Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Surprise, surprise!

Lemme scroll back to how all that happened. 

The house phone rang around 10.45 a.m. (Was it? I'm not sure). I stood up wearily and picked up the phone, expecting that the call would be asking for either a bakery or ICCA (whatever institution/ company/ organisation that may be) because 90% of our phone calls have been flooded with those calls ever since we took over. 

Turned out it was the guard of our neighbourhood, asking my permission to allow 'Mr. Lee Yan Jie' to enter. Hahaha so it was more of a "Sini ada Mr LYJ nak jumpa. Boleh bagi masuk?" 

I was stunned for 1/10 of a second. And then I got back to my senses and quickly said okay and fled up the bathroom to shower. Yup, fled. 

I was fairly presentable, but because I have yet to shower and I sweated heaps in the morning so I needed to smell good! I literally spent 1 minute in the shower.

I was putting on my clothes when I heard a knock on my door. I told YJ that I was still putting on my clothes and then I opened and there he stood, next by the door! 

Super surprised and delighted I wanted to dive into his arms BUT in my hands were my clothes to be washed so... 

But from my smile I believe he could tell I was absolutely overjoyed. 

I remember checking my phone to see if he whatsapp-ed/ texted me that he was coming. We-ell, I confirmed he didn't do any of that. 

YJ later told me that it was a spontaneous idea and he wanted it to be a surprise but can't get pass the guard hehe sorry... At least it assured me that the guards are doing their job. 

I think seeing him made me forget about everything else all at once- my troubles, my worries... It's magical and entrancing beyond measure.

We sat down at the living room and I started talking non-stop (predictably)... Hehe can't help it! It's a sign that I'm thrilled and excited when I'm chatty! Which is... Most of the time when I'm with him. 

It was like a dream because I had mindset myself that we were only going to see each other post finals but I guess the boy had other plans in mind. 

I thoroughly enjoyed his presence. Grateful for his lovely surprise.