Sunday, 6 January 2013

All (good) things come to an end.

The holiday is almost over for me!

Flashing back, I couldn't decide if the weeks spent were the most fecund or advantageous time of my life, but to look at it from another perspective - this was probably the most life-changing holiday in my life - as I tucked away my high school prefect uniform and open my arms to college. 

The first few weeks of this holiday were teemed with fun! Sean came back during his school break and we spent plenty of time playing tennis, basketball, eating, and laughing together. 

Now that he had gone back to Singapore to prepare for his school reopen, I'm extra determined not to slip off track. So there were many episodes where I had dangerously adapted the detrimental habit of a couch potato, and was frustratingly unmotivated to sweat, and had stuffed myself mindlessly out of boredom, but I'm certain not to punish myself for the mess-ups. I wasn't doing anything wrong, it was just a process of learning - I had to constantly remind myself.

Right now, I'm optimistic and psyched to unfold a new chapter of my life!

One precious lesson I've learnt beginning this year, is to do the things I like - do the things I precisely and positively like - and boy, am I really feeling true, genuine happiness and joy in such a long time!

By doing the things I truly like, I mean I have been eating the food I crave and carrying out exercises I love!

Anyway, let us proceed to the outing, alright? Last Tuesday, my friends, Khai Xin and Angelin and I bonded away in Sunway Pyramid.

We didn't attempt anything fancy, nor did we splurge on clothes or food, as a matter of fact, we just did what girls do best - chat!

And chat, did we. We discussed mainly about our future, though there were very minimal gossiping involved.

Try not to look too sorrowful for me because it's painfully obvious that I'm possibly eight times darker than Khai Xin is.

When we got bored we decided to visit Popular bookstore, but Khai Xin had a plan - shooting hoops!

We were no Michael Jordon or Lebron James...

As our pathetic scores wouldn't lie...

Then of course, no outing would be complete without taking at least 600 pictures in the toilet, right?

Whoops, only my head in the picture because the photographer must have thought it was the only face worth being photographed. 

Look how jubilant they were to have gotten their faces in the photo.

I love these girls!

We also snapped more pictures to kill time capture those precious memory and decided to wrap up our outing for that day.

Due to a flexible schedule (apart from driving lessons - ugh!!!) this holiday, I also had the privilege to catch up on sleeping lately - and man, it feels good!

I used to think sleeping in is overrated - well, I still think that way but having a nap makes such a tremendous difference! A hungry stomach makes me cranky but sleep deprivation would drive me nuts!

I haven't been visiting the clubhouse as frequent as I had used to during the first couple of weeks in the holiday - and to be frank - I don't miss it as much as I assumed I would.

I guess sometimes taking a break from the swimming pool and tennis court spares me time to enjoy other wonderful things in life.

Things are looking up, so far, and as I had mention, tomorrow will be better - that's the amazing thing about life. 


  1. Khor, I wanna go out with you AGAIN! Yam cha, shopping spree, food spree, movie marathon, karaokae ANYTHING! :D Oh oh BASKETBALL!! NEXT MISSION! -> 150!! :p

    1. Oh my gosh yes!!! Next time we must spend the whole day bonding there!

      Fill our tummies up first, then can aim better when shooting hahahaha. I can't wait!!!