Friday, 28 February 2014

Try, try, try.

Massive headache, followed by huge urge to watch TV, then the stress came piling on and I couldn't take it- so I turned to my blog. 

Sigh. Studying is hard! Time is running tight but here am I! Oh the irony.

I just need to grit my teeth, take deep breaths and power on.

Because I know it's going to be worth it. And nothing worth it comes easy. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day! Red heart

How has your Valentine's Day been? 

I am obliged to resume doing my Economics homework, but yesterday has been one of the happiest day of my life, and I am driven to jot (type) down every single lovely detail, so that I don't miss anything as my memory of this wonderful day fades. Flirt male

For the past few years, I have never given any thought to Valentine's Day. My only memory of this day is when a senior from lower secondary school gave me a teddy bear accompanied by Ferrero Rocher chocolates. That was it. I can't remember how the rest of the years were spent on the 14th of February, primarily because I didn't have a Valentine and it was just like any other days to me. Smile with tongue out

But the thing that I'm certain of is my feelings towards Valentine's Day. I didn't roll my eyes at couples looking extremely lovey-dovey together, nor did I sneer at pictures of bouquet of roses getting posted all over social networking sites, because no matter how comercialised Valentine's Day has become, or how 'mainstream' it is in many's eyes to receive chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or to enjoy a candle-light/ gourmet dinner, I have always been aware that this day is a celebration that promotes love, marks the blossoming of many beautiful relationships, and changes histories for people all over the world.

This year, I am lucky I get to spend my Valentine's Day with a special someone, who goes by the name of Yan Jie. Smile

I don't think I have officially introduced him on my blog, simply because I am shy (hehe) but I think the time has come for his identity to be revealed. Open-mouthed smile

He came over to my house in the late afternoon, I was still rushing on the final touch of the card I made for him, so I didn't greet him at the door. When I came downstairs to meet him, he presented me with a beautiful rose, and an absolutely amazing card that he made for me. Red heart 

I didn't expect flowers from him (to be honest I never know what to expect from him Smile), and my eyes lit up the minute I laid eyes on the gifts he handed to me.

Earlier in the day, I was feeling listless and languid from the meagerness of sleep, but the moment I saw him, every drop of droopiness in my blood vanished into thin air. Haha, sounds exaggerated but it's every bit the truth. Smile with tongue out

We sat down and tried our best to catch up with each other's lives, of the happenings and events lately. I was just incredibly thrilled and overjoyed to see him, to look into his eyes and to have our hands clasped tightly. Smile

We talked and talked and talked and finally stood up to go on a stroll in the nearby park. The sun had toned down a little by then, and we were more than pleased to get our blood circulating and perspire through physical activities. But on the whole, I simply relished the moment that I got to walk next by him and hold his hands (yes, yes- always one of my favourite things to do when we meet up). Winking smile

I remember taking joy in our conversations while walking, and I also remember smiling to the point that I just. can't. stop. It's an ineffable mirth that radiates from the inside, and I felt positively peaceful having him by my side. Thinking back, I suppose I didn't realise how much I've missed Yan Jie. Sad smile

We felt raindrops splattering on our bodies (hands Smile with tongue out) and decided not to spend Valentine's Day being soaked by the rain and quickened our footsteps walking back home. 

Mum and Dad greeted us as soon as we reached home. It was time to have dinner!

But before settling down for a meal, I noticed a bouquet of roses lying on the table. 

Naturally, it caught my eyes and I held it up. My initial thought was that the flowers were bought by my father as a Valentine's gift to my mum. I checked the card and turned out it was meant for me! Surprised smile

I was overwhelmed, and straight out taken aback. I asked if Yan Jie bought the bouquet of roses, but he shook his head.

I have no idea who sent me this bouquet of roses, whoever you may be, if you're reading this (I hope you are), I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so, so much. I hadn't received flowers for as long as I have lived (other than the one from Yan Jie), and the pink roses were truly lovely and delightful. Smile I read the message you've written for me as well, and it unquestionably touched my heart. My stomach was fluttering and my heart sang. Thank you, dear one, I appreciate you. May you be blessed- wherever you are. Smile 

But the focus of the day was still the guy who asked me to be his Valentine that morning. I teased him that it was cliche but I was secretly elated. My heart melted when I read his message. Smile It's fantastic how the little things in life make me jubilant and unambiguously thankful. 

I'm gratified that Dad is willing to be my photographer of the day. He has been my photographer all my life, to be precise. (Wait a minute why am I so emotional hahaha).

We sat down to a steamboat dinner, which I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it because mum/ whoever who prepared the soup overdone with the black pepper. My parents and Yan Jie could handle the heat/ spice, but I wasn't up to it! I felt bad and am sorry I didn't sit down with them for the rest of the dinner, but I also had some Readers Club's matter to attend to. 

After the dinner, I gave Yan Jie the gifts that I've prepared for him, a photo frame with our picture in it, and a card as well. Looking back, I don't think my gifts were up to his expectations (if he were expecting anything, that is), nor am I certain he liked my gifts (even though he did assure me that he did... Crying face) and I want to apologise because... because I did try to make it memorable and exclusive and unique. Sad smile

Later on he suggested to sing karaoke, and at the beginning I was reluctant because I can't sing well! Surprised smile But then... anything to make my Valentine happy, right? Open-mouthed smile

We sang a few songs together, and then I stopped because I felt my throat acting up (true enough, my throat now hurts Sad smile) and Yan Jie continued singing. I believe Yan Jie is super talented and sporting and I also don't think that I'm bias. Smile with tongue out

I loved every single moment of the night. I don't want to further describe on this part because privacy is what makes intimacy so special and extraordinary to me... so let's just say I had a splendid, momentous and remarkable time with him. Red heart

That night, I went to bed with a contented smile plastered on my face. Smile I felt exultant, well-loved and blissful. Thank you, dear, for putting the effort to make this day such an awesome and unforgettable day. Red heart Red heart Red heart I sincerely wish you had a great time too.

I hope everyone of you had a wonderful time celebrating Valentine's Day!

I am off to treat my throat (boo Sad smile) and complete my homework!

This year's Chinese New Year.

Lil' bro is returning to Singapore tomorrow. Chinese New Year holiday is coming to an end as well. 

Albeit missing Ken who is trying not to feel homesick in the UK,  this year's Chinese New Year has been by far the most fruitful and memorable one to me. Open-mouthed smile

I think most of it is because in a few months time, I will be spreading my wings, flying across oceans, and soaring high in the sky of another country. It's terrifying and exciting all together. But I am looking forward, and constantly reminding myself to do the best I can in order to turn my dreams into reality. 

I know I will miss home- without a doubt, absolutely, certainly, indubitably, firmly, unquestionably, completely, definitely. 

Regardless of how appealing and captivating the life of studying abroad is portrayed by the social media, I still think home is home, after all. 

I may gather otherwise in a few years time, but right now, I know I especially cherish this year's CNY celebration- because I realise as I open my heart and see things differently- from a more positive and uplifting perspective, at least- life is good. It's short, and bitter sometimes, but there will always be those precious days, moments and people in life that make life worth living. 

On Chinese New Year eve, our family spent the night having reunion dinner at my aunt's house. I am grateful for the spread of delicious and mouth-watering dishes she prepared for us. 

Visit from my boyfriend and his family was easily my favourite day of this CNY celebration. They came on the first day of CNY. I was incredibly joyful to get to see boyfriend again, and although I was nervous in the beginning because it was my first time meeting his family, his family members were amiable, warm and funny, which made me feel at ease. I don't remember laughing so fullheartedly in a while, and his siblings drove me into giggling mode effortlessly. 

As a matter of fact, I was having such a splendid time that I forgot to take a picture with them. Aiyoh 大头虾。

After we have bid my boyfriend and his family goodbye, I even played frisbee with Sean despite the sun showing us who's boss (haha by that I mean shining down without  mercy). My throws improved (self proclaimed haha). Sean is still as brilliant as always, with his skillfull ways of throwing and amazingly flexible ways of jumping and catching the frisbee. So much potential and talent shining within him. 

(Photo taken in Melbourne)

Second day of Chinese New Year, we went swimming in the morning! 

It's always extra fun and delightful when Sean joins us for swimming. Reason being, he is competitive and does not leave the pool without a competition with us.

We swam four laps (each lap is 50m)- Sean reached first, following by his beloved sister (ahaha narcissism alert), and then dad, lastly mum.

I was out of breath but daddy suggested another race. This time we had to walk in the pool for two laps. Don't be fooled by how simple the image of walking in the pool pops up in your mind, it is actually tougher than you can imagine. 

We tiptoed and rose our arms above the water to minimise friction. My calves muscles felt tightened by every step forward (yay), but my arms quickly got tired. So did Sean's and dad's, but we continued. Sean came in first (no surprise! He really is good), followed by dad and then his dearest daughter (hahaha I have to stop doing this I know), and lastly mum. 

Late afternoon, my mum invited her friend, Aunt Jaslyn and her son, Joel to our house. He is a charming lad, considered a senior of mine, who generously shared with me his experiences when studying in the UK and offered me advices on making the best out of the university he entered. I appreciate his time coming over. 

Later that night, our relatives arrived around 7.30 and they devoured the food to their hearts' delight (at least from the empty and cleared dishes I suppose it's what indicated). 

Not sure if the piano is used for playing, or for taking pictures with. Hahaha. 

The third day of Chinese New Year, which falls on a Sunday, we kicked start the day with our morning jog and walk in the park! Just the parents and me though. We decided Sean would prefer sleeping in that morning. 

My lungs felt good and my heart was pumping well. The only thing that couldn't keep up with my organs were my legs. I was still a few steps faster than daddy, and whenever he's a little far behind me I would turn back and follow his pace. It makes me happy to jog by daddy's side. 

(Recycled photo) 

Then we paid a visit to our tenant's house, Mr and Mrs Kee along with their children, Han and Min. 

Our initial plan was to visit the old folk's home but mum decided to postpone it because Dad had a last minute function to attend. 

After we had lunch, we went to Ikea to buy table lamps for Sean. He needed brighter lighting for studying and mum and dad were 100% on it. So was I. 

I proceeded to spend the entire evening making phone calls to settle my readers club matters, which was extremely time consuming but I enjoyed the process. 

Dad was hanging onto a movie he has wanted to watch days before it was launched, it's a locally produced movie entitled The journey 一路有你. 

We were entertained throughout the movie.

I totally revelled in the Australian accent the male lead spoke throughout the movie. Fluent English is simply lovely to the ears. I made a mental note to converse more frequently in English in my daily life.  

This was my favourite scene in the movie. 

Overall, it was a great movie and we left the cinema feeling satisfied.

Finally (if you're still here with me major congrats 'cos this post is getting SO long) this morning, the fourth day of Chinese New Year, and also the day that Sean will part with us to head back to Singapore.

We went to the park for our morning walk and jog, and I won't lie, I was reluctant to jog but I did because I strongly believe in the motto "the only workout you'll regret is the workout you didn't do".

Dad was at a better form than I was today, but he kept encouraging me to keep going, and I was certain that if he didn't quit, I wouldn't. So together we completed 5 rounds. Dad is my best jogging partner. I love my dad. Winking smile

When I came home, Sean wanted me to draw the back of the frisbee for him. He wanted it to be creative, unique and not like the rest. His friends all had their initials on it, and he wanted his to stand out among the others. 

A small part inside of me may adore art and craft but I haven't been drawing for a long time so I was doubtful at first. However I didn't want to let him down so I turned to my best friend (google) and found myself  practising a few times on blank papers before drawing a picture of a boy gazing upon the stars. 

What do you think of it? 

I hope he thinks of me every time he sees it. Smile

Lastly, better late than never: Happy Chinese New Year!