Friday, 15 March 2013

Rough time.


What a week.

I'm glad it's the weekend. 

(You will be hearing this sentence from me every weekend until like forever because this is part of growing up and stepping into adulthood and carrying responsibilities and - you get the idea)

I'm just really, really glad it's the weekend.

The past week has been less chaos, but nevertheless, busy. 

The good news is I've been squeezing in more sleep, which I can't stress how important it is to get adequate rest. It improves your concentration, it elevates your mood, it repairs your cells, it stabalises your emotions, it serves as an energy booster you need for the following day... I can go on forever but hear me out - get your zzz's in!!!

The bad news is (technically this isn't bad but it would sound weird if I say 'neutral' news) I've been buried under a mountain-piled high of homework and assignments. 

That explains my disappearance for 14 days. 

All the time I'm drowned with the truckloads of homework I find myself wishing that I could pause time. Then there were times when I started thinking about the future and foresee my CAL life is only going to get tougher and tougher (which it will) and I couldn't bring myself to imagine what's life gonna be then.

(Chewed bread in the middle of Vectors plus a side of calculator, anybody?)

Then obviously, I got myself all winded up, agitated, perplexed, upset and I just wanted to curl up in my bed and not have to think about anything for that moment. 

It's astonishing that I didn't shed a tear for the past week - I usually have an emotional breakdown once a week on average and that's just normal because I'm terrible in handling pressure, but SO damn good in piling stress on myself.

I should think it's time I STOP OVER THINKING, and just, simply, focus on now. Focus on the present, focus on living life, focus on being me, focus on making the best out of now. 

As for the past, I'm saying goodbye to you. I'm not saying you're the worst thing that ever happened to me, because without you, there's never gonna be me today. You made me cry; you made me smile. You tripped me, but you also supported me. Most of all, you taught me countless valuable lessons and I want to never forget that regardless of what happened in the past, I should and will always be proud of who I am. 

As for the future, I'm holding onto you, but I'm not unhealthily attached to you, it just seems to me that the time hasn't arrived yet, but when I get to you, I know I will be happy, free and well. I will be safe and sound. 

And of course, the same goes out to all of you. Be proud of yourself. Feel great for coming this far. Give yourself a pat on your shoulder. Because you are all wonderful, amazing human beings who are inspirations to many people out there, whom you may not know personally, but just knowing that you are actually, a hero in someone's heart - or just always thinking positively, spreading kindness, doing good - makes you such an incredible person.

Um, okay, so where were we?

How in the world did I get from going in detailed about my bad news to giving a tiny speech?

Well, let's catch up with the things I've been doing for the past two weeks!

Simple sandwich from my lunchbox. 

One Sunday morning after I reached home from yoga, I was greeted by homemade steamed buns.

My mum very cutely left notes so that I wouldn't end up having a hard time guessing the fillings of the buns because we all know I spend a good 15 minutes on average to figure out simple things like that.

Judging by its look, all I can say is that we have plenty of room for improvement.

I've also been chomping on bread enough to feed 100 weight-lifters.

Cranberry walnut loaf.

Coffee raisin loaf.

Having tremendous fun with my friends in college.

Meet my best friend, Yong Qi (who is a freaking genius!!!). We were in the middle of drawing Telophase in Mitosis during Bio lesson. 

How cool is this. Twin bananas!

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. Oh goodness, that twin banana has been mutated--or something! hahaha. I'm glad you're doing better this week, Jun! Thank you for being such a sweet encouragement to any who may be thing for sure is that we all struggle and go through our own battles; therefore, we should always look at one another with love and respect. :) Have a beautiful Sunday~

    1. I can't express just how grateful I am when I read your comment. Thanks for your encouragement, your kind words warm my heart :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know right :D even bananas couple :P