Thursday, 6 February 2014

Back to college.

I know I shouldn't be blogging, given if I'm free enough to be surfing the net I should be using the precious time to study instead. 

But my mind is pretty packed with information right now. Scrolling back up the day, college resumed and I was ecstatic to meet my classmates and lecturers again. I love listening to my friends share their stories, and them mine. At times my lecturers would join in for a good laugh, which makes me secretly happy. 

(Pictures taken with my favourite girls on Jessie's 19th birthday)

It was the usual learning today, except probably due to a great CNY holiday I was more motivated and keen and pumped up to study and absorb as much knowledge as I could. I tried my best to listen attentively despite having so many thoughts to rule out in my head. I ultimately enjoy learning- all the subjects that I'm currently taking, I love all of them with my heart. 

It's often the negative thoughts and fear inside my head that pull me back from focusing and concentrating- but at the beginning of this year I've vowed to keep up to my promises- one of which is to execute my duty as a student in the best way possible. 

Class ended and I had to conduct the interview sessions with the applicants for committee positions in the readers club. 

(My treasurer, Jia Lin, who is cute as a button, and I on last year's club recruitment drive)

Together, Jia Lin, John, Cindy and I interviewed the candidates. Cindy had to leave after interviewing two applicants so it was just the faces of John, Jia Lin and I that the applicants had to see. It was surprisingly heaps of fun and I was a laughing machine most of the time throughout the interviews. John can be hilarious! And helpful, too. 

I am not going to go into details how were the performances of the applicants because I think it's a sign of respect to them, as well as a means of protecting them. Although it left me feeling totally drained after interviewing 9 applicants (!!), I am simply glad today went smoothly. I thank the applicants for making the initiative to apply and attend the interviews. 

Here are some of the pictures I took with my best friend, Yong Qi in college half-way through revision time. 

I love her! She excels in her academics, and her wittiness and spontaneity make her all the more lovable. She is also willing to help me out in my studies, which I truly appreciate. I especially value friends who share my happiness but most crucially, be with me through my hard times. 

She's humble, funny, caring- like the sister I never had! 

I hope we remain best friends for as long as we breathe. 


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