Thursday, 4 April 2013


Let's be real. There's nothing much to recap about the past few days simply because, my life has been quiet and low-key and ordinary - but you know what, I'm loving every minute of it.

Sometimes, having to attend college daily can get immensely mentally and physically exhausting that everyday I pray and wish for holidays to arrive sooner.

But it's that makes me appreciate holiday so much.

I've been making myself attend yoga at least once a week - because to be honest it's painfully easy to find excuse not to attend the classes. Don't get me wrong - I love yoga, but lately I've just not been feeling it - beats me why - because I used to secure my attendance at least twice before half the week is over. 

Still, once a week is necessary to keep my joints and muscles flexible, as well as to purify my mind.

One day after work my mum brought an orange plastic back home.

She told me it has something to do with keeping Ninja (our very first turtle when we moved house) company!

Sure it has!

My task was to transfer the baby turtles from the plastic into the pool.

Not cool. I've never been easy with animals! Once I was out jogging when I stumbled upon a cat, my face turned pale and I quickly turned my back on it and ran as fast as I could.

My hands were trembling when my palms felt the turtle waddling itself out of the plastic, as I clumsily allowed the first turtle into the pool. 

Not bad. Eventually the rest of the turtles in the plastic found themselves in the pool, making friends with the fishes already.

In attempt to capture a picture of the turtles and I, I fumbled with my iPhone but managed to take several pictures which included only my hair. 

What can I say? I'm a pro when it comes to self take photos.

Well, at least a fish made it in the picture.


Last Sunday, I met up with my high school classmate, Tessa, for a badminton game.

For two consequent years, she sat next to me in class and our conversations were mostly 70% sarcasm talks.  That's the way we communicate, I promise we don't hold grudges towards each other.

I know I don't because I love this girl. She stays true to her principles, she's intelligent and she's gorgeous!

She makes me laugh a lot, and we like poking and teasing each other - we still do, even after drifting apart after graduation. She's definitely more of an indoor than outdoor girl, which explains the only sport she (non-coincidentally) favours - badminton - it's indoors!

Tessa is almost a head taller than I am. Tell me, how can anyone still looks so pretty after playing a rather intense badminton match? I, on the other hand, was puffing and huffing like a mad girl. Oh, stamina, where have you gone.

I'm also playing basketball nearly every evening. 

Looking the opposite of attractive. At least I had a good sweat!

When the going gets tough (aka Maths questions which crack my brain), there's Malted Sesame Biscuit to the rescue.


Dad's finally coming home tonight after being out of town for 7 days! TGIF!

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