Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Never a moment dull with family.

Yesterday we went to Subang Parade after lunch.

The traffic was smooth, the car park was somewhat empty, the shopping mall was uncrowded and shopping had never felt that comfortable and easy in a long time.

At least that was what my dad had remarked.

Indeed. As we browsed through the socks and belt department, we were pleasantly taken aback by how clear the sections were and managed to select the things my brother, Sean urgently needed in a rapid pace.

I finally snapped a picture with no other customers in the background except for the worker there.

You should be able to deduct by now that I've no sense of fashion.

Later at night we visited Giant after dinner. 

We hit the shoes department right away. I made Daddy pose for me in the shoes he tried out (which he bought afterwards) and people were staring and probably wondering if we both gone mad. 

However he still struck an awesome pose for the sake of pleasing me even though yes he did lost balance after that and might have tore his inner thigh's muscle tissues. 

Sorry Dad. I will make it up to you. 

Carrying a basket behind my back the way I carry my schoolbag is the latest trend, right?

Posing with a pumpkin in the middle of the fresh produce aisle is perfectly normal, right? 

Pleading your brother to pose with a pear is also completely common, right?

No. No. No.

But I still did all of it. 

I couldn't help myself. Look at that gorgeous orange coating! 

Please let us still be friends.

This morning's breakfast was the best breakfast I've eaten in years. Red beans sweetened with natural cane juice grown at our backyard, homemade lean pork patty, fresh sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and shredded lettuce, warm, toasty rolls from the oven. 

FYI we don't eat like this very often as this spread of scrumptious breakfast was prepared only because Sean came home for Chinese New Year holiday so Sean if you're reading this, you need to return home more often. 


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    1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too! It WAS delicious, really, you need to drop by my house some time. We could use some extra help finishing those food :D

  2. growing sugar cane in your backyard has to be the coolest thing ever!!

    1. Ooh yes I'm still excited about it! It's not a very common thing to do in our country but my parents especially love homegrown everything! Harvesting time is the best! Do you enjoy gardening? :)