Thursday, 17 January 2013

Lesson learnt:

Self-control, discipline... these qualities just don't work around chocolates. They just don't. 

Seriously, don't be fooled by the full container of Ferrero Rocher's. Just the day before yesterday it was untouched, and yesterday it was discovered that the upper layer of it had disappeared.

Moving on, I have a new discovery - mochi is the most cloyingly sweet and unbearably artificial-tasting food on the planet.

A bite into it and I spat it out. That says a lot coming from a person who usually gobbles sweet snacks in not more than three seconds.

I've also been forcing myself to get used to having meals during quaint, irregular college break times.

Most of the time it's 10 in the morning and the rest of the days it's 11 or 12 or 1 in the afternoon. My stomach has been SO confused.

Oh, besides trying to adapt to my messed-up lunch break schedule, I've been grabbing the opportunity to spend more time in the library to read as many books as possible before my classes would begin.

I also may or may not have fallen asleep while flipping through the pages.

Since today was the last day of orientation we attended several workshops. It broke my heart a little to have witnessed that before the lunch break, the lecture theater was packed; after lunch hour, what had to be 2/3 of the students left the theater.

I wasn't one of them, and I'm glad I stayed because the lecturer, Miss Delicia in pink dress was delightfully vivacious and spirited and awesome!

Okay, so maybe I had been bias because I had won prizes in the form of sweets and chocolates from her for answering questions - which you only get to see two of it because although it killed me (not really, not at all) to do so, I still offered the other two to my friends because sharing is caring!

Then half way through the talk when I started feeling bored, I had tried to capture a picture of both of my friends but they weren't too keen about it. I, being the usual me, insisted. Elsie was fast, Yu En was tired putting up with my demands that she had boycotted me by looking away from the camera.

There's also plenty other unusual, impossible to explain things that I do like walking into the yoga studio last night with a motivational book in my hands although nearly 99.9999999% certain I wouldn't get the chance to even look at the cover.

Then proceeded to take a million pictures before the class had started. The main reason was simply to perk myself up because last night I wasn't in the mood to move or stretch or twist like a pretzel.

See you tomorrow night, yoga!

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