Saturday, 2 February 2013

The usual.

 Clear, blue skies (though not very usual because the weather's been sizzling these days!).

Homemade pizza.

I had successfully tempted Yu En to give in to a slice of pizza during our discussion on both Biology and Economics presentations last weekend.

She was skeptical about the pizza in the first place because she had many awful experiences with "homemade" pizza which in those cases the crusts were usually store-bought and ended up being too hard to bite into since she's wearing braces.

But as soon as she took a bite she immediately changed her mind. I know it because she had this wide grin plastered on her face and she raved about how soft and doughy the crust was. Like duh! We made the crust by ourselves! 

We had made sure the entire table was covered with countless random stuff like the cover for my water bottle and highlighters which we didn't need for our assignments so that mum was convinced we were being really hardcore and she had cooked us a fantastic lunch.

All these dishes are supposed to be adequate to feed four mouths, right?

The truth is we had dedicated so much time and effort into making our presentation a success and a success it was, indeed. 

I take little credit for many things (probably because I don't deserve it) but both the presentations that Yu En and I presented last week earned us a great bucket of praising from our lecturers and I couldn't be prouder of myself and Yu En.

Yu En has also been extremely thankful and pleased that I have been diligently correcting her pronunciations on words such as 'priorities' and 'thus' and many more therefore she has most definitely but not astonishingly developed an irrational fear of speaking to me.

Don't worry, she had offered me Hershey's Milk Chocolate the other day and as you can see it was so tiny I ate in three milliseconds which failed to tame my grumbling stomach because it usually takes 10 of those to satisfy my sweet tooth but still anyone who offers me food especially chocolates win a spot in my heart so you can be sure we're still friends.

You know it's most strange not to bump into my mum and I in Giant during weekends.

Christmas is way over but last year Santa forgotten my present so this year I'll send him this picture every month until end of December as a reminder so that he would have no excuse not to give me 100 boxes of Nutella during Christmas this year. 

No post would be complete without at least a picture of yours truly and I know you read my blog just for it.

Not that you'd admit it, would you?

Kidding. I love you guys.


  1. Your English is so good. Can I ask how you imporve your English to that level ?

    1. Thank you so so much! I just enjoy reading and writing and language in general. Though, I don't see why your English isn't good, too :)

  2. I love to read and write too ! Writing is one of my way to express my feelings in words. Anyway, I have a blog too ! Do read mine if you have time !

    1. That's great! Both are wonderful hobbies and interests! Yes I will! Thanks for dropping by and commenting - it makes my day! :)