Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dear rain,

I've been wondering where have you disappeared for the past couple of days. 

Please look closely at the surface of the water because my intention of posting these pictures is to let you see the splattering of the raindrops - not the fine sight of the fishes. 

My mum's bound to purchase half the store of hampers every Chinese New Year.

Good thing CNY is a once a year festival.

I admit having a bicycle-themed hamper is a very creative idea but I honestly just care for the boxes of Ferrero Rocher inside. 

Today is a public holiday which means Mum gets to be the cook which means plenty of full-heartily prepared dishes on the table which means we all enjoyed the lunch.

I must remind mother to not be so ambitious when cooking lunch because this is what's gonna happen: leftovers from lunch for dinner. Oh okay, and also an additional bowl of soup.

 Although, Daddy being the most respectable man dug in without a single complain.

But because I was craving eggs the greatest Mum in the whole wide world had gladly offered to cook me eggs.

The fruit basket is finally stocked up!

But I'm still unhappy because we all know I need to eat at least 4 bananas daily and that bunch of bananas could only last at most two days in my house.

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