Friday, 22 February 2013

Barely survived.

College has been exacting, arduous,  exhausting - the workload has been formidable and I declare sitting for class tests (Bio, I'm looking at you) have officially means war. 

Since Cambridge A levels (CAL) has been attacking me mentally and physically a lot more than I can handle, I gather I rather not talk about anything to do with life as a college student. Instead, let's focus on what I've done during the Chinese New Year holidays, shall we?

I'll pretend you just nodded your head and proceed typing away anyway. 

Last week I rekindled my love with basketball. Nothing beats the thumping sound of the basketball on the court and the huff and puff you make as you dribble the ball towards the net. 

The below picture would be me being sweaty but extremely pleased after shooting baskets for a short time (hello stamina, where have you gone?!) the night before Valentine's Day.

Yes, my shirt reads NO BOYFRIEND NO PROBLEM and it's simply a coincidence because I promise I'm not bitter about having to celebrate Valentine's Day alone.

After showering, I would sit down on the carpet and gently pester mum to comb my hair because her fingers are like magic and works wonder by removing all my troubles away temporarily. 

Dad was trying to be cute. He didn't have to. He is such a dear.

Don't give me that look because I'm not ashamed to tell you that Troy and Grabiella the couple in High School Musical were what aided me through those awful (still is) times of my teenage life.

I've always wanted to shed some pounds but obviously my fat legs tell you I'm not there. Yet!!!

Well, how could I with so many tempting Chinese New Year snacks in my house?

I just hope it's all even out with the many fruits I had consumed.

I'm not giving up on fried rice because it's really tasty.

And I didn't understand the concept when my dear mum baked a mix of nuts and seeds in a muffin wrapper. Err? Wouldn't it be easier to just use a tray? At least the flavours popped and we had a fun time crunching on it.

My mum has been ambitious when it comes to baking, can you tell? She had put rolled oats on top of the wheat rolls and also added goji berries and bananas into it. 

After having a bite, I was grateful that she had gone ahead without asking for my opinon - because I probably would have objected.

The below bread was possibly the tastiest bread we've baked so far because my mum stuffed it with our sweet and creamy homemade coconut jam. Yes, coconut jam, not coconut butter. It's a spread made from coconut milk, eggs, sugar and flavoured by pandan leaf (grown in our backyard). 

The fact that it's homemade, hence no stabalisers, artificial colouring or flavouring, made the coconut jam smelled so divine and tasted so much more original than the store-bought ones. 

After 16 hours of driving lessons, a hundred buckets of sweat, last Monday my effort finally paid off. It was time I say goodbye (no tears, no hugs, no waves) to the driving centre. 

Thank you, Mr. Roy, for bearing my abrupt and poor technique of braking that made you jerk 45647 times, for enduring with me more than 20 times as my car kept rolling backwards down the slope during my first attempt, for putting up with all my silly giggles as I managed to master a skill, as well as for guiding me and correcting my mistakes by chastising me in my face non-stop until I was close to tearing but I understand it's for my own good and so that all the drivers on the road get to live longer.

So, why am I saying all this? 

Yes, I've passed my driving test! 

I nailed the slope, side parking and three pointer. On the road, however, was... let's just say it was not something I'd like to store as memory. Just glad to make it back alive and safe!

You'll hear more from me tomorrow, hopefully I'd sound chirpier and cheerier then.


  1. That's so exciting that you passed your test! Glad you had a good new year!

    1. Yes completely over the moon. Thank you! :)