Friday, 15 February 2013

Here's the thing.

I've been stuck with an irksome running nose for the 9th day already. Actually, it's no big deal. I'm quite positive I've used up only 50 boxes of tissues so far which is really helping the environment, don't you think?

Chinese New Year celebration is not yet over.

But all that mouth-watering feast;

snacking in large amount -

must come to an end before my stomach explodes. 

I reckon it's time to slow things down with lighter meals.

I'm embarrassed to tell you the number of visits we pay to Giant in a week. 

PS it's FOUR and revealing it doesn't mean I'm not embarrassed about it. I still am because I'm guessing you shop for groceries at the hypermarket for probably once a week at most and although it's a tough choice to chose between starvation and embarrassment I still forgo the latter because food comes first!

You guys. Look at that. Do you see the strawberry-flavoured Laughing Cow cheese on the upper left of the picture?

I had to summon so much self-control to walk away from the shelf without grabbing at least five of it.

Mum could not understand my point of taking so many photos in a lame old hypermarket. 

I'm afraid I still can't explain the reason why we have to buy so many carton of eggs like it's going out of style. 

Falling sick, I had 'lost' some and 'won' some. I was forced to stay away from my severely missed swimming pool for more than a week and a part of me is falling into pieces.

On the other hand, I had learn to take things easy, listen to my body, rest properly and thanks to the glorious weather I had the privilege to take plenty of fine, precious, long strolls with my parents around the neighbourhood and sometimes at the park everyday.

Don't worry, pool, I won't let you wait too long, I promise! 


  1. Woww that is a lot of great food, and most of it looks rather healthy and green, might I add. :) I also flipped out of excitement when I saw the Laughing Cow strawberry cheese last week! I actually went ahead and made a really delicious bread with it which I think I might be posting today :D I hope you're enjoying this week, and that is the prettiest piano I've ever seen! So you play?

    1. Haha apparently what you see is not the typical Chinese meals because we don't favour meat that much! YAY I'm not the only one haha great will stalk your blog later :D

      Thank you! Since my brothers are studying overseas, I gather I'm the only one who plays the piano at home - but I'm not a pro! Do you play?