Thursday, 9 January 2014

I've missed you, yoga!

Today I shook the negative thoughts pulling me back out of my head and went to yoga my first time in three months. 

My hamstrings and inner thighs muscle were crazy tight. 

Like, insanely, ridiculously tight and the poses I used to carry out comfortably were such major challenges to me. I hope to regain my flexibility as I attend more practices because it kills me not to stretch and bend with ease. Although difficult, I will persevere.

Squinty eyes, don't be surprised. This was taken in Melbourne. Sean was standing next to me, now he's already happily (ha ha at least I'm pretty certain he is) settled down in his hostel in his boarding school in Singapore. 

Now, now, I just received a call from dad who's staying overnight in a hotel in JB as he was in charge of fetching Sean earlier on today. I miss talking to both dad and Sean and am glad to know they both arrived safely. 

Time to wash up!

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