Friday, 1 March 2013

Life in college

Don't even try to pretend my posts about life as a college student don't thrill you because I can see you squirming in your seat.

To those who yet to discover, the very first thing you need to know about college is: You will find yourself ravenous all the time and your packed schedule forces you to choose between passing out due to extreme hunger or eating the person sitting next to you in class. 

Because both doesn't sound like marvelous ideas I always bring along snacks for emergencies.

Lie #1: Hungry or not, I snack anyway.

But then who are we kidding because sometimes fruits just doesn't cut it and I would shamelessly chew bread in front of the lecturers. 

Let's play a game.

There's the yellow smiley face lunch bag on the right or the vintage rose pattern with ribbon stash lunch bag on the left.

Guess which belongs to mine.

Hint: I like pink.

Days when the weather is not threatening to burn my skin are days when I hang out with my friends at the nearby restaurants for lunch.

Hardcore girls who refused to put down their practical manuals when others were busy looking at the menu.

I'm so happy for talented bakers as friends. My friend Kai Xin made baby macaroons the other day. It was so soft and delicate, the moment the sweet chocolate filling glided down my throat - I fought the deep, driving urge strongly enough not to eat the entire box of macaroons. I nearly didn't succeed.

Lie #2: I didn't need to hold myself back because those macaroons vanished before I could reach for another.

Rest assure we do other things than eating every one hour.

Lie #3: Eating every one hour is unusual, we're usually snacking five times in 30 minutes.

We carry out lab experiments too!

I promise I wasn't sleeping when pouring the distilled water from the beaker into the test tube.

This was during Bio experiment, which involved crushing of peas to observe catalyse reaction.

The peas smelt wonderful!

Lie #4: I found myself almost puking when I brought the peas upon my nose.

Remember the girl who made the macaroons? She's the shy and smart girl on the left.

Because taking many pictures half way during lab experiments guarantees the accuracy of results.

Lie #5: Our first attempt was a failure because the procedures were misleading we didn't read the practical manual properly.

Future Doctor Khor in the making, y'all! 

We also have fun during lessons too!

Lie #6: Rationally we just want to plop our heads on the desks and snooze away.

Although my dear friend (aka the top scorer in the class) Yong Qi didn't look very pleased last Friday.

When I agreed to accompany her to 7-11 is to grab some bread she finally turned that frown upside down.

I should think it's time I stop telling lies and get back to studying.

Lie #7: That may or may not happen.


  1. Hi Wei Jun!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And, yes, I am Chinese. My parents are from the Guangzhou province. More specifically, they are from Taishan. What about you?

    It's great to meet someone who's 18, chinese and in college.

    And, yes. College life can get crazy busy.

    1. Wow Guangzhou! Does that mean you can still speak very fluently in Chinese? At what age did you migrated?

      I'm from Malaysia :)

      True, CRAZY busy. But I know we'll both do fine!!!