Monday, 21 January 2013

Feeling sorry for my brother.

Just the morning yesterday I was persuading my brother, Ken to read my blog. 

He is currently studying abroad in UK and must be feeling terribly home-sicked and hungry because that was what he told me after reading my blog. He pointed out that my posts were mostly about food and had made his stomach grew louder than ever. 

Don't worry, Ken, I promise I'm not shoving food into my mouth 24/7.

As the Chinese New Year is just around the corner, my parents decided to purchase hampers to send as gifts to their clients before everything goes out of stock. I tagged along.

I never really did understand hampers. In fact, when I was young I've always wanted to rip off the wrapper and dig into the goodies inside once I had laid my hands onto the hampers - so why bother to wrap it up so neatly and nicely?

Mum thought the colourful and festival hampers made for quite a cute background so she made me snap a photo of her with it.

Then she wanted to take another picture and I tried to trick her into buying me the entire shelf of products as an exchange, but obviously that didn't happen because our family doesn't stay in the White House.

Have you ever seen anything as ridiculously ugly as these?

Nope, neither have I.

All day long I had only one thing in mind: bread.

I think what I'm about to say may scare you off but because I'm a terrible liar - I did ate two loaves of that bread all by myself as snack and dessert respectively. 

And I wonder why my clothes rarely fit nowadays.

After so much carbohydrate loading for no apparent reason, we had forgone our plan to swim and decided to dine in Manhattan's Fish Market. It was all my suggestions, from head to toe. Including the last minute cancellation of exercise.

Daddy and Mummy both shared the Cherry Snapper Fish and Chips drizzled with Garlic Herb sauce.

I opted for the Grilled Glory Dory. I also hit a new personal record yesterday! I devoured the wonderfully grilled fillet within 4 minutes which is 2 minutes shaved off my previous record. 

Looking at all these food makes me hungry. Such a let-down that I had just finished lunch.

Oh well, always room for dessert, right?

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