Sunday, 10 February 2013

This year's Chinese New Year celebration...

We decided to go against tradition and went with Western style instead.

On the menu was a wide spread of homemade dishes consisting of pizza, rolls, mushroom soup, spaghetti, mixed vegetables, lamb shanks, drumsticks, salmons, shrimps, fried rice and fresh fruits.

Everyone were raving about how delicious the food tasted which I thought was absolutely appropriate because mum had poured her soul and heart (that includes sweat, time, effort) into preparing the dishes.

I drank five bowls of the mushroom soup and mum was very thankful for her inaccurate judgement in that she had made extra batches otherwise our guests will be left with only the bottom of the pot.

My relatives arrived at our house with lots of tidbits (aka junk food), determined to make my sore throat heal faster.

I was nearly mad at them because I was trying very hard to refrain myself from more unhealthy snacks but very soon my anger subsided because one of my aunt very smartly bribed me with this lovely purse.

Prepare to see me carrying it with me every single day.

As you can see everyone were looking at my uncle in blue talking but my niece had no difficulties concentrating hard on her phone.

After a grand feast, we proceeded to drinking red wine.

Instead of sulking in a corner because I don't (and never want to) drink alcoholic beverages I decided to stick to capturing pictures of that memorable moment instead.

Initially my dad was really into it.

But he very quickly found himself out of breath. 

My uncle and aunt were staring at my niece, probably curiously wondering if the glasses of wine they drank were different because she seemed to be the exceptional one enjoying her cup of drink very much.

Sean had his first sip of red wine. Clearly he loved it.

My aunt was very concerned about my brother's first attempt of drinking red wine.

My mum later confessed that she was very worried of my brother getting addicted to it once he tried it but she had this huge smile on her face because she knew her concern was unnecessary.

My niece was sick of having a camera pointed at her the whole night so she boycotted me by looking away from the camera.

She was even fumbling with my favourite author's (Jeffrey Archer) book. FYI no one is excused for messing with my books. No one.

It's a good thing she's cute.

We ended the night with more laughter, chats, and food.


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