Monday, 2 September 2013

It's been a while.

The last time I updated my blog was a month ago.

A month ago, I was afraid and frenetic. Sean had returned to Singapore, and Ken had two months left to spend with us. And now, he's down to a month. I had to sit for my A levels trials examination, which play such a significant role in my application to the universities in the UK.

These two are my absolute favourite boys.

It terrifies me each time it comes across my mind, because there are so many factors to be taken into consideration- and along with the thoughts that I was going to leave home, study abroad, expose myself to new cultures, experience different things... although many times I escaped from thinking about it, I cannot run away from the reality. It's my future. I have to be willing to put in the effort, invest the time, shower my dedication, pour my heart and soul into achieving what I have always dreamed of, and to obtain success in life.

A month later, I am now enjoying my one week post-trials holiday, the results are not out yet, but I could gauge from the somewhat minimal effort I've put in a certain subject. While I still think I deserve the rest and fun because I did study hard, I do believe there's a need to spend more time on expanding my talents and interests as well as making better use of my spare time. Instead of scrolling through the social networking sites mindlessly, I could consider to pick up a book and savour every bit of the story. Instead of watching the TV, I want to spend more time outdoors, being close to Mother Nature, and relish in the luscious greens and fresh air that the people living in the city are largely deprived of. Instead of non-purposeful chatting with my friends through the phone, I plan to meet up more with my friends, connect with them and just enjoy each others' company. Instead of staring at the laptop screen when my parents reach home from work, I will remind myself to step away from the laptop and give papa and mama a hug and flash them a smile. My parents work so hard every day to provide us with the best they can, and the least I could do is to look into their eyes when I greet them.

But you know how most people are, at least I am, and I have to admit: I don't always keep my promises. Some days I vow to revise my Math homework, only to find myself putting it off till the next week. Frequently I tell myself to attend yoga lessons (as much as I love yoga, there are days when I struggle with motivation), but when it comes to the time, I would slack and lay in bed.

So yes, since I like to make deals with myself openly because that encourages me not to go back on my words, I am making a few practical and reasonable promises with myself today:
1) Look up for the universities in the UK to confirm my top 5 choices by tonight (already had them drew out in mind, but still need to do more research)
2) Arrange the books and past year papers by Tuesday (my desk is in a state of madness)
3) Attend yoga lessons at least twice a week this month
4) Revise Math on Tuesday, 
5) Economics on Wednesday, 
6) Chemistry on Thursday, 
7) Biology on Friday,
8) Celebrate Ken's 20th birthday (woohoo, had to throw this one in to make myself less stressful looking at this list haha)

I will be back to let you know if I manage to deliver my promises- fingers cross that I will! I know they seem easy, but it's the holidays and I have been having a hard time resisting too much entertainment and being a slave to procrastination!

And others to do daily:

1) Spend more quality time with the family and loved ones 


Taken in the airport months ago with Ken, Sean and Papa.

You may not be able to tell but my friend Eik Ren here is one of the most easy going and tolerant guy I've known.

2) Not take my parents' love and care for granted (to be specific I mean more respect, watch the tone I use when speaking with them, sometimes I get carried away and the words I express may not come off polite).

3) Make time for exercising (my right sole is aching and hurting rather badly but taking it easy doesn't mean not moving around, just ought to be more gentle and kind on my body).


Swimming is one of my favourite hobbies. I love leisure swimming but nowadays I'm all about competing with the brother and daddy! They beat me nearly all the time, but I take pride in being quite the competitor in the first 50m lap. But seriously, it's just the fun that I look forward to- not to mention how we bring out the Michael Phelps in each other HAHAHAHAHA my family is weird like that- but I love the way we bond and interact! 


The friends whom I enjoy playing badminton and hanging out with. They are crazy, wild, funny and can sometimes take you in as a boy by cracking mean jokes but as long as they're not personal, I'll roll with it. *laughs

4) Eat intuitively (glad to say I'm slowly but steadily improving on it)

Striking a balance between real meals and treats.

5) Spread positivity around me whenever I can because making others happy gives me an incredible, unfathomable satisfaction.


6) Smile!


To all of you reading this, I really hope you have a great day.

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