Sunday, 27 January 2013

A weekend of sweat and eat.

This week is by far the best week because I had attended 5 yoga lessons out of 7 days.

I usually persuade my dad to drop me at the yoga studio extra early so that I could park the mat which faces directly towards the mirror to feed my narcissism.

Mum knows the way to my heart. So many types of fresh fruits I had stood in front of the basket and spent a good 7 minutes trying to pick which to try out first. 

Allow me to show you the lady fingers grown at our backyard (!!!). SO cute.

Look at the one coiled like the alphabet 'e'. I die.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dear rain,

I've been wondering where have you disappeared for the past couple of days. 

Please look closely at the surface of the water because my intention of posting these pictures is to let you see the splattering of the raindrops - not the fine sight of the fishes. 

My mum's bound to purchase half the store of hampers every Chinese New Year.

Good thing CNY is a once a year festival.

I admit having a bicycle-themed hamper is a very creative idea but I honestly just care for the boxes of Ferrero Rocher inside. 

Today is a public holiday which means Mum gets to be the cook which means plenty of full-heartily prepared dishes on the table which means we all enjoyed the lunch.

I must remind mother to not be so ambitious when cooking lunch because this is what's gonna happen: leftovers from lunch for dinner. Oh okay, and also an additional bowl of soup.

 Although, Daddy being the most respectable man dug in without a single complain.

But because I was craving eggs the greatest Mum in the whole wide world had gladly offered to cook me eggs.

The fruit basket is finally stocked up!

But I'm still unhappy because we all know I need to eat at least 4 bananas daily and that bunch of bananas could only last at most two days in my house.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Too tired for words.

Indeed I've been feeling beat and restless lately - both mentally and physically, but since you know I couldn't settle without writing a little, so you're only gonna get a few words, which I know is more than okay with you because you've waited so long for this day to arrive.

Remember the carton of eggs (60 eggs for 3 in total!) that my mum bought last week? Apparently we're still working our way through it, so now you know you can't trust what I recommend on this blog.

At least we're down with 20+ more eggs. 

For the past two days I've been:

taking pictures of my garden while waiting for mum to send me to yoga practice.

Trying the hardest I've attempted to not fall asleep during world's most stimulating Chemistry lesson.

Fueling my addiction to anything pumpkin + bread.

Counting my blessings while enjoying homemade yogurt topped with freshly out of oven granola.

And desperately in need of sleep. Right now.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Feeling sorry for my brother.

Just the morning yesterday I was persuading my brother, Ken to read my blog. 

He is currently studying abroad in UK and must be feeling terribly home-sicked and hungry because that was what he told me after reading my blog. He pointed out that my posts were mostly about food and had made his stomach grew louder than ever. 

Don't worry, Ken, I promise I'm not shoving food into my mouth 24/7.

As the Chinese New Year is just around the corner, my parents decided to purchase hampers to send as gifts to their clients before everything goes out of stock. I tagged along.

I never really did understand hampers. In fact, when I was young I've always wanted to rip off the wrapper and dig into the goodies inside once I had laid my hands onto the hampers - so why bother to wrap it up so neatly and nicely?

Mum thought the colourful and festival hampers made for quite a cute background so she made me snap a photo of her with it.

Then she wanted to take another picture and I tried to trick her into buying me the entire shelf of products as an exchange, but obviously that didn't happen because our family doesn't stay in the White House.

Have you ever seen anything as ridiculously ugly as these?

Nope, neither have I.

All day long I had only one thing in mind: bread.

I think what I'm about to say may scare you off but because I'm a terrible liar - I did ate two loaves of that bread all by myself as snack and dessert respectively. 

And I wonder why my clothes rarely fit nowadays.

After so much carbohydrate loading for no apparent reason, we had forgone our plan to swim and decided to dine in Manhattan's Fish Market. It was all my suggestions, from head to toe. Including the last minute cancellation of exercise.

Daddy and Mummy both shared the Cherry Snapper Fish and Chips drizzled with Garlic Herb sauce.

I opted for the Grilled Glory Dory. I also hit a new personal record yesterday! I devoured the wonderfully grilled fillet within 4 minutes which is 2 minutes shaved off my previous record. 

Looking at all these food makes me hungry. Such a let-down that I had just finished lunch.

Oh well, always room for dessert, right?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Staying alive between cars and injuries

I am such a klutz.

I fall down so easily you wonder if my shoes are worn out even if they're only three days old.

I crash into objects and get bruises at my wrists and knees that you couldn't help but worry if I were being abused. 

I slip and land on my butt so often that people got annoyed because they thought I was an attention-seeker. 

I consider myself hopelessly accident-prone. 

I pity my mother because she says her heart stops beating each time she sees me getting injured.

Too bad injuries approach me at least 10 times a day.

And too bad things don't get any better when it comes to driving. 

This morning I learnt how to tackle the slope. 

I challenged the patience of those who were waiting behind me by making them roll their eyes frustratingly while I attempted what had to be 20 times to go up and down the slope. 

The car's engine that I was driving died for what had to be 40 times. 

And my instructor shook his head for what had to be 100 times. 

No big deal, right?

The only comforting thing was that I'm such a pro at side-parking and 3 pointer right now. Why are you all not clapping? I wasn't being sarcastic!

I also wept a little when I saw how empty our fruit bowl was. Followed by raising my eyebrows when I had spot a random packet of sugar in it.

On a brighter note, look at the amount of bananas my mum had bought for three!

Now you know why no one in our family deals with constipation.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dealing with stress.

I'm not about to paint a picture of rainbows and butterflies in your heads, because looking back at how I've barely survived my first week in Taylor's is sadly but unsurprisingly the exact opposite of spectacular. That's  also when a list of 'things to do to tame stress' instantly sprung up in my head.
Here it goes (what I find works for me):

1) Sweat

By sweating I mean exercising and working out! 

Seriously, nothing makes me happier than being active and moving my feet because the world has too much to show me. 

Sweating melts stress, helps ease my tension and keeps my body energized and healthy. I genuinely like to exercise, so fitting it in as part of my every day routine is not a chore, or a punishment, instead, something that I look forward to every day.

2) Eat healthy, feel healthy

I strive to eat a rainbow of fresh produce and real food;

but as a bread-lover, I would never deprive myself of the wholesome baked goods,

The indulge of deep fried food is normal and perfectly human as long as you don't make it a daily basis, which in my dictionary, the word occasional indicates once in three days not once in a few months. Lame. 

Though, to be safe, shoot to skip the unnecessary, detrimental, artery-clogging fats and oils.

But let's get real. A perfect diet is impossible and the term 'perfect diet' obviously differs for every individual so what I'm trying to say is, food affects mood so choose the food you eat wisely.

Also, just so you know, I eat my weight in chocolates and cinnamon rolls too often and sometimes I'm so stuffed and uncomfortable but I still repeatedly do it so you might as well not follow what I say or do. 

Or you could. But don't say I didn't warn you if you can't button up your pair of favourite jeans after that.

3) Let it out

The idealist part of me explains why I've the tendency to conceal my emotions and feelings, thinking that if I forcefully squeeze a smile on my face it will provide shielding and masking to my imperfections. I naively suspected that by burying my worries and tribulation I would be displaying an image of a perfect person to my friends. 

But that's wrong. Very, very wrong. Who would want to be friends with someone who's perfect?

I mean, wouldn't it creep the hell out of you if the friend you mingle with so happen to doesn't deal with any problems or issues or have any defects or weaknesses? Being jealous of him/her is another story, but I'm convinced that exasperation and irritation would be taking place, followed by discrimination.

It's absurdly fallacious to deduce that crying equals vulnerability. And even if that's a fitting concept in some people's eyes, I've came to understand that it's okay to be vulnerable, it's okay to be weak, it's okay to have flaws, most importantly - it's okay to be me.

4) Breathe

I know it's a little short in details but seriously, breathe. Deeply. 

Whenever you find yourself feeling mad, sad, or any negative sort of emotions, focus on your breathing. Deep breathing stills the turning thoughts and calms your mind.

Have you seen how babies breathe? Their stomachs, together with their shoulders and chests expand upwards, where else if you pay attention to the way most of the adults breathe, our breathing is dismally shallow!

So next time you catch yourself feeling agitated or upset or perturbed, remember to pause and breathe profoundly. It works wonder!

Lesson learnt:

Self-control, discipline... these qualities just don't work around chocolates. They just don't. 

Seriously, don't be fooled by the full container of Ferrero Rocher's. Just the day before yesterday it was untouched, and yesterday it was discovered that the upper layer of it had disappeared.

Moving on, I have a new discovery - mochi is the most cloyingly sweet and unbearably artificial-tasting food on the planet.

A bite into it and I spat it out. That says a lot coming from a person who usually gobbles sweet snacks in not more than three seconds.

I've also been forcing myself to get used to having meals during quaint, irregular college break times.

Most of the time it's 10 in the morning and the rest of the days it's 11 or 12 or 1 in the afternoon. My stomach has been SO confused.

Oh, besides trying to adapt to my messed-up lunch break schedule, I've been grabbing the opportunity to spend more time in the library to read as many books as possible before my classes would begin.

I also may or may not have fallen asleep while flipping through the pages.

Since today was the last day of orientation we attended several workshops. It broke my heart a little to have witnessed that before the lunch break, the lecture theater was packed; after lunch hour, what had to be 2/3 of the students left the theater.

I wasn't one of them, and I'm glad I stayed because the lecturer, Miss Delicia in pink dress was delightfully vivacious and spirited and awesome!

Okay, so maybe I had been bias because I had won prizes in the form of sweets and chocolates from her for answering questions - which you only get to see two of it because although it killed me (not really, not at all) to do so, I still offered the other two to my friends because sharing is caring!

Then half way through the talk when I started feeling bored, I had tried to capture a picture of both of my friends but they weren't too keen about it. I, being the usual me, insisted. Elsie was fast, Yu En was tired putting up with my demands that she had boycotted me by looking away from the camera.

There's also plenty other unusual, impossible to explain things that I do like walking into the yoga studio last night with a motivational book in my hands although nearly 99.9999999% certain I wouldn't get the chance to even look at the cover.

Then proceeded to take a million pictures before the class had started. The main reason was simply to perk myself up because last night I wasn't in the mood to move or stretch or twist like a pretzel.

See you tomorrow night, yoga!