Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday again!

So... it's been two weeks plus huh?

Well, glad to surf back to this tiny corner in the blogging world.

The fact that college resumes obviously leaves me with exceptionally limited time to blog (oh, but, Jun, that didn't seem to affect your time watching drama series on Youtube ((busted!)), did it?), hence an appearance after quite some time.

Apart than occupying 2/3 of the day, college also links to... lunchboxes!


The usual combination is brown rice, cabbage/broccoli and egg/chicken. Last Wednesday, we ran out of brown rice and Mum went to the nearest grocery store to pick up basmati rice. I packed it to college the next day and I couldn't believe my taste bud completely rejected it! I left the whole portion of rice untouched. You know how people refuse to switch from white rice to brown rice because they couldn't get over the 'rough' texture and 'fibrous' content of the latter? Well, I totally beg to differ!

I guess after 8 years + of consuming brown rice as my main source of carbohydrate, there's no way I'd enjoy eating white rice - ever.

Habits sure die hard, but my colon must be very pleased knowing my love for brown rice will not fade for at least the next 30 years.

These are a few pictures I took in the washroom in college before heading to basketball practice.

Don't be fooled - I took at least 10 pictures and somehow only got these three posted when there really isn't much difference among the pictures taken (same angle, same pose, same background, same outfit... what gives?). Oh well, girls... you know ;)

Speaking of basketball practice, my inner thighs were burning as I completed training. So many drills and speed work, I was terribly sore at the end of practice but most certainly satisfied with my performance that practice. My free throws were on the spot, and I contributed to my team's victory during a match by scoring 4 out of 10 points. Not too shabby, if you ask me - given my somewhat long disappearance for regular practice (however I trained quite frequently at the court nearby my house).

I've also been soaking up the moments having breakfasts with my parents at the deck during weekends. Freshly out of oven rolls and warm soy milk are always welcome, coupled with fruits and my tummy is happy.


My mum is such an excellent cook that I'm never ashamed having my relatives or friends over for dinner. One night they came over to our house and couldn't stop raving about the dishes. Most of the time they were busy digging into the meal and wouldn't even lift their heads for a conversation.

I, on the other hand let my actions spoke louder than words by demolishing what had to be 1/2 the plate of stir-fry cashews, capsicums and chicken.

My relatives must be secretly mad at me. Don't worry, when it came to dessert, I generously offered my relatives the semi-homemade jellies and they quickly got over it.  

Then there's my badminton sessions with my friends during weekends too. I seem to NEVER regret meeting up with them, and those hours of badminton matches always work up a good sweat and painful muscles - the key factors to mirth, if you ask me :) (yes, a sore and aching body may not draw a smile on my face but my heart is actually soaring with joy, I promise)


PS I just noticed my usage of "if you ask me" hit twice in this post... I hope my lack of vocabulary and poor construction of phrases wouldn't turn you off.

And nooo.... I've gone without yoga for an entire week!!!!!!! Yes I will make it up. No not today. Or tomorrow. But yes on Monday.

Question: What are your plans this weekend?


  1. Mmmmm those rolls look so comforting and delicious. And I love love love it when my inner thighs burn because it just feels so intense, and they're not that easy to work out--or at least, it's probably one of the muscle groups that most of us tend to neglect.

    1. Yes! Homemade bread always taste the best! I'd HAVE to try out the many versions of the pancakes appearing on your blog! True that!