Sunday, 13 January 2013


Finally the end of holiday. Finally the end of weekend. 

In other words, finally the end of sleeping in, going to bed late, surfing the net like it's my job, eating ludicrous amount of sugar and biscuits, and laying on the couch in sweatshirts and pants all day.

Sorry, Mum, after all those years of teaching me how to dress up. 

So really, regardless of how this holiday had spoiled me in terms of granting me to laze off and spend most of the time gluing my eyes on the laptop screen, I'm immensely glad that it's finally over, and I'm more than ready to start college.

But before I actually get to tell you the next day about how much I rue what I just said about being overjoyed that this holiday has meet its break off point because I will most probably be crawling out of bed the next morning when the skies are still dark, moaning in vexation to squeeze in more sleep, I shall offer you a last glance of how I spent my school break. 

There was failed carrot muffins that tasted sour from too much yogurt added and by omitting honey. At least I had gotten in a good arm workout grating carrots. But seriously, I'm still bitter about the failed attempt. 

There were also trips to Giant for grocery shopping with Mum during the weekends.

I've done the math for you: two cartons of eggs are the perfect amount to feed three adults (actually, two adults and one teenager: me). When I said cartons, I meant cartons with 30 eggs in each carton, not the silly 12 per carton kind. 

You get to see some greens at the right bottom and you also don't get to see the crackers and chocolate-covered almonds beneath the items on the surface so that I'm setting a good example to all of you out there. 

In order to melt some guilt away, I've been attending yoga classes regularly. Not to the extend of a respectable but also insane commitment of 7 times a week, however 4 times a week should be able to make up for my couch-potato syndrome, right?

Though, I'm disenchanted and flabbergasted with myself during yoga practice this morning. My instructor had tipped us beforehand that the class was going to be more intense than usual, but I left the studio feeling unsatisfied with myself because I couldn't manage many poses which I used to carry out with so much ease back then!

Well, I'm working on it.

And also because I believe that a diet consisting of purely cookies and cupcakes is too good to be true, there are still times when we have to nourish our body with more real food and less processed food. After all, food affects mood (and waistline!). 

My parents brought me to a restaurant for lunch during the weekend and we enjoyed the food there greatly.

Mum wasted no time ordering her favourite Lei Cha immediately after we were handed the menu. 

Dad opted for Seaweed Rice.

I had no trouble polishing off this plate of  Black Bean Fish with Rice. 

The truth is, we had stuck our spoons and forks into each other's dishes during our meals to taste different dishes and I ended up eating at least half out of my parents' plates. 

No shame. My parents still love me as much as they do before sitting down to that lunch.

Along with this, I also want to let you know that I really, really love my parents.

Tell your parents how much you love them, or better, hug them today. But don't go asking for presents after that. Because I've tried - it doesn't work. 


  1. 0.0 i'm shooo hungry >.< mind telling me where u and your parents had the lei cha and the seaweed rice ?? it looks yummy ! and healthy :D and 60 eggs for 3 people ?? how many eggs u eat per day ? on average ?? i'm curious..

    1. Uh it's a restaurant at SS 15 if not mistaken. Oh and truthfully, we haven't went through a dozen of the eggs yet so far - my mum's always ambitious when comes to grocery-shopping! I don't keep track! Ha ha.