Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday again!

So... it's been two weeks plus huh?

Well, glad to surf back to this tiny corner in the blogging world.

The fact that college resumes obviously leaves me with exceptionally limited time to blog (oh, but, Jun, that didn't seem to affect your time watching drama series on Youtube ((busted!)), did it?), hence an appearance after quite some time.

Apart than occupying 2/3 of the day, college also links to... lunchboxes!


The usual combination is brown rice, cabbage/broccoli and egg/chicken. Last Wednesday, we ran out of brown rice and Mum went to the nearest grocery store to pick up basmati rice. I packed it to college the next day and I couldn't believe my taste bud completely rejected it! I left the whole portion of rice untouched. You know how people refuse to switch from white rice to brown rice because they couldn't get over the 'rough' texture and 'fibrous' content of the latter? Well, I totally beg to differ!

I guess after 8 years + of consuming brown rice as my main source of carbohydrate, there's no way I'd enjoy eating white rice - ever.

Habits sure die hard, but my colon must be very pleased knowing my love for brown rice will not fade for at least the next 30 years.

These are a few pictures I took in the washroom in college before heading to basketball practice.

Don't be fooled - I took at least 10 pictures and somehow only got these three posted when there really isn't much difference among the pictures taken (same angle, same pose, same background, same outfit... what gives?). Oh well, girls... you know ;)

Speaking of basketball practice, my inner thighs were burning as I completed training. So many drills and speed work, I was terribly sore at the end of practice but most certainly satisfied with my performance that practice. My free throws were on the spot, and I contributed to my team's victory during a match by scoring 4 out of 10 points. Not too shabby, if you ask me - given my somewhat long disappearance for regular practice (however I trained quite frequently at the court nearby my house).

I've also been soaking up the moments having breakfasts with my parents at the deck during weekends. Freshly out of oven rolls and warm soy milk are always welcome, coupled with fruits and my tummy is happy.


My mum is such an excellent cook that I'm never ashamed having my relatives or friends over for dinner. One night they came over to our house and couldn't stop raving about the dishes. Most of the time they were busy digging into the meal and wouldn't even lift their heads for a conversation.

I, on the other hand let my actions spoke louder than words by demolishing what had to be 1/2 the plate of stir-fry cashews, capsicums and chicken.

My relatives must be secretly mad at me. Don't worry, when it came to dessert, I generously offered my relatives the semi-homemade jellies and they quickly got over it.  

Then there's my badminton sessions with my friends during weekends too. I seem to NEVER regret meeting up with them, and those hours of badminton matches always work up a good sweat and painful muscles - the key factors to mirth, if you ask me :) (yes, a sore and aching body may not draw a smile on my face but my heart is actually soaring with joy, I promise)


PS I just noticed my usage of "if you ask me" hit twice in this post... I hope my lack of vocabulary and poor construction of phrases wouldn't turn you off.

And nooo.... I've gone without yoga for an entire week!!!!!!! Yes I will make it up. No not today. Or tomorrow. But yes on Monday.

Question: What are your plans this weekend?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend happenings.

I just realised there's SO many activities and events you can fit in during the weekends, or rather, the holidays.

I'm beyond elated to spend time doing the things I like for the past two days. This whole weekend I've been sleeping well and you can see a huge silly grin plastered over my face. Didn't think life could've been better.

Let's start on last Saturday.

The Saturday morning routine in the Khor household is to hit the clubhouse for a swim. However, that did not happen on that day because the rain drizzled early in the morning. I was secretly pleased because it made sleeping in so comfortable and snugly. Once I succeeded to drag myself off the bed, my parents and I jump started the day with a long walk at the nearby park.

Later at night, we went out for dinner with Auntie Susan and Uncle Alan, who are excellent English teachers and speak wonderful English, and Auntie Susan being one of my mum's dearest friend. The last time they got to see me was when I was 9 or so! Now I'm 17+ - that's 8 years since we last met each other!

We all agreed on Marche, located in The Curve. Marche is also a restaurant which holds many special memories in my heart.

My first visit to Marche was in Vivocity in Singapore, and the moment I set foot in that restaurant, I knew the menu offered was going to be more than just good.

Indeed it didn't disappoint.

Basically the concept of Marche is a market. Guests walk around the many stations, catch a glimpse on how the chefs prepare the food, and hand the chefs a market card (which I forgotten to take a picture of it hence Google to the rescue) where it will get stamped according to the order you place at respective stations.

I love that Marche offers a wide variety of  fresh and healthy food. On top of that, guests get to witness food cooked before their eyes! I especially appreciate and value the restaurant's system of display cooking.

Last Saturday's visit could easily have been my third or fourth visit, yet I was again undoubtedly attracted by all that ingredients and fresh produce displayed at each counter.

I loved the presentation. Even looking at the pictures right now makes my eyes gleam and my mouth waters.

The salad bar was the first counter I hit up.

I'm now beating myself up for not getting the sweet crepe. I seriously don't understand how I overlooked it when I was strolling through the market.

Fruits are just the prettiest things to capture, don't you agree? The juices are made of purely juice.

I also cannot forgive myself for not getting one of their desserts. What was I thinking that night?!

I'll come back to you next time, desserts.

Because my aunt and uncle were there with us, I was reluctant to whip out my camera or phone to take pictures because the minute I took my first picture of the salad bowl, they looked at me with such puzzled expressions as though I was a freak. Bear in mind, they're both in their late 60's, and they clearly disapproved the idea of capturing pictures of food.

I made up my mind to keep my phone away that night and just enjoy the conversation and company.

By the way, the sauteed mushrooms, grilled capsicums and smoked salmon (which I'm sure you can't see either of them because they're all hiding beneath) made the dish.

The night ended well and I crashed in the car immediately after leaving the mall. 

The next day, I met up with my high school mates to play badminton! I didn't capture many photos because I was having such a great time mingling and chatting with them. Ah, the good old days.

I came home starving (I walked/jogged 4 km earlier that morning) and quickly devoured a bowl of red beans 'soup' and an orange because it was the only thing on my mind when I set eyes on the fruit basket. Yes my 'breakfast' happened at 12 noon.

The cute little orange quenched my thirst perfectly.

I couldn't wait till the mangoes ripen!

Despite being simple and ordinary, lunch tasted a lot tastier than normal because I was hungry and ready to eat a horse.

Later the day, I spend some time with the laptop, read a few books (read not finish), ate more food, took a long walk with my parents in the nearby park (our favourite park to hang out and stroll), had dinner and ended the night with a bowl of homemade yogurt, topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled with lots of honey.

Something about the food that my mum prepares that taste unbelievably delicious.

And now we're back to reality. Homework, assignments, projects... I got to get moving!

A question for you: Share with me how you spend your weekend?

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Let's be real. There's nothing much to recap about the past few days simply because, my life has been quiet and low-key and ordinary - but you know what, I'm loving every minute of it.

Sometimes, having to attend college daily can get immensely mentally and physically exhausting that everyday I pray and wish for holidays to arrive sooner.

But it's that makes me appreciate holiday so much.

I've been making myself attend yoga at least once a week - because to be honest it's painfully easy to find excuse not to attend the classes. Don't get me wrong - I love yoga, but lately I've just not been feeling it - beats me why - because I used to secure my attendance at least twice before half the week is over. 

Still, once a week is necessary to keep my joints and muscles flexible, as well as to purify my mind.

One day after work my mum brought an orange plastic back home.

She told me it has something to do with keeping Ninja (our very first turtle when we moved house) company!

Sure it has!

My task was to transfer the baby turtles from the plastic into the pool.

Not cool. I've never been easy with animals! Once I was out jogging when I stumbled upon a cat, my face turned pale and I quickly turned my back on it and ran as fast as I could.

My hands were trembling when my palms felt the turtle waddling itself out of the plastic, as I clumsily allowed the first turtle into the pool. 

Not bad. Eventually the rest of the turtles in the plastic found themselves in the pool, making friends with the fishes already.

In attempt to capture a picture of the turtles and I, I fumbled with my iPhone but managed to take several pictures which included only my hair. 

What can I say? I'm a pro when it comes to self take photos.

Well, at least a fish made it in the picture.


Last Sunday, I met up with my high school classmate, Tessa, for a badminton game.

For two consequent years, she sat next to me in class and our conversations were mostly 70% sarcasm talks.  That's the way we communicate, I promise we don't hold grudges towards each other.

I know I don't because I love this girl. She stays true to her principles, she's intelligent and she's gorgeous!

She makes me laugh a lot, and we like poking and teasing each other - we still do, even after drifting apart after graduation. She's definitely more of an indoor than outdoor girl, which explains the only sport she (non-coincidentally) favours - badminton - it's indoors!

Tessa is almost a head taller than I am. Tell me, how can anyone still looks so pretty after playing a rather intense badminton match? I, on the other hand, was puffing and huffing like a mad girl. Oh, stamina, where have you gone.

I'm also playing basketball nearly every evening. 

Looking the opposite of attractive. At least I had a good sweat!

When the going gets tough (aka Maths questions which crack my brain), there's Malted Sesame Biscuit to the rescue.


Dad's finally coming home tonight after being out of town for 7 days! TGIF!