Friday, 17 May 2013

Thankful for Pinterest

when my brain decides to stop constructing my thoughts into words.

1. I know these wishes reflect a passive attitude, but most of the time once in a while these thoughts do pop up in my head.

2. Back from college and comfort is all I seek.

3. Perhaps the reason why I've been feeling grumpy for the past 17 years of my life. Gotta start seeing things from a different angle :)


Ryan Reynolds would make running those extra miles extra tempting but thanks to the glorious weather this morning, I managed to run a whooping 3.2 miles after almost a year of running hiatus. The awful news is, my right ankle swelled like a ping pong ball and this has never happened and I was in so much agony that I ended up limping home. I also tried icing it! Any ideas on what might help?

5. I used to crave sweet food all the time but these days, I've been feeling more savoury over sweet!

And trust me. I really like that.

6. Something to keep in mind:

7. I take credit for being a very punctual person. And if you could come up with such excuse, I promise I wouldn't scowl at you for being late.

1 comment:

  1. LOL I don't know why but the last one made me crack up :P Now ain't that the truth in the minds of most of us women? And I don't know how bad your ankle is right now, but have you tried applying tiger balm or anything that soothes the discomfort besides ice? Those usually tend to help me a ton!