Friday, 8 February 2013

Too much bread / cake, a gift and classes.

In case you cannot tell...

I love bread.

I really do.

I enjoy bread in the form of sandwiches...

And sometimes in the form of rolls especially these yam rolls that we made recently...

(doesn't the purple colour looks so pretty?)

You should be able to tell by now that I love seeded bread!

Especially in the mini form...

(although we all know the ultimate reason is because mini bread permits me to eat five in one go)

Moving on to something other than food - or to be precise - bread, Yu En gave me a gift on Monday! It totally swept all my Monday blues away! 

A Hacks sweet which did nothing to tame my growling (very fiercely, might I add?) stomach as well as useless in helping me fill in the Math answers. I expected more from you, glucose booster!

Thinking skills class on reasoning. I love the class. The lecturer. The classmates. The environment. SO much fun. 

See this beautiful carrot walnut cake? My mum's friend (who is also my friend's mum which means yeah, we know each other pretty well) gave us this beauty yesterday. I gave it a life-span of three days. 

Turned out I was wrong. 

It was 98% gone within 24 hours. By the end of the day, it looked like this. You must be secretly admiring me for leaving at least one tiny portion but the truth is mum gave me a very confused look (who eats 3/4 of a cake within so little time?!! uh... yeah, that would be the greedy me) and luckily she also warned me not to finish the whole thing so that my brother, Sean who is arriving home from Singapore in two hours time will actually get a few bites of the delicious cake.

American Idol is waiting for me!

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