Monday, 9 December 2013

Revenge (and I don't mean in real life!)

Mum hasn't exactly been happy with me these few days. There's a reasonable explanation behind it, I promise. 

My parents have raised my brothers and I to live without the usage of computer, or the Internet. But lately, the hours of Sean and I facing the laptop have increased drastically, and I know it bothers her dreadfully. I meant to read more books instead, but I never actually got to it. 

Good news is, Papa agreed to bring us to the BBW book fair this Wednesday, and I can't wait for it!

AS finals has came to a halt almost two weeks ago, and although I had imagined myself celebrating by watching movies, exercising, hanging out with friends, hitting the mall, reading story books... 

But thanks to the resumption of college, I spent the last week rising early, starting on A2, desperately trying to recall what the lecturers have taught previously (only to find my head sunken in embarrassment) and continue stuffing my brain with knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge. 

Elated that I managed to get Sean hooked onto Revenge. Although the TV series is absolutely captivating so I'm afraid I can't be taking full credit for his recent obsession. 

We're now close to finishing Season 1 and making it to the next season, which I can hardly wait as I've watched the entire season previously but watching it again thankfully doesn't cut too much of the suspense.

The dress looks breathtaking on Emily Vancamp. Definitely my favourite outfit in the entire series.

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