Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Life Lately.

There's no simpler way to put into words how life has been lately, other than that one word that sums it all: Busy. I've been occupied, all day and night, either settling Reader's Club's matter, solving Mathematics questions, coordinating with the SDC, completing Chemistry tutorial, attending meetings, writing reports, sending emails, designing and printing posters, preparing for the upcoming Club Recruitment Drive (which is like what- tomorrow?!), study for my Chemistry test, get ready for the Annual General Meeting, look for information for Biology Debate on Friday, hand over past year papers to my juniors, and the list goes long on.

Serious stuffs are boring to tell and listen (read) to, so I'll just talk about a visit my friends and I paid to Upstairs Cafe on Monday, and since we walked there under the hot sun + scared ourselves jumping out of the way of the vehicles on the road, we decided to treat ourselves for a good meal and hang out a little while longer than usual.

We arrived around 10.20 a.m., which was the perfect timing as Upstairs Cafe opens at 10 a.m. hence we had no trouble finding a spot we liked. Major whoops for perfect class break timing.

Yu En ordered a brownie with whipped cream on top to start off with. It looked decadent from the outside, so I assume it tasted like the usual rich, chocolatey brownie. 

Kai Xin's Latte arrived the first among all coffees. She didn't bother adding the sachet of sugar, being the health conscious girl she is. Soon to be nutritionist/ dietician, people! Winking smile 

Yong Qi kicked start her lunch with a cup of Caramel coffee.

It was aromatic and I was sure she enjoyed it. I mean, just look at how blissful and giddy she looked with her cup of coffee!

 This was Yu En's cup of Hazelnut Latte! Such a pretty coffee art! :) But Yu En declared the coffee art when she came the other day was much sophisticated because the barrister was a much more experienced one. Still think it's lovely in my opinion.

Then came our main orders. This dish was Kai Xin's order: Mushroom Bacon Risotto. She later told me she had never tried risotto before and had been wanting to give it a try. So, voila!


I've tried risotto once in Italiannies, so I had an idea of how it tasted. I wouldn't say I loved it because its richness was suffocating. However, I've read about the review of this exact dish in my foodie pal, Jia Qi's food blog and she commended this dish for not being cloying or overly done. In fact, I love the sunny side up! That's easily one of my favourite ways to eat eggs. Actually, any kind is my favourite- until I come across any methods which I dislike, so far, scrambled eggs come last in my list. Kai Xin's plate was the cleanest in the end, so there shouldn't be any doubt that this dish was to her liking.

Alicia and Yu En shared this Mexican Pizza. It was spicy, according to the both of them- and Yu En especially told me not to order this if I ever return to this Cafe as the spice would set my tongue on fire, which I totally believed her- given my extremely low tolerance for all things spicy and hot. People who pay attention to the little details of my 'okay's' and 'not-okay's' makes me unbelievably delighted, like a kid who had just gotten her present from Santa. Open-mouthed smile So thank you, Yu En. 

Runny sunny side up on top as well!

My dish of the afternoon was the Eggs Atlantic. I saw it on the menu and was curious as to what the dish offered, so I asked the barrister. He only had to make his way through "Smoked salmon, eggs, mushroom..." and I was sold. Mushrooms, smoked salmon and eggs- three of my favourite food in a dish- what more could a girl ask for? (Actually there's a lot more if were to get started- like more shoes and clothes, please.) I decided this was my kind of dish, and Yong Qi decided to follow suit because she trusts my taste in good food. Smile with tongue out Hahahahaha.

Yu En even pointed out that the dish was assembled in a manner that resembles a smiley face, which Yong Qi didn't agree to but I thought what Yu En said made sense.

The poached eggs on top of the sliced bagels were so beautiful I really didn't want to poke at it! But I did anyway, because I was hungry and no food is ever that good-looking to not be eaten. Jun's theory.  Beneath the poached eggs were sauteed mushrooms, smoked salmon and spinach. I loved it! The bagels were chewy, the runny yolk made an amazing sauce to everything on the plate. However, it was just a teeny weeny bit salty that I had to gulp plenty of water but the meal was delicious and filling, nonetheless.

After feeding our stomachs and satisfying our tastebuds, we did what girls do best- take pictures (to be more accurate, we were acting like typical crazy teenagers in the cafe laughing and giggling away when everyone else was just quietly trying to enjoy their meals. Sorry not sorry.).

At least we got some decent pictures. Bad lighting. But whatever. We were happy and that's all that matters.

It was such a great time out with the girls and I truly enjoyed myself. Spending time with my amazing friends is one of the things that brighten my day. They're the ice to my cream; sweet to my dreams; soy sauce to my eggs; and best to my friends. Smile Okay, okay, time to dive back to work. Gene technology awaits me.

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