'd be able to revisit the post when I'm older- it's definitely going to be a unique feeling.

So here it goes!

The second day of our Langkawi trip, I woke up feeling great. We didn't sleep with the air-cond switched on because the temperature of the room would have been unbearably cold. I was supposed to sleep in the same room as the boys but they played cards till late night and the bed was calling out to me so I simply slept with my parents. I remember falling asleep on the bed in 3 minutes because I was that worn out.

The boys woke up much later than expected, and meanwhile my mum and I went out for a walk. The air on my cheeks felt crispy, fresh, and light, and although it was challenging talking while walking uphill/ downhill at the same time (my quads were sore after I came back from the trip- in a good way though!) I truly love mornings spent in nature. It's my absolute favourite way to start off the day- exercise + dating Mother Nature. 

However, the talk wasn't casual nor playful, it revolved around a lot of important matters to be dealt with, but my mum and I both agreed to free our minds from all these thinking for a while and just enjoy the trip. 

We went out to town for breakfast. We were so late by the time we left the chalet that buffet breakfast wasn't an option anymore. 

On the way to the parking lot I noticed a bush trimmed into a heart shape. Aww... super creative! 

I immediately egged my parents to capture a picture with this artsy bush. 

My brothers decided to join the fun. I served as photographer of the day so I'm excluded in most of the pictures.

We settled in a Chinese hawker centre. We decided on it after a more or less 30-minute drive because we saw many customers dining there and figured the food should taste decent.

The first round of our order was actually the Nasi Lemak. 

Both my brothers' stomachs were grumbling dreadfully so they had Nasi Lemak (one packet with chicken the other with anchovies and egg because they ran out of the one packed with chicken) as appetisers. I kid you not. Nasi Lemak as a main course in a meal to most people was appetiser to my brothers, particularly when it came in such small portions to them.

The hard boiled eggs on the right in thepicture  (later doused in way too much salt and pepper) were my breakfast.

Clockwise from centre: Clear Soup Broth Kuey Teow 清汤粿条汤 (Dad's), Hokkien Prawn Noodles 虾面 (Mum's), Curry Noodles 咖喱面 (Sean's), Chicken and Herbs Noodles 药材鸡汤面 (Ken's).

And I ... Yes I couldn't get bring myself to eat hawker food, I just... that's definitely something to overcome. The jeaopardisation of the cleanliness of the place and kitchen, as well as the heavy/ oily/ salty/MSG-loaded dishes... I cannot tolerate. 

The portion of the noodles wasn't adequate to satisfy my brothers, so they went for third round: Wonton Noodles and another bowl of Hokkien Prawn Noodles. 

After that we went to the nearby Shopping Mall to do some shopping. We bought bottles of water and potato chips at the grocery store, then visited the shoes department. I desperately needed to buy a pair (or more!) of shoes but the store didn't have my sizes of the shoes (either too large or too small! Sob!) that I had my eyes on which sank me into dismay for a while, but I got over it when I saw that my Dad and Sean had found themselves something they liked. 

Our next stop was the chocolates section. I was extremely thirsty by then. My family was discussing what chocolates to buy and I just ... stood there and not select anything. Indeed the chocolates sold were cheaper since it was a duty-free shop but 'I need water' just kept playing in my head at that time and I didn't think I'd say this but looking at the massive display of chocolate was making me feel sick. 

We bought Ham & Cheese loaf, Chocolate buns and Grains & Seeds crusted loaf at Bread Story the bakery as well as newspaper as dad has a habit of reading the newspaper every day. Along our way back to the chalet we picked up bananas, kiwis and ice-cream. 

Guess we're the kind of people who take pictures with baby bananas. 

We returned to our chalet around 2 in the afternoon. We walked into the room to find a towel made into a cute piece of art lying on our beds.

I wish I could tell you I know what it was, but the truth is I really don't. 

Our 'lunch' consisted of a tall can of potato chips, bread with ice-cream, and the fruits that we bought earlier. Healthy, I know. 

The boys chowed down on the food over a huge debate on abortion. Beats me how the topic was brought up- I just remember the loud and bold and at some point fierce arguments from both parties- Sean and Ken and I just listened while helping them top their bread with ice-cream (we didn't have spoons or any form of a scoop with us so I played around with the chopsticks I took from the shop- at least it did the trick). 

I stayed clear from the ice-cream, I wasn't going to take any risks because I have strong reasons to believe that eating the delicious, chocolately goodness was going to make me regret my decision later (At age 9 or so I was confirmed by the doctor that I am allergic to artificial colouring and flavouring and even the littlest dose of it will give me bad, bad rashes all over my body). 

We took a rest before heading out to the beach. Sean and Ken preferred playing cards over taking a nap. I had no idea where all their energy come from. I thought 90% of it was from the ice-cream- and I had read that simple sugar would send your blood glucose level crashing after the disaccharides are being absorbed into your blood stream but apparently it's different for my brothers. 

We changed into our swimsuits before we left the chalet for convenience. 

Making our way down the beach. 

We also learnt to make use of our camera with a much better quality and Sean put his iPhone away hence there are insanely few pictures to put up here. 

The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful unfortunately the iPhone camera does no justice to it. 

Oh my gosh look at the way the sky and the sea matches. Absolutely sublime.

I would upload the pictures from the camera but I have no idea where the camera is right now. Just know that the beach was possibly almost everyone's definition of paradise. 

We played frisbee by the beach. 

Best decision ever during our preparation was to bring the frisbee along. 

Then we went for the sea. The water was warm- literally. No need to worry for shivering or catching a cold because it felt like we were in a spa throughout our time in the water. It wasn't spectacular, nor a let down, just... Neutral. 

We swam towards the deepest area where the management bounded it with a string to ensure we swim only within the safe distance, the pack of 4 was led by Dad because he's the bravest. Haha. Sean scared me by asking if there were going to be any sharks out there. I know it's irrational and ludicrous to be alarmed and frightened by the possibility of shark attacks but we both had watched Soul Surfer the movie and I was terrified by the scene where the girl, Bethany Hamilton's left arm was bitten off by a shark. 

Anyway, just to clarify, we made it back safely to the shores and my left arm is still intact and I have all four limbs attached to my body properly and healthily. 

We continued playing frisbee. Ken had the brilliant idea of playing frisbee using the volleyball court, and boy was it surprisingly fun! 

First match was between themselves. Then my parents and I discovered what they were up to so we participated as well. Sean and I formed a team, Ken and dad the other. Ken and Dad won the first match, Sean and I took it up a notch and bagged the second match, and we went on to playing the third match and under intense pressure (haha), Sean being the ultimate athlete led us to crowing winners. 

We laughed till our stomachs hurt and dived everywhere till our bodies were covered with sand. Every fibre of my body loved those hours of playing and spending time with my family. 

A few Arabic boys and men joined my brothers to play for a while, and I could tell my brothers enjoyed themselves tremendously. 

We headed out to town again for a dinner after washing up (so much sand!). 

Mum placed the orders this time. Other than the Cashew Stir-fry chicken which tasted horrible and a nightmare to our taste buds, the rest of the dishes were delicious. Overall, the meal was scrumptious. The star of the night was hands down the fresh crabs cooked with golden spices that wasn't featured in this post because I can't find the picture in my camera roll.

That concluded the second day of our trip, and we were a little sad knowing that it was all coming to an end soon because we felt like the fun has just only begun! Nevertheless, we went to bed, imagining the waves rocking us gently, and that night we slept like babies.