Sunday, 6 January 2013

Baking with my favourite fruit.

What do you do on a humid, boring Sunday night?

You search for a recipe...

You dig out the mixer...

You assemble the ingredients...

and bake away!!!

Mum had guided me throughout the baking process. She was such a great help!

I had used lesser sugar (typical muffins call for too much sugar), subbed sunflower oil for butter (only because I ran out of butter), and added pumpkin seeds on top for garnish. 


After 20 minutes in the oven...


Some of these baked goods are going to be breakfast tomorrow, and the rest I plan to share with my friends the next day!

Fingers crossed that they will like it!


  1. Oh, it looks soooooooo good! Btw, are those sunflowers as your table's centrepiece? :D

    1. Thank goodness you had commented! An uplifting sign that you haven't completely disappeared. I've missed you! Everything okay with you?

      I tasted the muffins today and loved the texture + right amount of sweetness! Hope to bake some for you next time we meet up or something. Oh yes, those sunflowers help to bright up the table.

  2. Ooh Laa Laa. When are you going to bake for me too? :)

    Nice blog, Wei jun. Keep blogging!

    1. Haha, the chance will come! We shall set out for a baking marathon in the future!

      Thanks, Xin Vee, you're very supportive :)