Friday, 29 March 2013



That was literally the first thing that came to my mind when I laid my fingers on the keyboard, as I scratched my head wondering how I have gotten myself so caught up with everything else in life that blogging didn't seem to come across my mind once.

It didn't. And it couldn't.

Because the past couple of weeks have been crazy, crazy hectic.

Amidst class tests, scholarships application, modules, curricular activities, career talks, university fairs, I really didn't think it was possible to survive. But I'm pleased and excited that I did, because I've so much to share.

Let's give my memory a test. 

Approximately three weeks (?) (I give up already - I can't keep track) my mum and I went for a buffet lunch.

The food wasn't spectacular. Why, you ask?

That's 'cos the dessert selection was a major disappointment and we all know I live for dessert so some things just can't be tolerated hence mark my theory: terrible spread of dessert = thumbs down everything.

On the bottom right, a new friend I made, Alex!

When Sean came back from Singapore for a short school holiday break, which was two weeks ago, we grabbed the opportunity to celebrate our Dad's birthday together.

It was our (by our I mean Sean and I) first fine dining experience and I know this may sounds absolutely ludicrous and downright nonsensical in plenty of your ears but seriously, I thought mum's home cook meals could easily beat the food that night - or perhaps I was still feeling quite full when I had dinner - either way, I didn't enjoy the dishes as much as I had assumed I would.

 But the night was, nevertheless, great! 

Or more possibly, when I pointed out the dinner wasn't quite up to our my expectation, it was because the following day, was SPM RESULTS DAY!!!

(Now when I recall, I must admit it could be the nerves acting up that drove me slightly insane to the point that I couldn't position myself relaxingly and peacefully to enjoy the meal because the whole day I was so worked up about getting my results in a few hours time.)

SPM, by the way, is basically like the O-levels exam that some of you sit for - similar syllabus except the exam questions are probably slightly less challenging than the latter.

Regardless of that, the exam was still tough and after so many years of hard work and endless sleepless night (no really, don't get me started on how many months I've gone by waking up at 3 in the morning to hit the books - not fun) and countless emotional breakdowns and tremendous effort invested - it all paid off!!! Hooray for the straight 11A's!!!

I was over the moon when my friend, Amanda informed me the wonderful news via WhatsApp. I shrieked and squealed in delight, threw on a pair of jeans and T-shirt (fashion was never my expertise), dashed downstairs and hugged my dad at once, still making sure that my screams of joy shook the walls.  

Although I still can't get over the fact that I missed a few straight A+'s for Malay, Mandarin, EST and Chemistry,  I had to remind myself - life goes on. The strive for excellence continues!

My high school classmate/ friend, Nicole (on the left in the picture above) and I have been discussing over a catch up session ever since we graduated from high school.

And what better way than to meet up for a game of badminton?

This girl has a way of making me laugh till my stomach hurts. She's hilarious and oh-so-cute. I missed her so much! We chatted, we laughed, we played, we sweated (oh, how could I have nearly missed this part out), altogether we had so much fun. After 2 hours of non-rivalrous badminton session, we ended the day with a promise that we would hang out more often in the future.

Then at last we come to the last week, picture-less, only because it was RIDICULOUSLY PACKED.

Rising at 4 every morning to study for Bio, Chem, Math and Economics was not as bad as the period when I prepared for SPM, but only because those were class tests instead of the actual Cambridge A-levels papers. All I can say to myself is, I definitely need to buckle up on studies and manage my time wisely!

Oh, I just remembered, I haven't got a chance to talk to you about workouts! And you know why? 'Cos I've been taking it slow and easy. 

I decided it was pointless trying to squeeze in a workout and stressing myself out about a workout that wasn't looked forward to, anyway.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've still been active (just not very hardcore) - cycling, playing basketball, strolling in the neighbourhood, though unfortunately, I had to cut down on the frequent visits to the yoga centre, luckily this was only during the past two weeks. Fear not, I have not forgotten about you, yoga! Not ever.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Omgshh congratulations and I'm truly so proud of you!!! That is a whooooole lotta A's and although I know you're a smart cookie, you seem to be a hard worker and for that, I give you a big virtual hug. :D That test sounds brutal and makes me anxious just thinking about it, hah! And I seriously think that gourmet places are hit/miss. Some are just so delicious and unforgettable, whereas others can try so hard (I give them kudos for that) to make it unique and fusion-y, but all the flavors end up blending together and easy to forget.

    1. Hahaha thank you! I can feel that warm hug you're giving aww :)

      I don't see why not, since the last time you've sat for a test is probably years ago!

      Hmm yes I'm nodding all the way reading your comment... love the way you analysed gourmet places!

  2. You're back! :D I was wondering where have you gone to. Hahaha congratulations again on your results you smart girl! (:

    1. Yes life has been crazy busy, thankfully still bearable given the short holiday. Thanks honey, congratulations to you too - you did wonderful!