Friday, 29 March 2013



That was literally the first thing that came to my mind when I laid my fingers on the keyboard, as I scratched my head wondering how I have gotten myself so caught up with everything else in life that blogging didn't seem to come across my mind once.

It didn't. And it couldn't.

Because the past couple of weeks have been crazy, crazy hectic.

Amidst class tests, scholarships application, modules, curricular activities, career talks, university fairs, I really didn't think it was possible to survive. But I'm pleased and excited that I did, because I've so much to share.

Let's give my memory a test. 

Approximately three weeks (?) (I give up already - I can't keep track) my mum and I went for a buffet lunch.

The food wasn't spectacular. Why, you ask?

That's 'cos the dessert selection was a major disappointment and we all know I live for dessert so some things just can't be tolerated hence mark my theory: terrible spread of dessert = thumbs down everything.

On the bottom right, a new friend I made, Alex!

When Sean came back from Singapore for a short school holiday break, which was two weeks ago, we grabbed the opportunity to celebrate our Dad's birthday together.

It was our (by our I mean Sean and I) first fine dining experience and I know this may sounds absolutely ludicrous and downright nonsensical in plenty of your ears but seriously, I thought mum's home cook meals could easily beat the food that night - or perhaps I was still feeling quite full when I had dinner - either way, I didn't enjoy the dishes as much as I had assumed I would.

 But the night was, nevertheless, great! 

Or more possibly, when I pointed out the dinner wasn't quite up to our my expectation, it was because the following day, was SPM RESULTS DAY!!!

(Now when I recall, I must admit it could be the nerves acting up that drove me slightly insane to the point that I couldn't position myself relaxingly and peacefully to enjoy the meal because the whole day I was so worked up about getting my results in a few hours time.)

SPM, by the way, is basically like the O-levels exam that some of you sit for - similar syllabus except the exam questions are probably slightly less challenging than the latter.

Regardless of that, the exam was still tough and after so many years of hard work and endless sleepless night (no really, don't get me started on how many months I've gone by waking up at 3 in the morning to hit the books - not fun) and countless emotional breakdowns and tremendous effort invested - it all paid off!!! Hooray for the straight 11A's!!!

I was over the moon when my friend, Amanda informed me the wonderful news via WhatsApp. I shrieked and squealed in delight, threw on a pair of jeans and T-shirt (fashion was never my expertise), dashed downstairs and hugged my dad at once, still making sure that my screams of joy shook the walls.  

Although I still can't get over the fact that I missed a few straight A+'s for Malay, Mandarin, EST and Chemistry,  I had to remind myself - life goes on. The strive for excellence continues!

My high school classmate/ friend, Nicole (on the left in the picture above) and I have been discussing over a catch up session ever since we graduated from high school.

And what better way than to meet up for a game of badminton?

This girl has a way of making me laugh till my stomach hurts. She's hilarious and oh-so-cute. I missed her so much! We chatted, we laughed, we played, we sweated (oh, how could I have nearly missed this part out), altogether we had so much fun. After 2 hours of non-rivalrous badminton session, we ended the day with a promise that we would hang out more often in the future.

Then at last we come to the last week, picture-less, only because it was RIDICULOUSLY PACKED.

Rising at 4 every morning to study for Bio, Chem, Math and Economics was not as bad as the period when I prepared for SPM, but only because those were class tests instead of the actual Cambridge A-levels papers. All I can say to myself is, I definitely need to buckle up on studies and manage my time wisely!

Oh, I just remembered, I haven't got a chance to talk to you about workouts! And you know why? 'Cos I've been taking it slow and easy. 

I decided it was pointless trying to squeeze in a workout and stressing myself out about a workout that wasn't looked forward to, anyway.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've still been active (just not very hardcore) - cycling, playing basketball, strolling in the neighbourhood, though unfortunately, I had to cut down on the frequent visits to the yoga centre, luckily this was only during the past two weeks. Fear not, I have not forgotten about you, yoga! Not ever.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Rough time.


What a week.

I'm glad it's the weekend. 

(You will be hearing this sentence from me every weekend until like forever because this is part of growing up and stepping into adulthood and carrying responsibilities and - you get the idea)

I'm just really, really glad it's the weekend.

The past week has been less chaos, but nevertheless, busy. 

The good news is I've been squeezing in more sleep, which I can't stress how important it is to get adequate rest. It improves your concentration, it elevates your mood, it repairs your cells, it stabalises your emotions, it serves as an energy booster you need for the following day... I can go on forever but hear me out - get your zzz's in!!!

The bad news is (technically this isn't bad but it would sound weird if I say 'neutral' news) I've been buried under a mountain-piled high of homework and assignments. 

That explains my disappearance for 14 days. 

All the time I'm drowned with the truckloads of homework I find myself wishing that I could pause time. Then there were times when I started thinking about the future and foresee my CAL life is only going to get tougher and tougher (which it will) and I couldn't bring myself to imagine what's life gonna be then.

(Chewed bread in the middle of Vectors plus a side of calculator, anybody?)

Then obviously, I got myself all winded up, agitated, perplexed, upset and I just wanted to curl up in my bed and not have to think about anything for that moment. 

It's astonishing that I didn't shed a tear for the past week - I usually have an emotional breakdown once a week on average and that's just normal because I'm terrible in handling pressure, but SO damn good in piling stress on myself.

I should think it's time I STOP OVER THINKING, and just, simply, focus on now. Focus on the present, focus on living life, focus on being me, focus on making the best out of now. 

As for the past, I'm saying goodbye to you. I'm not saying you're the worst thing that ever happened to me, because without you, there's never gonna be me today. You made me cry; you made me smile. You tripped me, but you also supported me. Most of all, you taught me countless valuable lessons and I want to never forget that regardless of what happened in the past, I should and will always be proud of who I am. 

As for the future, I'm holding onto you, but I'm not unhealthily attached to you, it just seems to me that the time hasn't arrived yet, but when I get to you, I know I will be happy, free and well. I will be safe and sound. 

And of course, the same goes out to all of you. Be proud of yourself. Feel great for coming this far. Give yourself a pat on your shoulder. Because you are all wonderful, amazing human beings who are inspirations to many people out there, whom you may not know personally, but just knowing that you are actually, a hero in someone's heart - or just always thinking positively, spreading kindness, doing good - makes you such an incredible person.

Um, okay, so where were we?

How in the world did I get from going in detailed about my bad news to giving a tiny speech?

Well, let's catch up with the things I've been doing for the past two weeks!

Simple sandwich from my lunchbox. 

One Sunday morning after I reached home from yoga, I was greeted by homemade steamed buns.

My mum very cutely left notes so that I wouldn't end up having a hard time guessing the fillings of the buns because we all know I spend a good 15 minutes on average to figure out simple things like that.

Judging by its look, all I can say is that we have plenty of room for improvement.

I've also been chomping on bread enough to feed 100 weight-lifters.

Cranberry walnut loaf.

Coffee raisin loaf.

Having tremendous fun with my friends in college.

Meet my best friend, Yong Qi (who is a freaking genius!!!). We were in the middle of drawing Telophase in Mitosis during Bio lesson. 

How cool is this. Twin bananas!

Have a splendid weekend!

Saturday, 2 March 2013


My Sunday morning started with an aerobic exercise in the park. It lasted an hour and 15 minutes and I was sorry that it ended so soon! I LOVE aerobic exercises because you're practically dancing, hopping and twisting around - none of that omg-when-is-this-going-to-end sort of dreaded thought popping up in your mind. 

I made a mistake because I proceeded to yoga straight away after a quick shower. No fuel in my stomach = muscles wobbly as ever. 90 minutes in the studio felt like an eternity. I sweated BUCKET LOADS.

I reached home and had to battle hunger and sleep deprivation at the same time. I wanted to collapse on my bed immediately but my growling stomach won the battle. 

I quickly downed a bowl of warm Vermicelli soup. The vegetables soaked up all the sweetness from the carrot-based broth. 

Why are you surprised that I inhaled it in 50 seconds?!

I also had bread! The toppings sprinkled on top were pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, poppy seeds (no I couldn't taste it) and chia seeds (couldn't taste it either).

There was homemade mushroom soup that put Campbell to shame.

Snacks which are currently digesting in my stomach (eww). Starch into maltose and lipids into glycerol and fatty acids. #perksofbeingabiostudent

Natural lipstick: Dragon fruit.

Soy milk pudding that tasted amazing. Silky, smooth, cold. Too good to put into words.

Please tell me you didn't believe that I had only one tube of it. Of course I had three tubes of it for maximum satisfaction.

I am off to take a nap. See you soon!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Life in college

Don't even try to pretend my posts about life as a college student don't thrill you because I can see you squirming in your seat.

To those who yet to discover, the very first thing you need to know about college is: You will find yourself ravenous all the time and your packed schedule forces you to choose between passing out due to extreme hunger or eating the person sitting next to you in class. 

Because both doesn't sound like marvelous ideas I always bring along snacks for emergencies.

Lie #1: Hungry or not, I snack anyway.

But then who are we kidding because sometimes fruits just doesn't cut it and I would shamelessly chew bread in front of the lecturers. 

Let's play a game.

There's the yellow smiley face lunch bag on the right or the vintage rose pattern with ribbon stash lunch bag on the left.

Guess which belongs to mine.

Hint: I like pink.

Days when the weather is not threatening to burn my skin are days when I hang out with my friends at the nearby restaurants for lunch.

Hardcore girls who refused to put down their practical manuals when others were busy looking at the menu.

I'm so happy for talented bakers as friends. My friend Kai Xin made baby macaroons the other day. It was so soft and delicate, the moment the sweet chocolate filling glided down my throat - I fought the deep, driving urge strongly enough not to eat the entire box of macaroons. I nearly didn't succeed.

Lie #2: I didn't need to hold myself back because those macaroons vanished before I could reach for another.

Rest assure we do other things than eating every one hour.

Lie #3: Eating every one hour is unusual, we're usually snacking five times in 30 minutes.

We carry out lab experiments too!

I promise I wasn't sleeping when pouring the distilled water from the beaker into the test tube.

This was during Bio experiment, which involved crushing of peas to observe catalyse reaction.

The peas smelt wonderful!

Lie #4: I found myself almost puking when I brought the peas upon my nose.

Remember the girl who made the macaroons? She's the shy and smart girl on the left.

Because taking many pictures half way during lab experiments guarantees the accuracy of results.

Lie #5: Our first attempt was a failure because the procedures were misleading we didn't read the practical manual properly.

Future Doctor Khor in the making, y'all! 

We also have fun during lessons too!

Lie #6: Rationally we just want to plop our heads on the desks and snooze away.

Although my dear friend (aka the top scorer in the class) Yong Qi didn't look very pleased last Friday.

When I agreed to accompany her to 7-11 is to grab some bread she finally turned that frown upside down.

I should think it's time I stop telling lies and get back to studying.

Lie #7: That may or may not happen.

Is it acceptable

if Keith Urban's the one and only reason I watch American Idol?

Yes? I thought so.

Frankly speaking I don't fancy guys with long hair. I prefer guys who possess a sleek, smart, and neat look.

But Keith Urban... he's an exception.

Let's dive right into food. 

See those deep fried fillets (like anyone can mistake the other two dishes as fillets!)? I've no words.

Lunches have been special for a few days...

Clockwise from the top: Savoury yam cake, spring onion omelette, cabbage and mushroom stir-fry.

You MUST know that my mum usually wakes up at 5 in the morning to prepare food for me to pack to college. I don't know what to do without her.

Never had squids in a long time and it tasted delicious!

The cutest person in the whole wide world (yeah that person would be my mum) surprised me by bringing me snacks during study time!

FYI she broke the no-food-allowed-in-the-bedroom rule just for me.

Let's move on to introducing my favourite yoga instructor, Vivian.

She's the coolest among all instructors (no offense to the other instructors, they're actually wonderful and sweet but Vivian - she's just cool like that) because she usually includes most of the postures that I love showing off which means lots of downward dogs, forward and backward bending, half-moons, side triangles, and headstands!

However, sometimes when she goes wacky she'd instructs us to do core workouts and in the end my muscles ache and my shoulders feels like jelly from all that plank workouts it makes me just want to scowl at her.

But no, I just can't get mad at her.

I'm not going to lie. Doing headstands makes me feel like a pro. The truth is, you can't see me gritting my teeth because my left elbow very nicely covered it for me. 

My yoga instructor (aka Vivian) took these pictures (and even a video) without me noticing and I'm insanely glad she did because I can finally show my friends and family what I do during yoga lessons so that they don't assume all I do is sitting cross-legged and go 'ohmmm.....' for the entire 75 minutes. 

Today is officially Friday which explains why I've been plumping my butt on the bed for the past 8 hours. College totally made me a better person, no?