Thursday, 10 January 2013

What I have been up to lately.

1. Baking.

Baking isn't my passion, nor would I regard it as my interest, it's just something that I enjoy doing when boredom happens to be the order of the day, or when I feel the baker inside me (like there's any) itching to bake up a storm of goodies. 

On Wednesday night, my mum set out to bake bread. I wish I could say I tried SO hard to think of just one reason to persuade her not to - but who are we kidding? I nodded my head in agreement.

Mummy decided to attempt something fancier. Hence, may I present you: cinnamon rolls and seeded rolls!

Apparently this was the amount of bread mum baked with the intention to feed three stomachs.

What can I say? We're a family of bread lovers.

Cinnamon rolls which looked drooling enough to devour even before popping into the oven!

Mind you, I had a battle with fatigue last night as I stayed up till 12 midnight to capture the pictures of the rolls freshly out of the oven! 

Pictures over sleep. This girl here sure knows her priorities.

I caught the birdies trying to peck on the seeds. Bad, bad birdies!

Okay, fine, you can have the seeds, but I'm getting all the bread.

I ate less than 10 rolls (which is real little, right?) for dessert after lunch yesterday and I confirmed that these were scrumptious. The rolls were soft and fluffy, with the right pinch of cinnamon and perfect amount of crunch on top, I couldn't stop eating!

Best of all, these are birdie-approved.

2.  Catching up with friends.

Moving on to Thursday morning, Mei Qun and I made a trip to the clubhouse that I visit regularly. It was a fine morning and I couldn't be more thankful that the blistering sun had finally opted to hid itself. 

Poor quality photos taken using my iPhone which doesn't do the lovely scenery justice.

Apparently, Mei Qun was particularly intrigued by this tree trunk. As a matter of fact, me, too, but the enthrallment lasted less than five seconds. 

We had a long and interesting conversation while walking, and we didn't stop which made the hours flew by. Until Mei Qun discovered she had a blister on her right sole, we finally took a break.

Now looking at her miserable expression and I know she must have cursed me for at least a thousand times because I kept making her listen to my chatters and was constantly egging her to keep up with my footsteps despite the poor girl huffing and puffing. 

I took a glance at my watch and realised we had been strolling the trail for two hours, so it was time to head back to the clubhouse. 

Back at the clubhouse, we hit the gym.

I taught Mei Qun to use the equipment. Prove that you don't need (just) chocolates to make you smile. 

I often receive questions from people asking me what I usually do in the gym.

Look below and you get the answers. In the gym, I snap crazy heaps of pictures and then when a cute guy enters, I hop onto the treadmill to pretend I'm hardcore.

After continually hopping from machines to machines, Jia Yinn arrived.

She's officially a cooler person than I am because she had successfully convinced Mei Qun to pose for the camera. 

The view from the stationary bike. 

By the way, hitting the gym with friends means laughing so loudly we get stares from people most of the time as well as working out very minimally which is more than okay with me.

After I managed to capture a bead of sweat on my forehead for the sake of making myself feel less guilty, I suggested we moved on.

We played badminton for 30 minutes, no pictures taken because... why, of course, I was having an intense (but super duper awesome) match with Jia Yinn. Mei Qun watched from the side, and I supposed she had secretly wished that Jia Yinn would defeat me because of the blister incident earlier on.

I assumed Mei Qun was still mad at me so I gave her a couple of homemade rolls (the cinnamon and seeded rolls) on the way back home and the delicious smell flooded the car that she agreed to forgive me on the spot. She also admitted that she should have worn sport shoes. 

Oh, thank you, bread, you saved my friendship. 

After spending an entire morning exercising, I collapsed immediately upon reaching home. 

I absolutely love days like yesterday. Not only had I had the opportunity to hang out with my friends, I also squeezed in a fabulous workout. What was the idiom again? Oh, right - killed two birds with a stone. Sweet!


  1. LOL !! wow.. like seriously ?? i wasn't even mad at you ! ^^ how could i be mad at such a gentle soul :) hahah.. and the blister turned blue-black the next day..not to mention after i slept for 10 hours like a pig (o.o) oink ! oink ! XD

    1. Ha ha phew :) Whoops sorry to know that! Well that's normal. Your body and mind had gotten a total rest! Hope to visit there with you soon! Let me know when you're free alright? Rest well, dear Mei Qun!