Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

With '2013 resolutions' plastered all over our social networking sites' walls, I immediately made up my mind not to hop on the wagon only to end up as one of the 92% that break their new year resolutions the second week into the year.

I've never - never, ever done New Year resolutions in the past. Things like sleeping earlier and eating healthier were my everyday priorities - and since it couldn't be more obviously pitiful that there was never a year that I had kept up precisely with the list, I see no point in breaking the tradition.

Well, I understand that welcoming a brand new year could be daunting. Everyone is aware - if we do not advance, we will get pushed back. So yes, sometimes I just want to remain. I just want things to stay the way they are.

In other words, I'm afraid I'm very afraid of changes. 

The sense of moving forward while not knowing what lies down the road and the motley emotions tied with it can be scary and uneasy, but it's accepting life is never smooth-sailing and choosing to light a candle than curse the darkness that really means living in the present. 

This year I ask for courage. Courage to sail away from the safe harbor. Courage to discover the treasure of my true self. Courage to stand back up when setbacks stumble me. Courage to feel deeply and enjoy simply. Courage to let go and let life happen.

That is my 2013 resolution.

Wishing all of you a fruitful, momentous and noteworthy 2013, from my family to yours!

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