Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Look for the good in everyday life.

So I attended toastmaster's club's meeting today. I don't want to go in details about how it went because knowing myself, I could recap a 2 hours meeting into one long essay that will bore you right to the core. Rolling on the floor laughing

Besides, I am not supposed to be blogging so frequently but this baby of mine (my blog) is like a platform where I spill my feelings- feelings that are hard for me to tell people, and feelings that I sometimes like to record just for memories sake.

What is worth mentioning is that my dearest friends, Suezen and Jeanne came over during my lunch break to visit me in college. 

They're currently having their semester break and decided to drop by my college for a quick meet up. It was such a thoughtful act and I was delightfully touched. 

Ever since attending Taylor's college, I have honestly missed my friends from high school a great deal. 

Perhaps it's because they have seen me through my roughest times, and cheered me during my victories, these people mean so much to me that I cannot be more thankful to be friends with such genuine, authentic, sweet and kind people. 

Jeanne and Suezen are both studying in Tar college, which is quite a distance from Taylor's college and chances like that don't come very often. In fact, when we see each other, we simply try to make the most out of it but time is tricky and funny thing- it passes extremely fast when you're having a good time. 

We (by we I mean Suezen, Jeanne, Yu En, Yong Qi and I) settled at a Korean restaurant nearby Taylor's college. We bonded over food. 

Suezen had to leave earlier so we waved goodbye to her. Still that cute, petite and lovely girl that she's known for. Smile

Jeanne generously suggested to stay and watch me present my speech later on. I was grateful to have someone accompany me. Such a precious girl she is, I tell you. 

Another thing worth mentioning is definitely my boyfriend who made the effort to come over and visit me. I know that the travelling isn't exactly his favourite and he probably has a long to-do-list but seeing him spend the time to show his support was heart-warming and I appreciate it.

Although we didn't get to talk for long, seeing him was pleasant enough. I really wanted to do him proud, unfortunately I don't think I did that well. Sad smileSad smileSad smile

My friends were dying to meet my boyfriend (hahahaha), probably to have a look at just how tall he is in real life, but Yan Jie came much later so they didn't have the chance. Smile with tongue out

I talked a bit more to Jeanne after the meeting, and I was again reminded just how blessed I am to have friends like Jeanne and Suezen to call friends. Open-mouthed smile

Special thank you to my classmates, Yu en, Yong Qi and Kaixin who wished me luck even though they totally disapproved of how nervous I was just because of a speech-delivering. Smile with tongue out

I am also incredibly, profusely, and undoubtedly appreciative for my dearest mother, who is beyond helpful, and everything a daughter can ever ask for. 

Today may not be my day because I feel like I have let my friends who supported and encouraged me down because I didn't win the best speaker, but I also realise that there are bigger things in life, like friendship, love, relationship, family, and simply summoning the courage to speak in front of people once again.

It's been a long time since I've done public speaking, but I'm just glad that I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I know it may seem like SERIOUSLY nothing to some people, and I understand if people cannot fathom or gather why is it such a challenge to me, but I gotta say it was a large leap for me- and I'm pleased that I've conquered my fears and went out there- because I am sure I wouldn't be doing this in another 3 months time. Once is enough. Smile with tongue out

But because they say never say never so... We'll see. Rolling on the floor laughing

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