Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Too tired for words.

Indeed I've been feeling beat and restless lately - both mentally and physically, but since you know I couldn't settle without writing a little, so you're only gonna get a few words, which I know is more than okay with you because you've waited so long for this day to arrive.

Remember the carton of eggs (60 eggs for 3 in total!) that my mum bought last week? Apparently we're still working our way through it, so now you know you can't trust what I recommend on this blog.

At least we're down with 20+ more eggs. 

For the past two days I've been:

taking pictures of my garden while waiting for mum to send me to yoga practice.

Trying the hardest I've attempted to not fall asleep during world's most stimulating Chemistry lesson.

Fueling my addiction to anything pumpkin + bread.

Counting my blessings while enjoying homemade yogurt topped with freshly out of oven granola.

And desperately in need of sleep. Right now.

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