Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend happenings.

I just realised there's SO many activities and events you can fit in during the weekends, or rather, the holidays.

I'm beyond elated to spend time doing the things I like for the past two days. This whole weekend I've been sleeping well and you can see a huge silly grin plastered over my face. Didn't think life could've been better.

Let's start on last Saturday.

The Saturday morning routine in the Khor household is to hit the clubhouse for a swim. However, that did not happen on that day because the rain drizzled early in the morning. I was secretly pleased because it made sleeping in so comfortable and snugly. Once I succeeded to drag myself off the bed, my parents and I jump started the day with a long walk at the nearby park.

Later at night, we went out for dinner with Auntie Susan and Uncle Alan, who are excellent English teachers and speak wonderful English, and Auntie Susan being one of my mum's dearest friend. The last time they got to see me was when I was 9 or so! Now I'm 17+ - that's 8 years since we last met each other!

We all agreed on Marche, located in The Curve. Marche is also a restaurant which holds many special memories in my heart.

My first visit to Marche was in Vivocity in Singapore, and the moment I set foot in that restaurant, I knew the menu offered was going to be more than just good.

Indeed it didn't disappoint.

Basically the concept of Marche is a market. Guests walk around the many stations, catch a glimpse on how the chefs prepare the food, and hand the chefs a market card (which I forgotten to take a picture of it hence Google to the rescue) where it will get stamped according to the order you place at respective stations.

I love that Marche offers a wide variety of  fresh and healthy food. On top of that, guests get to witness food cooked before their eyes! I especially appreciate and value the restaurant's system of display cooking.

Last Saturday's visit could easily have been my third or fourth visit, yet I was again undoubtedly attracted by all that ingredients and fresh produce displayed at each counter.

I loved the presentation. Even looking at the pictures right now makes my eyes gleam and my mouth waters.

The salad bar was the first counter I hit up.

I'm now beating myself up for not getting the sweet crepe. I seriously don't understand how I overlooked it when I was strolling through the market.

Fruits are just the prettiest things to capture, don't you agree? The juices are made of purely juice.

I also cannot forgive myself for not getting one of their desserts. What was I thinking that night?!

I'll come back to you next time, desserts.

Because my aunt and uncle were there with us, I was reluctant to whip out my camera or phone to take pictures because the minute I took my first picture of the salad bowl, they looked at me with such puzzled expressions as though I was a freak. Bear in mind, they're both in their late 60's, and they clearly disapproved the idea of capturing pictures of food.

I made up my mind to keep my phone away that night and just enjoy the conversation and company.

By the way, the sauteed mushrooms, grilled capsicums and smoked salmon (which I'm sure you can't see either of them because they're all hiding beneath) made the dish.

The night ended well and I crashed in the car immediately after leaving the mall. 

The next day, I met up with my high school mates to play badminton! I didn't capture many photos because I was having such a great time mingling and chatting with them. Ah, the good old days.

I came home starving (I walked/jogged 4 km earlier that morning) and quickly devoured a bowl of red beans 'soup' and an orange because it was the only thing on my mind when I set eyes on the fruit basket. Yes my 'breakfast' happened at 12 noon.

The cute little orange quenched my thirst perfectly.

I couldn't wait till the mangoes ripen!

Despite being simple and ordinary, lunch tasted a lot tastier than normal because I was hungry and ready to eat a horse.

Later the day, I spend some time with the laptop, read a few books (read not finish), ate more food, took a long walk with my parents in the nearby park (our favourite park to hang out and stroll), had dinner and ended the night with a bowl of homemade yogurt, topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled with lots of honey.

Something about the food that my mum prepares that taste unbelievably delicious.

And now we're back to reality. Homework, assignments, projects... I got to get moving!

A question for you: Share with me how you spend your weekend?

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