Sunday, 20 January 2013

Staying alive between cars and injuries

I am such a klutz.

I fall down so easily you wonder if my shoes are worn out even if they're only three days old.

I crash into objects and get bruises at my wrists and knees that you couldn't help but worry if I were being abused. 

I slip and land on my butt so often that people got annoyed because they thought I was an attention-seeker. 

I consider myself hopelessly accident-prone. 

I pity my mother because she says her heart stops beating each time she sees me getting injured.

Too bad injuries approach me at least 10 times a day.

And too bad things don't get any better when it comes to driving. 

This morning I learnt how to tackle the slope. 

I challenged the patience of those who were waiting behind me by making them roll their eyes frustratingly while I attempted what had to be 20 times to go up and down the slope. 

The car's engine that I was driving died for what had to be 40 times. 

And my instructor shook his head for what had to be 100 times. 

No big deal, right?

The only comforting thing was that I'm such a pro at side-parking and 3 pointer right now. Why are you all not clapping? I wasn't being sarcastic!

I also wept a little when I saw how empty our fruit bowl was. Followed by raising my eyebrows when I had spot a random packet of sugar in it.

On a brighter note, look at the amount of bananas my mum had bought for three!

Now you know why no one in our family deals with constipation.


  1. the driving academy looks really clean and well-maintained.. mine looks as if it's 50 years old ady.. XD

    1. I know what you mean. The one I went was recently renovated so it looks clean but then again, it's a driving academy so nothing really fancy there.

      Hope we both pick up driving fast!

  2. Applause applause Wei Jun for mastering the parking and three point turn! Hahaha happy now? :P I really do think you will be able to master the slope too with more practice. I too am working on that at the moment. Well, I guess, good luck to the both of us! Haha

    1. Yes pretty much ha ha thank you! *bow Hope we both master the slope in no time! Do you so happen to learn driving in Shah Alam?